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Found 63 Records with the keyword term of "Highway and road structures"

2013  Application of Queuing Theory in Highway Toll Station Design

2013  Pavement Layer Data Repository Using a Spatiotemporal Block Model

2012  Aseismic Dynamic Reliability Research on Highway Soil-retaining Structures Based on Seismic Response Analysis

2012  Design Guidelines and Full-Scale Verification for MSE Walls with Traffic Barriers

2012  Fatigue Testing and Analysis of Aluminum Welds under In-Service Highway Bridge Loading Conditions

2012  Finite Element Evaluation of Modal Stresses in Cantilever Highway Sign Structures

2012  Nonparametric Lens Debris Detection of Video Log Images Using Hysteresis Updating

2012  State of the Practice of MSE Wall Design for Highway Structures

2011  Assessment and Reduction of Transportation Structure Vulnerability: Past, Present, and Future

2011  Effect of Climate Conditions on the Cracking of a Highway Retaining Wall Supported in the Active Zone

2011  Evaluation of Fatigue Resistance of Multi-Sided Sign and Traffic Signal Structures

2011  Seismic Performance Evaluation of Highway N High-Voltage Substation

2010  Full-Scale Impact Test of Four Traffic Barriers on Top of an Instrumented MSE Wall

2010  A Model for the Characterization of the Scrap Tire Bale Interface

2010  Modeling Residual Displacements of Concrete Bridge Columns under Earthquake Loads Using Fiber Elements

2009  A Bi-Level Programming Model of Urban Transportation Energy Consumption Based on Road Network Capacity

2009  Performance of Highway Structures during the May 12, 2008 Wenchuan, China Earthquake

2009  Saskatchewan Field Case Study of Triaxial Frequency Sweep Characterization to Predict Failure of a Granular Base across Increasing Fines Content and Traffic Speed Applications

2009  Service Life Prediction for Weathering Steel Highway Structures

2009  Using Ground Penetration Radar Techniques for Roadway Structure Safety Evaluation

2008  Flexible Application of Rapid Assembling Structure Technology in the Construction of Traffic Infrastructure

2008  SD Model Analysis for Transportation Structure Adjustment during Urban Mechanization of Beijing

2007  Nonlinear Soil — Abutment — Bridge Structure Interaction for Seismic Performance-Based Design

2007  Passive Structural Health Monitoring of Connecticut’s Bridge Infrastructure

2006  Design and Construction of Highway Structures in Karst Terrain

2004  Taking the High Road

2002  Potential of Mobile Augmented Reality for Infrastructure Field Tasks

2001  FHWA/MCEER Seismic Research for Transportation Structures

2000  Behavior of Web Panels in Plate Girders Curved in Plan

2000  Laboratory Simulation of Wind Vibrations in Roadside Structures

1999  Analysis of the Catastrophic Failure of the Support Structure of a Changeable Message Sign

1999  Computer Models for Tidal Hydraulic Analysis at Highway Structures

1999  Seismic Retrofit and Instrumentation of the 5/52 Interchange in San Diego, California

1999  Truck-Induced Wind Loads on Highway Sign Support Structures

1998  Cementing the Future

1998  Design Factors for the Next-Generation Highway Data Vehicle

1997  Dynamic and Quasi-Static Design of High-Rise Buildings Subjected to Wind Loads

1996  Corrosion-Resistant Steel Reinforcing Bars

1995  Computer Models for Tidal Hydraulic Analysis at Highway Structures

1995  Development of Nondestructive Evaluation Techniques for the Characterization of FRP Components

1995  Dynamic Interaction of Vehicle/Highway Structures

1995  New Center Crashes Its Way to Safety

1994  Construction of a Cofferdam Pressure Relief System

1994  For Hospital, Nowhere to Go but Up

1994  Severity Measures in Side-Impacts with Narrow Roadside Structures

1994  Usage of Adhesives and Composites in Highway Structures

1994  Waterproofing a Structural Slab at Ground Anchor Locations

1993  Estimating Load Impacts on Highway Structures Using the National Bridge Inventory Database

1993  Long Time Coming for Long-Span Girders

1993  Seismic Design Criteria for Transporation Structures

1993  Site Characterization for Probabilistic Analysis and Design of Highway Slopes

1992  Simulated Field Trials of Non-Destructive Concrete Test Methods for Highway Structures

1992  Structural Evaluation of Box Culverts

1991  Advisory System for Design of Highway Safety Structures

1991  Lessons Not Learned from the Catastrophic Collapse of Highway Structures in the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake

1990  Optimal Design of Highway Drainage Structures

1990  Ramps Span Bad Ground at Florida Interchange

1983  Analysis and Design of Safety Appurtenances by Computer Simulation

1981  Economic of Hazard Mitigation for Transportation Structures

1977  Retrofitting Highway Structures to Increase Seismic Resistance

1973  Case History - Embankment Failure on Soft Varved Silt

1968  Design Of Safer Roadside Structural Elements

1968  Tubular Sections In Highway Structures