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2015  Current and Future Challenges in Groundwater. I: Modeling and Management of Resources

2015  Pavement Deterioration Model Incorporating Unobserved Heterogeneity for Optimal Life-Cycle Rehabilitation Policy

2015  Shear Waves in a Heterogeneous Fiber-Reinforced Layer over a Half-Space under Gravity

2014  Bid Compensation Theory and Strategies for Projects with Heterogeneous Bidders: A Game Theoretic Analysis

2014  Effect of Heterogeneity and Reinforcement on Propagation of a Crack due to Shear Waves

2014  Explaining Heterogeneity in Pavement Deterioration: Clusterwise Linear Regression Model

2014  Heterogeneous Packing and Hydraulic Stability of Cube and Cubipod Armor Units

2014  Multilevel Adaptive Algorithm for Multiscale Analysis of Heterogeneous Materials

2013  Accounting for Network Effects in Railway Asset Management

2013  Characterization of Bulk Fluid and Transport Properties for Simulating Polymer-Improved Aquifer Remediation

2013  Defining Spatial Heterogeneity of Hillslope Infiltration Characteristics Using Geostatistics, Error Modeling, and Autocorrelation Analysis

2013  Delayed Strains of Cementitious Materials - Impact of Heterogeneities and Creep on Cracking Induced by Drying

2013  Effects of Two-Wheelers on Saturation Flow at Signalized Intersections in Developing Countries

2013  A General Criterion for Liquefaction in Granular Layers with Heterogeneous Pore Pressure

2013  Heterogeneous Nitrification in a Full-Scale Rapid Sand Filter Treating Groundwater

2013  Hybrid Stochastic Cellular Automata-Driver-Vehicle-Object Simulation Model for Heterogeneous Traffic at Urban Signalized Intersections

2013  Modeling Flow in an Open Channel with Heterogeneous Bed Roughness

2013  Modeling Subsurface Heterogeneity of Irrigated and Drained Fields. I: Model Development and Testing

2013  Multi-scales Characterization of the Early-age Creep of Concrete

2013  Potential Gradients Produced by Pore-Space Heterogeneities: Application to Isothermal Frost Damage and Submarine Hydrate Anomalies

2013  Statistical Evaluation of Parameters in Heterogeneous Aquifers

2013  Stochastic Analysis of Seepage under Hydraulic Structures Resting on Anisotropic Heterogeneous Soils

2013  Surface Waves in Laterally Heterogeneous Media

2013  A Time-Domain Substructuring Method for Dynamic Soil Structure Interaction Analysis of Arbitrarily Shaped Foundation Systems on Heterogeneous Media

2013  Triggering a Shear Band in Variably Saturated Porous Materials

2012  Analysis of Heterogeneity in Infrastructure Condition Assessment Models

2012  Bayesian Analysis of Heterogeneity in Modeling of Pavement Fatigue Cracking

2012  Concentration Profiles and Spatial Moments for Reactive Transport through Porous Media

2012  Groundwater Flow in a Tidally Influenced Gravel Beach in Prince William Sound, Alaska

2012  One-Dimensional Pollutant’s Advective-Diffusive Transport from a Varying Pulse-Type Point Source through a Medium of Linear Heterogeneity

2012  Soil Characterisation of an Artificial Island Accounting for Heterogeneity

2012  Torsional Surface Waves in a Self-Reinforced Medium over a Heterogeneous Half Space

2011  Dislocation-Induced Stress Field in Multilayered Heterogeneous Thin Film System

2011  Estimation of the Nash Model Parameters Based on the Concept of Geomorphologic Dispersion

2011  Heterogeneity of Rapid Sand Filters and Its Effect on Contaminant Transport and Nitrification Performance

2011  Heterogeneous Database Access Technology and Application

2011  Investment, Pricing, and Efficiency of Private Road with Heterogeneous Trip-Makers

2011  Micromechanical Model for Heterogeneous Asphalt Concrete Mixtures Subjected to Fracture Failure

2011  MINQUE of Variance-Covariance Components in Linear Gauss-Markov Models

2011  Modeling of Hydrological Processes Using Unstructured and Irregular Grids: 2D Groundwater Application

2011  Physical Modeling of Compressive Behaviors of Anchored Rock Masses

2011  Stochastic Finite-Element Approach to Quantify and Reduce Uncertainty in Pollutant Transport Modeling

2011  Study on the Heterogeneity of Concrete and Its Failure Behavior Using the Equivalent Probabilistic Model

2011  Upscaling of Coupled Land Surface Process Modeling for Heterogeneous Landscapes: Stochastic Approach

2010  Calibration of Microsimulation Models for Nonlane-Based Heterogeneous Traffic at Signalized Intersections

2010  Green-Ampt One-Dimensional Infiltration from a Ponded Surface into a Heterogeneous Soil

2010  Laboratory and In Situ Tests for Long-Term Hydraulic Conductivity of a Cement-Bentonite Cutoff Wall

2010  Low Flow Scaling with Respect to Drainage Area and Precipitation in Northern Iran

2010  Meso-Scale Heterogeneity Effects on Excess Pore Water Pressure Dissipation

2010  Modeling Fracture and Failure of Heterogeneous and Inelastic Asphaltic Materials Using the Cohesive Zone Concept and the Finite Element Method

