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2014  Efficiently Implementing Genetic Optimization with Nonlinear Response History Analysis of Taller Buildings

2014  Evaluation of Mean Recurrence Intervals of Wind Effects for Tall Building Design

2014  Mathematical Modeling of Air Pressure in a Drainage Stack of a High-Rise Building Test Platform

2014  New York Times Building: Role of Selected Features

2014  Optimum Level of Shear Wall Curtailment in Wall-Frame Buildings: The Continuum Model Revisited

2014  The Sequis Centre, Indonesia’s first building to be designed with a view to earning platinum certification in the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program, is now under construction...

2014  Southwestern Skyscraper: The Gulf Building

2014  Tall Buildings and Damping: A Concept-Based Data-Driven Model

2014  Wave Propagation in a Timoshenko Beam Building Model

2013  After much debate and uncertainty, the Chicago-based Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) has ruled that the height of One World Trade Center, in New York City, is indeed 1,776 ft, a symbolic number that had been in question because of the mast at the tower’s top...

2013  Approximating Frequencies of Tall Buildings

2013  Comparative Study on Steel Plate Shear Walls Used in a High-Rise Building

2013  Design of Diagrid Structural System for High Rise Steel Buildings as per Indian Standards

2013  Developing LH Controller to Model Low- and High-Velocity Behavior in a Prototype MR Damper

2013  Effect of Diaphragm Flexibility on Tall Building Responses

2013  Foundation Design for High-Rise Tower in Karstic Ground

2013  Horizontal Translocation of a High-Rise Building: Case Study

2013  Inclined to Succeed

2013  Method to Implement Delayed Product Differentiation in Construction of High-Rise Apartment Building Projects

2013  Multiple Points-In-Time Estimation of Peak Wind Effects on Structures

2013  News2Note

2013  On The Web (

2013  Pancake-Type Collapse—Energy Absorption Mechanisms and their Influence on the Final Outcome

2013  Peak Distributions and Peak Factors of Wind-Induced Pressure Processes on Tall Buildings

2013  Performance-Based Engineering of Core Wall Tall Buildings

2013  Predicting Construction Duration with Typical Construction Sequences for High-Rise Buildings

2013  Pre-Occupancy Evaluation of High-Rise Building Forms

2013  Process Management Approach for Achieving Total Building Performance: Essential Requirements for Sustainable Construction

2013  Reducing Impact of Wind on Tall Buildings through Design and Aerodynamic Modifications (Architectural and Structural Concepts to Mitigate Wind Effect on Tall Buildings)

2013  Simulating Construction Duration for Multistory Buildings with Controlling Activities

2013  SmartSync: An Integrated Real-Time Structural Health Monitoring and Structural Identification System for Tall Buildings

2013  Structural-Architectural Integration of Double-Layer Space Structures in Tall Buildings

2013  A Study of Influencing Factors and Spatial Distribution in High-Rise Residential Prices

2013  Tall Buildings and Urban Expansion: Tracing the Evolution of Zoning in the United States

2013  The Future of the City: Tall Buildings and Urban Design By K. Al-Kodmany and M.M. Ali. Chicago: WIT Press, 2013

2013  Tuning Structural Properties of High-Rise Buildings to Control Wind Response

2013  Validation of a Construction Process Using a Structural Health Monitoring Network

2012  Achieving Sustainable Urban Renewal in Hong Kong: Strategy for Dilapidation Assessment of High Rises

2012  Agent-Based Simulation of Labour Emergency Evacuation in High-Rise Building Construction Sites

2012  Ancient Archietecture Inspires Contemporary Tower Complex

2012  Application of Modular Construction in High-Rise Buildings

2012  Automatic Directing System for Controlling the Vibration of Frame Structures in Any Horizontal Direction Using a Hybrid Mass Damper

