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Found 60 Records with the keyword term of "Heaving"

2009  Estimation of Heave Due to Inclined Compaction Grouting

2009  Roadway Heaving Caused by High Organic Matter

2008  Experimental Analysis of Heaving Phenomena in Sandy Soils

2008  Forensic Investigation of Pavement Premature Failure due to Soil Sulfate-Induced Heave

2007  Ettringite Induced Heaving and Shrinking in Kaolinite Clay

2007  Heave Distress of a Manufacturing Building

2007  Modeling Heaving in Frost-Susceptible Soils

2007  Numerical Evaluation of the Surface Displacements due to Soil Grouting and to Tunnel Excavation

2006  Estimation Method of Frost Heaving for Chilled Gas Pipeline Buried in Frost Susceptible Soil

2006  Investigation of Heaving at Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico

2006  Observation of Frost Heave of THF Clathrate Hydrate on Porous Glass Powder

2006  Small-Strain Shear Moduli of Chemically Stabilized Sulfate-Bearing Cohesive Soils

2006  A Study on the Influence of Water and Fines on the Deformation Properties and Frost Heave of Unbound Aggregates

2006  Study on the Shape of Freezing Front and Frost Heave Damage of C-Box Structure

2006  Volume Change Behaviors of Expansive Soils Stabilized with Recycled Ashes and Fibers

2005  Evaluation of Strength, Resilient Moduli, Swell, and Shrinkage Characteristics of Four Chemically Treated Sulfate Soils from North Texas

2004  Studies on Sulfate-Resistant Cement Stabilization Methods to Address Sulfate-Induced Soil Heave

2003  Case History of Damage to a School Building Caused by Differentially Heaving Bedrock

2000  Researchers Uncover the Effects of Supercooling on Heave

1999  Deep Mixing Technology for Deep Excavation

1998  Bathymetric Surveying with GPS and Heave, Pitch, and Roll Compensation

1998  Forecasting Rig Heave for Drilling Operations in Harsh Environments

1997  Compaction Grouting at Tip of Sheetpile Shoring

1997  Evaluation Protocol for Repair of Residences Damaged by Expansive Soils

1997  Using Soil Suction to Estimate Differential Soil Shrink or Heave

1996  Radiation Hydrodynamics of a Slightly-Submerged Body

1995  So Your Home Is Built on Expansive Soils

1994  Estimating Basal-Heave Stability for Braced Excavations in Soft Clay

1994  Performance of Slab-on-Grade Foundations on Expansive Soil

1994  Potential for Seepage Erosion of Landslide Dam

1994  Prediction of Movement in Expansive Clays

1992  Design of Floating Stone Columns in Hydraulic Fill

1992  Settlement Reduction by Soil Fracture Grouting

1991  Experimental Study of Adfreeze Heaving of Augered Caisson Footings

1991  Limitations of Residential Structures on Expansive Soils

1991  Trenchless Pipe Defeats Fire, Ice

1989  Chemically Induced Foundation Heave

1989  Innovative Foundation Designs for Permafrost Conditions in the Arctic

1988  Closed-Form Heave Solutions for Expansive Soils

1988  Heave of Shallow Excavations in Slickensided Clay

1986  Active Control of Floating Structures

1985  Evaluation of Soil Response to EPB Shield Tunneling

1984  Pile Foundation Movements During Construction

1981  Anchored Bulkheads: Horizontal and Sloping Anchors

1981  Prediction of Movements for Braced Cuts in Clay

1980  Building on Expansive Soils in South Africa: 1973-1980

1980  Characterization of Expansive Soils Using Soil Suction Data

1980  Design and Construction of Short Piles for Expansive Soils in Coro, Venezuela

1980  Field Test Sections on Expansive Soils

1980  A Model for Slab Foundations on Expansive Soils

1980  The Prediction of Total Heave

1980  Predrilling: Minimizes the Undesirable Effects of Pile Installation—

1980  Seasonal Heave of Australian Clay Soils

1979  Geotechnical Engineering for Guyed Tower Offshore Structures

1977  Heave of Silty Sands

1975  A Case History of Expansive Claystone Damage

1974  Review of Expansive Soils

1971  Behavior of Porous Bed near Flow Singularity

1971  Floating Foundations for Control of Settlement

1971  Heave and Lateral Movements due to Pile Driving