2010  Modeling the Transient Pumping from Two Aquifers Using MODFLOW

2010  Roughness Model Accounting for Heterogeneity Based on In-Service Pavement Performance Data

2010  Stability Analysis of Fault Rock Heterogeneity on the Left Pressure Shaft Collapse of Siah Bisheh Dam, North Iran

2009  Evaluation of Anomalous Solute Transport in a Large Heterogeneous Soil Column with Mobile-Immobile Model

2009  Evaluation of Solute Transport through a Fracture by Considering the Spatial Distributions of Retardation Effect in Grain Scale

2009  Fuzzy Rule-Based Hydrologic Models for Performance Assessment of Nuclear Waste Disposal Sites

2009  Indicator Generalized Parameterization for Interpolation Point Selection in Groundwater Inverse Modeling

2009  New Mechanism-Based Design Approach for Spudcan Foundations on Single Layer Clay

2009  Traffic Data Collection under Mixed Traffic Conditions Using Video Image Processing

2009  Using Impellers to Distribute Local Nutrient Loadings in a Stratified Lake: Lake Como, Italy

2008  Bi-Criteria System Optimization with Heterogeneous Users

2008  Computation of the Equivalent Macroscopic Permeability Tensor of Discrete Networks with Heterogeneous Segment Length

2008  Coupled Semivariogram Uncertainty of Hydrogeological and Geophysical Data on Capture Zone Uncertainty Analysis

2008  Direct Numerical Simulation of Hortonian Runoff Resulting From Heterogeneous Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity

2008  Numerical Simulation of Groundwater Flow with Gradually Increasing Heterogeneity due to Clogging

2008  Water Drainage in Double-Porosity Soils: Experiments and Micro — Macro Modeling

2007  Capturing Interdependencies and Heterogeneity in the Management of Multifacility Transportation Infrastructure Systems

2007  Heterogeneity and Dynamics on a Shoal during Spring-Winter Storm Season, South-Central Louisiana, USA

2007  Modeling Travel Mode Choice Behavior and Individual Time Preference Heterogeneity

2007  Semantic Level Integration of Heterogeneous Building Models

2007  Transportation Heterogeneous Data Integration Based on Web Services

2006  Aquifer Heterogeneity Estimation and Uncertainty Analysis Using a Multi-Parameterization Method

2006  Effect of Heterogeneity Correlation Scale on Pump-and-Treat Remediation Design

2006  The Effect of Spatial Variability on Soil Behavior: Load-Deformation Response

2006  Heterogeneous Traffic Flow Modeling and Simulation Using Cellular Automata

2006  How to Take a Truly Representative Environmental Sample

2006  Incorporating Unobserved Heterogeneity in Pavement Deterioration Modeling

2006  The Influence of Heterogeneity on Vibratory Roller Compactor Response

2006  Influence of Micromaterial Heterogeneity on Strain Localization in Granular Materials

2006  Simulation of Multidimensional Binary Random Fields with Application to Modeling of Two-Phase Random Media

2006  Spatial Variability of Soil Properties in Forward and Inverse Site Response Analyses

2006  A Stochastic Streamtube Model for NAPL Transport in Heterogeneous Media

2006  Study of the Effect of Heterogenety of Traffic on Intercity Roadways Using Computer Simulation

2005  Count Data Models for Trip Generation

2005  An Evaluation of the Stress Non-Uniformity Due to the Heterogeneity of AC in the Indirect Tensile Test

2005  The Inverse Spectral Problems in the Detection of the Defects and Heterogeneities of the Civil Structures

2005  On Prior Parameter Structure Investigation to Parameter Uncertainty

2005  Potential Improvement in Biofilter Design through the Use of Heterogeneous Packing and a Conical Biofilter Geometry

2005  A Process-Based Transfer Function Approach to Model Tile Drain Hydrographs

2004  Aquifer Characterization and Parameter Heterogeneity Estimation with a Coupled Zonation-Geostatistical Method and Natural Neighbors

2004  Flow and Solute Transport in Strongly Heterogeneous Porous Media

2004  Geomorphologic and Soil Hydraulic Parameters for Watershed Environmental Hydrology (WEHY) Model

2004  Impacts of Physical and Chemical Heterogeneities on Aquifer Remediation Design

2004  Quantifying the Influence of Spatial Variability on the Run-On Process: A Numerical Study

2004  Seepage Design Charts for Embedded Dams Resting on Heterogeneous Media

2004  Spatial Heterogeneity of Microbial and Geochemical Parameters in Gasoline Contaminated Aquifers

2004  Watershed Environmental Hydrology (WEHY) Model Based on Upscaled Conservation Equations: Hydrologic Module

2003  Characterization of Heterogeneous Soils using Surface Waves: Homogenization and Numerical Modeling

2003  Irrigation Hydrology: Crossing Scales

2002  Continuum Micromechanics: Survey