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2014  Empirical Models of the Loop Current Eddy Detachment/Separation Time in the Gulf of Mexico

2014  Insights into the Performance Reliability of Offshore Piles Based on Experience in Hurricanes

2013  Impacts of Growth Faults on Slope Stability

2013  Record 2011 Spring Flood of the Mississippi River: How Much Nitrate Was Exported from Its Largest Distributary, the Atchafalaya River, into the Gulf of Mexico?

2013  Stormwater Runoff Loadings To Coastal Bayous Under A Gradient Of Watershed Urbanization, North Central Gulf of Mexico

2012  The Development of Allowable Fatigue Stresses in API RP2A

2012  The Effects of Warm Atlantic Ocean Sea Surface Temperatures on the ASCE 7-10 Design Wind Speeds

2012  Environmental Factors Influencing the Abundance of Enterococci in Gulf Coast Beach Waters

2012  Foundation Design in Coastal Flood Zones

2012  Fragility Assessment of Coastal Bridges under Hurricane Events Using Enhanced Probabilistic Capacity Models

2012  Fragility Assessment of Wood Poles in Power Distribution Networks against Extreme Wind Hazards

2012  Gulf Coast Recovery Efforts Receive Attention From White House, Congress

2012  Influence of Climate Change on Future Hurricane Wind Hazards along the US Eastern Coast and the Gulf of Mexico

2012  Simulation of Storm Surge in the Mississippi Gulf Coast Using an Integrated Coastal Processes Model

2012  Storm Surge Return Periods for the United States Gulf Coast

2012  Storm Surge Return Periods for the United States Gulf Coast

2011  Behavioral Model to Understand Household-Level Hurricane Evacuation Decision Making

2011  Case Study of Concrete Bridge Subjected to Hurricane Storm Surge and Wave Action

2011  Development of Inner Harbor Navigation Canal Hurricane Surge Barrier Project Hydrodynamics through Deterministic Methods, Physical Modeling, and Numerical Modeling

