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Found 41 Records with the keyword term of "Hardness"

2014  Limit Analysis of Frames Based on the Navier-Bernoulli Beam Model with Local Plasticity, Damage, and Hardening

2014  Nanoindentation Characterization of Asphalt Concrete Aging

2014  Wear Resistance of Al-12Si Alloys by Reinforcing TiC and TiN Particles

2012  Extended UH Model: Three-Dimensional Unified Hardening Model for Anisotropic Clays

2011  Experimental Investigations of the Viscoelastic and Damage Behaviors of Hot-Mix Asphalt in Compression

2011  Nanoindentation Behavior of Muscovite Subjected to Repeated Loading

2010  A Suggested Approach to Study Variability of Impact Hardness Strength in Heterogeneous Rock Materials

2009  Flue Gas Carbon Dioxide Sequestration during Water Softening with Ion-Exchange Fibers

2007  Structural Properties of Steels Subjected to Multiple Cycles of Damage Followed by Heating Repair

2006  Lime-Soda Softening Process Modifications for Enhanced NOM Removal

2005  Calibration of Parameters for a single Hardening Model

2000  Rusting of Metallic Surface Hardeners: A Case History

2000  Tensile Characteristics of Palladium Exposed to Hydrogen (Deuterium)

1999  General Kinematic-Isotropic Hardening Model

1999  Hardening Models and Their Predictions of Material Response

1999  Thermodynamic Formulation of Plastic Work Hardening Materials

1998  Tests of Welded Beam-to-Column Subassemblages. II: Detailed Behavior

1998  Viscous Hardening Plasticity for Concrete in High-Rate Dynamics

1996  Strength Growth as Chemo-Plastic Hardening in Early Age Concrete

1996  Use of Fibers to Improve Cracking Characteristics of Concrete

1995  On the Evolution of Torsion Texture and Yield Loci in F.C.C. Polycrystals with the Taylor Model: A Comparative Study of Hardening Theories

1994  Constitutive Theory of Interface Behavior in Quasi-Brittle Materials

1994  DBP and Hardness Control by Membrane Filtration

1994  Heterogeneous Hardening Plasticity Model for Concrete

1994  New Kinematic Hardening Model

1993  Durability of Asphalt Mixture

1992  Quartzite—A Hard Rock Approach to Rubble Mounds

1991  Anisotropic Hardening Plasticity Model for Sands

1990  Effects of Physicochemical Factors on Asphalt Aging

1990  Removal of Scale from Potable Hot Water Systems by Carbon Dioxide Injections

1990  Shear Strength Characteristics of Sand-Polymer Interfaces

1989  Behavior of Total Zinc in the Similkameen River

1989  Compressive Concrete Strain at Buckling of Longitudinal Reinforcement

1989  Fracture Energy-Based Plasticity Formulation of Plain Concrete

1988  Elastoplastic Shell Element Based on Assumed Covariant Strain Interpolations

1988  Multiple Hardening Plasticity for Concrete Materials

1988  Variability of Copper in the International Reach of the Similkameen River, British Columbia

1979  Railroad Ballast Load Ranking Classification

1976  Polymer-Concrete Passes Toughest Test

1975  A Study of Rock Properties and Tunnel Boring Machine Advance Rates in Two Mica Schist Formations

1973  Nonisothermal Kinematic Hardening Law in Plasticity