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2015  Plans on Track for High-Speed Rail from San Francisco to Los Angeles

2015  Static and Dynamic Testing of High-Speed Rail Bridges in Spain

2014  Detection of High-Speed Railway Subsidence and Geometry Irregularity Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning

2014  Dynamic Response of High-Speed Railway Bridge Decks with Beams Transverse to the Direction of the Track

2014  Mitigation of Ground Vibration Generated by High-Speed Trains on Saturated Poroelastic Ground with Under-Sleeper Pads

2014  New Method for High-Speed Railway Bridge Dynamic Deflection Measurement

2014  Vibration Resonance and Cancellation of Simply Supported Bridges under Moving Train Loads

2014  Years After Initial Funding, Illinois Struggles to Develop High-Speed Rail

2013  Analysis and Simulation of Infrastructure Influence on High-Speed Trains’ Running Energy Consumption

2013  Analysis of Low-Noise Parameters of Slab Structures in High-Speed Railway

2013  Automated Systems for Last Mile Connections at High-Speed Rail Stations

2013  Calculation Method for Settlement of CFG Pile-Net Composite Foundation in High-Speed Railway

2013  A Calculation Method on the Capacity of High-Speed Railroad Line under Ice and Snow Disaster

2013  The Characteristic Analysis of Vibration for Coupling System of High-Speed Train-Ballastless Track-Bridge System

2013  Danish Rail Infrastructure Modernization—Business Case for Mainline and Urban Networks

2013  Design Load of High-Speed Railway Subgrade Structure

2013  Design of a High Speed Sine Signal Generator

2013  Development Strategies of Container Trains Based on the Wuhan-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway

2013  Discussion about the "Window" Linkage Rationality

2013  Discussion of the Train Operation Routing Plan Mode of Cheng Guan Railway

2013  Distributed Hierarchical Control for High-Speed Railway Intelligent Transportation System Based on Multi-Agent

2013  Dynamic Model of Subgrade Using a Coupled Vehicle-Track-Subgrade Method

2013  Effect Analysis on Vibration Isolation by Nonstandard Continuous Barriers

2013  Effect of Shoulder Cracks on Shoulder’s Mechanical Behavior for CRTS III Slab Track

2013  Electric Multiple Units Train Traction Calculating System

2013  Evaluation Index System of High-Speed Train Working Diagram

2013  Evaluation of PCC Pile Method in Mitigating Embankment Vibrations from a High-Speed Train

2013  Evaluation of Social Benefits of Comprehensive Transport

2013  Evaluation Research of High-Speed Train Diagrams

2013  Field Test and Analysis of Piled-Raft Structure of High-Speed Railway Foundation

2013  Field Tests on Vibration Response of Ballastless Subgrade under Excitation of High Speed Train in China

2013  Former ASCE President Lends Expertise to High-Speed Transportation Project

2013  Fuzzy Optimization Design of EMU-Welded Bogie Frame

2013  High-Level Innovative Talent Training for High-Speed Railway Systems

2013  High-Speed Railways’ Guiding Role in Urban Development

2013  Impact of Surcharge Loads on High-Speed Railway Bridge Piles in Soft Soil Areas and Effects of Rectifying Deviation

2013  Inbound Energy-Saving Slope Design Method of High-Speed Railway

2013  Influence Analysis of Subgrade Height and Foundation Modulus on Subgrade Dynamic Characteristics under High-Speed Train Load

2013  Influence of Train Load Position on Sound Radiation Characteristics of Viaduct Box Bridge

2013  Intelligent Train Dispatching for High-Speed Railway Based on Fuzzy Neural Network

2013  Intelligent Train Dispatching for High-Speed Railway Based on Rough Set Theory

2013  Joint Optimization of Temporal Headway and Differential Fare for Transit Systems Considering Heterogeneous Demand Elasticity

2013  Mechanism and Effects of Reinforcement of Embankment of High-Speed Railway in Operation

2013  Method to Quantify Realistic Particle Shape Angularity and Texture of High-Speed Railway Ballast Aggregate

2013  Minimum Headway of EMU and Common Passenger Train of High-Speed Railways

2013  Multifactor Coupling Risk Assessment of High-Speed Railway Dispatching System

2013  Numerical Analysis of Dynamic Response and Influence Factors on PCC Pile Composite Foundation of High Speed Railway