2011  Economic Losses from a Hypothetical Hurricane Event in the Houston-Galveston Area

2011  Evaluation of a T-Wall Section in New Orleans Considering 3D Soil-Structure Interaction

2011  Experimental Setup for a Large-Scale Bridge Superstructure Model Subjected to Waves

2011  The Failure of the South Pass 70 "B" Platform in Hurricane Camille

2011  Heterogeneous Evacuation Responses to Storm Forecast Attributes

2011  Hurricane Impacts and Responses, Beaches of Destin and Western Walton County, Florida

2011  Is It Time to Go Yet? Understanding Household Hurricane Evacuation Decisions from a Dynamic Perspective

2011  NewsBriefs: Gulf of Mexico ’Dead Zone’ Expected to Reach Record Size (Texas A&M)

2010  Aspects of Coupled Hydrologic-Hydrodynamic Modeling for Coastal Flood Inundation

2010  End of Primary Consolidation for the Gulf Coast Soils

2010  Energy Infrastructure Damage Analysis for Hurricane Rita

2010  Evaluating Soils and Hazards in the Mississippi Canyon

2010  Evaluation of Water Level Forecast Guidance from Real Time Ocean Forecast Systems

2010  Gulf Marine Fabricators Graving Dock

2010  Innovation in Ingleside

2010  Living with Deep Foundation Defects

2010  Modeling Moored Ship Response to a Passing Ship

2010  Modeling the High Salinity Discharge from Creation of a Salt Cavern

2010  Multidisciplinary Assessment of Critical Facility Response to Natural Disasters, The Case of Hurricane Katrina

2010  NewsBriefs: Solutions Sought to Contend with Oil Spill in Gulf

2010  Reclamation of Tile Effluent: Denitrifying Woodchip Bioreactors

2010  Social Vulnerability and Hurricane Impact Modeling

2009  A Comparison between High Water Marks and Hydrograph Recordings in Hurricane Rita

2009  Explaining Subjective Risks of Hurricanes and the Role of Risks in Intended Moving and Location Choice Models

2009  The Impact of Climate Change on Transportation in the Gulf Coast

2009  Wastewater Utilities: Are You Ready for Kansas’ Nutrient Removal Policy?

2008  Advanced Inundation Modeling and Decision-Support Tools for Gulf Coast Communities

2008  Halting Hypoxia

2008  Hurricane Characteristics along the Northern U.S. Gulf of Mexico Coast for Surge Prediction

2008  Hurricane Storm Surge and Wave Modeling in Southern Louisiana: A Brief Overview

2008  Interstate Collaboration Increases Resilience of Gulf of Mexico Communities

2008  The NOAA Coastal Storms Program

2008  Potential Impacts of Climate Change and Variability for Transportation Long-Range Planning and Investment

2008  Regional Changes of the Northern Gulf of Mexico 2004-2005

2008  Statistics of Hurricane Waves in the Gulf of Mexico

2007  Characterizing the Soft Clays in the Texas Gulf Coast Using the Texas Cone Penetrometer (TCP)

2007  Gulf of Mexico Rare Wave Return Periods

2007  Long-Term Inlet Stability of a Multiple Inlet System, Pass Cavallo, Texas

2007  Observations of Structural Damage Caused by Hurricane Katrina on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

2007  Performance of Wood-Frame Structures during Hurricane Katrina

2007  Winter Storm and Tropical Cyclone Impacts on the Short-Term Evolution of Beaches and Barriers along the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico

2006  The Gulf of Mexico Decommissioning Market

2006  Materials Problems in Offshore Platforms

2006  Multidimensional Modeling of the Lower Mississippi River

2006  Offshore Decommissioning Cost Estimation in the Gulf of Mexico

2006  Special Report: The Big Uneasy

2006  Strategies for Damage Assessments and Emergency Response

2005  Assessment of the Relative Hydrologic Effects of Land Use Change and Subsidence Using Distributed Modeling

2005  Cost of Abrasive Cutting in Decommissioning Operations in the Gulf of Mexico

2005  Cost of Site Clearance and Verification Operations in the Gulf of Mexico

2005  Hurricane Storm Surge Observed at Tide Stations on the St. Johns River, Florida

2005  On Sea-Level Variability on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States

2005  Parameters for average Gulf Clay and Prediction of Pile Set-up in the Gulf of Mexico

2004  Buildings: Pensacola Beach Dome Home Easily Weathers Hurricane Ivan

2004  Institutional Innovations for Coping with Severe and Sustained Drought in an International Basin

2004  Integrated-Process and Integrated-Scale Modeling of Large Coastal and Estuarine Areas

2004  Modernizing the Galveston-Bolivar Ferry System

2004  Performance and Comparison of Water Level Forecasting Models for the Texas Ports and Waterways

2004  Regional Circulation Modeling of the Texas Coast and Inland Coastal Waters

2004  Second Stage of Coatzacoalcos Port Breakwater Lengthening With Underwater Sand - Filled Textile Containers

2004  Seismic Response of Two Specific Sites in the New Madrid Seismic Zone

2004  Shipshape

2004  Towards An All Weather Nowcast/Forecast System for Galveston Bay

2003  Decommissioning Cost Functions in the Gulf of Mexico

2003  Determination of Precipitation Depth Duration Frequency-Values for Harris County, Texas, after Tropical Strom Allison

2003  Environmental Engineering: Florida DEP to Disperse Wastewater in Gulf of Mexico

2003  Gulf of Mexico Hypoxic Zone - Past, Present, Future

2003  Suction Anchor Piles for the Na Kika FDS Mooring System Part 1: Site Characterization and Design

2002  Fenholloway River and Estuary TMDL Development, Taylor County, Florida

2002  Forecasting the Environment of the Littoral Waters in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

2002  Neural Network Forecasting of Storm Surges along the Gulf of Mexico

2002  Northern Gulf of Mexico Littoral Initiative Modeling Program

2002  Observations and Predictions of Tides and Storm Surges along the Gulf of Mexico

2002  One-Year Assessment of a Nowcast/Forecast System for Galveston Bay

2001  Circulation, Sediment and Water Quality Modeling in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

2001  Coming to the Surface

2001  Dual Benefits

2001  Galveston Seawall and Grade Raising Project Located on the Gulf of Mexico, Galveston Island, Texas

2001  Keys to the Evolution of Offshore Platforms

2001  Local and Remote Forcing of Subtidal Water Level and Setup Fluctuations in Coastal and Estuarine Environments

2001  Offshore Engineering: Natural Gas Pipeline to Cross Gulf of Mexico