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2014  G is for Gold

2014  Tohoku, Japan, Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011, Survey of Port and Harbor Facilities, Northern Region

2013  Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) Techniques for Heavy Lift (HL) & Materials Off-Loading Facility (MOF)

2013  Agile Simulation Analysis for Automated Container Terminal and Intermodal Facility Development and Planning

2013  Automated Container Terminal Design at the POLA

2013  Balancing Engineering and Resource Agency Requirements to Create Shallow Water Habitat

2013  Beneficial Reuse of Dredge Spoils from Squalicum Harbor

2013  Bringing a Port in the 21st Century: Master Planning Iskenderun Port

2013  Building Effective Compensatory Marine Habitat for Arctic Ports

2013  The Challenge of Replacing Existing Infrastructure

2013  Comparison of Approaches to Automated Terminals: USA vs. Europe

2013  Deep Dynamic Compaction: Practical and Cost-Effective Ground Improvement at the Port of Long Beach

2013  Design and Permitting the Des Moines Marina Improvements

2013  Designing a Harbor Entrance to Defeat Swell Wave Agitation

2013  Designing Floating Wave Attenuators for Long Period Waves

2013  Development of Wave Protection for Port of Long Beach Pier F

2013  Effective Maintenance Using a Database Management Tool

2013  Effects of Soil Lateral Loading on Marine Structures

2013  Endangered Species Act and Marine Mammal Protection Act Permitting in the Pacific Northwest

2013  The Execution of a Comprehensive Dock Condition Survey

2013  Fast Track Project Yields Economic Benefit to Community

2013  Features of the APL Los Angeles 22-Wide STS Cranes

2013  Floating Port - Design, Construction, and Test

2013  Geotechnical Aspects of Deep Foundation Design and Construction at the SR520 Pontoon Casting Facility

2013  Geotechnical Challenges in Reclamation of a Soft Soil Site

2013  Habitat Development for Eco-Credit in Port Settings

2013  Innovative Approach to Reuse Existing Elements Yields Cost-Effective Dock Upgrade

2013  Light Emitting Plasma Fixtures for Port Facilities

2013  Load Test Procedures for In-Service Shiploaders

2013  Making a Business Case for LID Treatment Methods

2013  Marine Construction Logistics for a LNG Export Facility

2013  Megayacht Mooring Study - Conversion of a Historic Facility for Modern-Day Use, Embarcadero Wharf, San Diego, California

2013  Nanaimo Cruise Ship Facility - Overview

2013  Pedra de Ferro Offshore Port, Bahia, Brazil

2013  Performance of Port and Harbor Structures Impacted by the March 11, 2011 Great Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami

2013  Pier E Construction Challenges at Port of Long Beach

2013  Planning and Design of a Regional Delivery Hub for the Next Generation of Bulk Carrier Vessels in West Africa

2013  Planning, Design and Realization of a Successful Automated Container Terminal

2013  Port Pavilion at Broadway Pier, Design and Construction of a Modern Building on a 100-Year-Old Structure, San Diego Unified Port District, San Diego, California

2013  The Port/Community Edge: A Successful Case Study

2013  Post-Earthquake Repair and Improvements, San Vicente, Chile

2013  Post-Katrina Terminal Rehab Prepares Way for Growth

2013  Seismic and Tsunami Design Considerations for Essential Port Facilities - Case Studies

2013  Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal, Berths 4 & 5, Standardization & Rebuild

2013  Upgrading Shore Facilities for 3 New Ferries Propelled by LNG

2013  Westport Marina Redevelopment Project

2012  Necessity for LNG Energy Custody Measurement in China and How to Make It Credible

2010  Innovation in Ingleside

2007  Georgia Ports Authority Intermodal Planning

2007  The Port of Houston Authority Delivers the Bayport Terminal Complex

2007  Special Issue on Liquefaction around Marine Structures. Miscellaneous

2006  Application of GIS Technologies in Port Facilities and Operations Management

2006  Characterization of Varved Clayey Silts at an LNG Terminal Site

2006  Front Matter

2006  Glossary

2006  Index

2006  In-Situ Damage Detection of Wharf Structures Using Local Damage Factor

2006  References

2005  Nonlinear Analyses for Design of Piles in Liquefying Soils at Port Facilities

2005  Seismic Performance of Pile-Wharf Connections

2005  Supersizing Port Elizabeth

2004  Analysis, Design And Construction Of The Supporting Structure And Wharf Retrofit For A New Shiploader At The Port Of Long Beach, California

2004  An Approach to Developing Construction Documents for a Complex Waterfront Facility

2004  Berth 14 Upgrade at the Port of Balboa, Panama

2004  Berthing Loads and Fender System Design

2004  Bringing Bermuda’s Ferry System into the 21st Century

2004  Cathodic Protection For Port Facilities

2004  Container Wharves At Bayport Terminal Complex

2004  Conversion Factors

2004  Deepening of Port Facilities - Design and Installation of Toe Walls

2004  Design Issues for Marginal Wharf Structures

2004  Design of Fixed Structures

2004  Design of Floating Structures

2004  Design of Marine Facilities for the Berthing, Mooring, and Repair of Vessels

2004  Development of the Bayport Stormwater and First-flush Collection System

2004  Expansion of Middle Eastern Port Overcomes Difficult Ground Conditions

2004  Facility Inspection and Deterioration

2004  Front Matter

2004  General Design Considerations

2004  Geotechnical Design Considerations

2004  Implementing a Construction Safety Program for Seaport Facilities

2004  Index

2004  Influence of Batter Piles on the Dynamic Behavior of Pile-Supported Wharf Structures

2004  Internet Sources/Selected Web Sites

2004  Introduction

2004  Introduction to Dry Docks

2004  Inventory Hierarchy Development for the U.S. Navy’s WHARFER Engineered Management System

2004  Managing Federally Funded Security Projects

2004  Modernizing A Three Decade Old Wharf Structure For The Next Generation of Containerships

2004  Mooring Loads and Design Principles

2004  Operational and Environmental Loads

2004  Partnering Allows Container Wharf Construction in Record Time at Port of Los Angeles Berth 100

2004  Planning, Design and Construction of the New Auto Handling Terminal, Port of Wilmington, DE for the Diamond State Port Corporation

2004  Port and Multi-Modal Facility Land Use Master Planning: Port Freeport, Texas - Master Plan

2004  Port Infrastructure for Mine Development in Remote Locations

2004  Ports 2004, Port Development in the Changing World

2004  Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles Rail Master Planning Study

2004  Rehabilitation, Maintenance, and Repair

2004  Selected Information Sources: Journals, Periodicals, and Conference Proceedings

2004  Software Development for Berthing Analysis and Structural Loading on Waterfront Facilities