2013  Numerical Modeling of High-Speed Train/Track System to Assess Track Vibrations and Settlement Prediction

2013  Outline of Research on High-Speed Railway Dispatching Command System

2013  Parameter Influence of Second Suspension Dampers of High-Speed Trains on Ride Comfort

2013  Planning and Building Large-Scale Projects in the United States: California High-Speed Train Project Case Study

2013  Response of Prefabricated Slab Track to Failed CA Mortar

2013  Routing Algorithm of Wireless Sensor Networks in Railway Disaster Monitoring System

2013  Safe Operation & Management Research of Urban Rail Transit Based on Real-Time Passenger Flow Detection

2013  Security Construction of High-Speed Railway Dispatching Systems

2013  Self-Loosening of Anchor-Type Fastening Bolts on Railway

2013  Setting Mode of Comprehensive Maintenance Skylight to Zhengzhou-Xi’an High-Speed Railway

2013  Solving High-Speed Rail Planning with the Simulated Annealing Algorithm

2013  Sound Radiation Characteristics of Viaducts in High-Speed Railway

2013  Stress and Deflection Parametric Study of High-Speed Railway CRTS-II Ballastless Track Slab on Elevated Bridge Foundations

2013  Study on Earthquake Alarm Threshold Value of High-speed Train

2013  Study on the Evaluation Index System of High-Speed Railway Train Operation Plan

2013  Technologies of China’s High-Speed Railway Operation and Management

2012  Access Road Planning and Traffic Operation for High-Speed Railway Hub

2012  The Collaborative Optimization of Stop Plan with Train Working Diagram of High-Speed Railway Passenger Trains

2012  A Comparative Study of Air and Railway (Time and Cost) Analysis: China and Europe

2012  CRH Train Traction Calculation Model and Algorithm Based on Automatic Constant Speed

2012  Dynamic Response of High-Speed Rail Roadbed under Harmonic Moving Loads

2012  Field Test and Simulation of High-Speed Railway Section Where the Plane Curve and Vertical Curve Overlapped

2012  Geotechnical Challenges of Transbay Downtown Extension Mined Tunnel

2012  High-Speed Rail Opportunities around Metropolitan Regions: Madrid and London

2012  Intercity Travel Behaviors with the Introduction of High-Speed Rail

2012  Key Material Mill Supervision Mode of High-Speed Railway Project: A Case Study of Polyurea Spray

2012  The Key Technologies for Construction Quality Control of Cement Emulsified Asphalt Mortar of CRTS Ballastless Slab Track for High-Speed Railway

2012  Managing High-Speed Rail in France

2012  Optimization Method for Train Plan of Urban Rail Transit with Elastic Demands

2012  Rational Traffic Connection between Newly-Built High Speed Railway and Existing Railway in China

2012  Research on a Dynamic Ticket Pricing Model for the Passenger Dedicated Lines

2012  Research on Modes of Railway-Oriented Multimodal Transport Virtual Enterprise

2012  Research on Travel Behaviors of High Speed Trains’ Passengers Based on Frequency and Distance of Trip

2012  Simulation of High-Speed Train Operation Using a Semi-Physical Model

2012  A Ten-Year Review on the Development of Soil Mixing Technologies in China

2012  Transfer Mode Selection of High-Speed Rail Passengers Based on Travel Time Variability

2012  Use of I-Beam Grillages and Box Girders in High Speed Railway Projects

2011  Aerodynamic Characteristics of High-Speed Trains under Complex Terrains in Strong Wind Regions

2011  Aerodynamic Characteristics of High-Speed Trains with Wind Fence

2011  Algorithm for Electric Multiple Unit Scheduling Based on High-Speed Railway Network

2011  Analyses of Vertical Dynamic Properties of Ballastless Track Based on LS-DYNA

2011  Analysis of CFG Composite Foundation Settlement of Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway

2011  Analysis of Noise Radiated by High-Speed Railway Bridge

2011  An Analysis of the Rational Operation Range of High-Speed Trains on Existing Lines

2011  Analysis on Settlement Controlling Parameters in Rigid Pile Composite Foundation in High Speed Railway

2011  Application of Kansei Engineering in High-Speed Train Interior Design

2011  Arrangements for the Comprehensive Maintenance Sky-Window on Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway Line

2011  The Calculation of Stopping High-Speed Train Subtraction Coefficient in High-Speed Railway in China

2011  Capacity Optimal Allocation in Railway Corridor under the Condition of High Speed Railway

2011  Carrying Capacity Calculation Method of Wuhan-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway

2011  Carrying Capacity of High Speed Railway under the Mode of High and Medium Speed Mixture Trains in One Line

2011  Characteristics of Talent Demand and Coping Strategies in High-Speed Railway Era

2011  The Charge Patter in High-Speed Rails for Passenger Transport