2012  Cagelike Frame Will Support Shanghai Tower’s Twisting Curtain Wall

2012  Effects of Fire on a Tall Steel Building Designed to Resist Progressive Collapse

2012  Evaluation of a Historic High-Rise Reinforced Concrete Building

2012  An Examination of Wind-Related Design Criteria and Their Applications in Hurricane Regions

2012  Finite Element Modeling of Tall Buildings: The Importance of Considering Foundation Systems for Lateral Stiffness

2012  Foundation Challenges for Tall Buildings in the Middle East

2012  Foundation Design Challenges at the 413 m Tall Al Hamra Tower

2012  Foundation Design for Tall Buildings

2012  Full-Scale Validation of Dynamic Wind Load on a Super-Tall Building under Strong Wind

2012  Hangzhou CBD, Tower A: Structural Challenges in the Design of a Tall, Long, and Slender Tower

2012  High Standards

2012  Higher and Higher: The Evolution of the Buttressed Core

2012  Horizontal Skyscraper: Innovative Structural Design of Shenzhen VANKE Center

2012  Improved Experimental Simulation of Wind Characteristics around Tall Buildings

2012  Jakarta Skyscraper to Reach Megaheights

2012  Large Eddy Simulations of Wind-Driven Rain on Tall Building Facades

2012  Life-Cycle Cost Analysis on Glass Type of High-Rise Buildings for Increasing Energy Efficiency and Reducing CO2 Emissions in Korea

2012  LifeCycle Tower—High-Rise Buildings in Timber

2012  Mechanism of Collapse of Tall Steel Moment-Frame Buildings under Earthquake Excitation

2012  A New Method for Managing and Presenting Façade Investigation Data

2012  NewsBriefs: Monument Honors World’s Tallest Building (Khaleej Times)

2012  Optimal Configuration of Structural Systems for Tall Buildings

2012  Performance and Cost Evaluation of a Smart Tuned Mass Damper for Suppressing Wind-Induced Lateral-Torsional Motion of Tall Structures

2012  Performance-Based Seismic Evaluation of Wuhan Center

2012  Research on Winter Sunshine Environment in Harbin Typical High-Rise Residential Area

2012  Sculpting a Skyscraper

2012  Shape and Topology Sculpting of Tall Buildings under Aerodynamic Loads

2012  Structural Wind Engineering of High-Rise Towers in Hurricane-Prone Regions

2012  Superior Structural Silicone Glazing

2012  Supertall Tower Designed with Hollow Core

2012  A team of architects has designed the only indoor ski resort...

2012  Testing As a Validation Tool for Tall, Non-Prescriptive Buildings in China

2012  Using Offset External Bracing to Optimize Tall Building Performance

2012  WilTel Technology Curtain Wall Framing Failure Investigation

2012  Wind Engineering of the Shanghai Center Tower

2012  Wind Tunnel Model Studies of Aerodynamic Lifting of Roof Pavers

2011  Along-Wind Aero-Elasticity of High-Rise Buildings by Using Indirect Forced Actuation Technique

2011  Chinese Modern

2011  Cincinnati’s Tallest Tower Crowned by ’Tiara’

2011  Coastal Flood and Erosion Damage Functions for Mid- and High-Rise Buildings

2011  Composite Buildings in Germany

2011  Connection System of Massive Timber Elements Used in Horizontal Slabs of Hybrid Tall Buildings

2011  Core Wall Assembly Designed to Accelerate High-Rise Construction

2011  Deflection Limits in Tall Buildings—Are They Useful?

2011  Dimension and Step Damage Identification for High Rise Frame Structure

2011  Dynamic Behavior of Taipei 101 Tower: Field Measurement and Numerical Analysis

2011  Evaluating the Efficiency of Current Nonlinear Static Pushover Procedures on Estimating Torsion Effect for Asymmetric High-Rise Buildings

2011  Failure Envelope of Pipe Pile Foundation under Combined Loading

2011  Finite Element Analyses of Super Composite Column and Its Connections for Ping An International Financial Center Tower

2011  Floating Stair Using High Performance Structural Materials

2011  Fluctuation Behaviors of Air Pressure in a High-Rise Building Drainage System

2011  High-Rise Reinforced Concrete Structures: Database-Assisted Design for Wind

2011  A new, mixed-use development in Beirut (Beyrouth), Lebanon, is designed to high-light the city’s role as a focal point of tourism, commerce, and entertainment...

2011  Old Sewer, Big Risks: Managing Risks during the Design and Construction of a 21-Story Building Adjacent to a Critical 100-Year-Old Sewer Structure

2011  Performance Test of Secondary Mass Dampers for Vibration Control of Tall Buildings

2011  Performance-Based Seismic Evaluation of Ping An International Finance Center

2011  A Piled-Raft Foundation for the Tallest Building in Brooklyn

2011  A roughly 40-story tower planned for a Pittsburgh-based financial institution is being billed as the world’s most environmentally friendly skyscraper...