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2010  Wind Loads, Guide to the Wind Load Provisions of ASCE 7-05

2009  ASCE Guide for Design of Substation Structures

2009  Concept Paper on Utilizing the FEMA P695 (ATC-63) Ground Motion Spectral Shape Guidelines to Adjust the Target Displacement in the ASCE/SEI 41 Nonlinear Static Procedure

2009  Development and Application of Linear and Non-Linear Static Approaches in UFC 4-023-03

2009  Flexural and Shear Design of FRP Plated RC Structures Using a Genetic Algorithm

2009  Further Development of the German Highway Capacity Manual (HBS2011)

2009  A Verification Study of ASCE Recommended Guidelines for Seismic Evaluation and Design of "On Pipe-Way Piping" in Petrochemical Plants

2008  Design Guideline for Rounded Dovetail Connections

2008  Overview of the Bridging Guidelines for the Seismic Retrofit of BC Schools

2008  Students’ Recommendations for the Guidelines for Failure Investigation

2007  Civil Works for Hydroelectric Facilities, Guidelines for Life Extension Upgrade

2007  Earthquake-Induced Liquefaction around Marine Structures

2007  Geotechnical Baseline Reports for Construction, Suggested Guidelines

2007  State-of-the-Practice Design of Segmental Retaining Walls: NCMA.s Third Edition Manual

2006  Construction, Inspection, and Maintenance of FRP Deck Panels

2006  Guidelines for Risk-Based Management of Bridges with Unknown Foundations

2006  Real Time Control of Sewers: US EPA Manual

2005  ASCE Design Guide for Physical Security

2005  Creating Guidelines for Residential Foundation Engineering

2005  FEMA Coastal Flood Hazard Analysis and Mapping Guidelines for the Pacific Coast

2005  A Guidance Manual for Restoring Streams Through Fish Protection at Water Diversions

2005  Revision of Army Technical Manual 5-1300/NAVFAC P-397/AFR 88-22, ”Structures to Resist the Effects of Accidental Explosions”

2005  SDOF Model for Progressive Collapse Analysis

2005  Some Guidelines for Selecting Microsimulation Models for Interchange Traffic Operational Analysis

2005  Standard Guidelines for the Design, Installation, and Operation & Maintenance of Urban Subsurface Drainage and Urban Stormwater Systems

2005  U. S. Department of Defense Guidance for Security Engineering

2005  Update on EPA Guidance for the NPDES Municipal Storm Water Program

2004  A Guide for the Design of Water Transmission Pipelines

2004  Guidelines for the Periodic Inspection of Marine Oil Terminals

2004  New AASHTO Guide Manual for Load and Resistance Factor Rating of Highway Bridges

2004  One-Way Reinforced Concrete Flexural Elements: Economic Characterization and Selection Guidelines Developed Using Adaptive Simulated Annealing

2004  Timber Structures Protection Manual

2003  The American Lifelines Alliance Progress in the Development of National Consensus Guidelines for the Design of Lifeline Systems for Natural and Man-Made Hazards

2003  Chimney and Stack Inspection Guidelines

2003  Container Wharf Upgrade and Seismic Strengthening Guidelines at the Port of Los Angeles

2003  Development of a Handbook for Seismic Performance Testing of Bridge Piers

2003  Development of Guidelines for Dredged Material Disposal Based on Abiotic Determinants of Coral Reef Community Structure

2003  Florida’s First Permitting Experience with the New NWRI/AWWARF UV Disinfection Guidelines

2003  Guidelines for Defining Natural Hazards Performance Objectives for Water Systems

2003  Operational Performance Seismic Design of Highway Bridges for 2500-Year Earthquake Using Proposed NCHRP Provisions

2003  Seismic Design Standards and Guidelines of Steel and Concrete Liquid Storage Tanks

2003  Standard Guidelines to Assess the Seismic Fragility of Water Transmission Systems

2002  Bridges: Florida Revises Design Guidelines to Fight Corrosion

2002  Editor’s Note

2002  Election to ASCE Fellow

2002  Guidelines for Upgrading/Uprating Existing Latticed Transmission Structures

2002  How to Work Effectively with Consulting Engineers, Getting the Best Project at the Right Price for Your Public Constituents

2002  Overview of the Urban Stormwater BMP Performance Monitoring: A Guidance Manual for Meeting the National Stormwater BMP Database Requirements

2002  Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Stainless Steel Structural Members (SEI / ASCE 8-02)

2002  Wastewater: Federal Guidelines Will Address Anthrax ‘Decon Water’

2001  The ASCE Port and Intermodal Yard Pavement Design Guide

2001  A Contribution to the Development of Guidelines for Toll Plaza Design

2001  Debris- and Ice-Skimming Booms at Riverside Diversions

2001  Developing Guidelines for the Development of an International Water Quality Management Plan

2001  Development and Funding of a Standard Guideline for Artificial Recharge of Ground Water

2001  A Framework for Performance-Based Seismic Design

2001  Guide to the Use of Wind Load Provisions of ASCE 7-98

2001  Guidelines for Bridge Water Pipe Installations

2001  Guidelines for Repair of Misfabricated Structural Steel Connections

2001  Overview of the Japanese Guidelines for Seismic Retrofitting of RC Columns using FRP Materials

2001  Residential Land Development Practices, A Textbook on Development Land Into Finished Lots

2001  Shotcrete—Standardization in Brazil

2001  Standard Guidelines for Artificial Recharge of Ground Water (EWRI / ASCE 34-01)

2001  State-of-the-Art in Design of Curved Box-Girder Bridges

2001  Survey of European Guidelines for the Use of FRP in Structural Applications

2001  Water Resources: World Commission Releases Report on Large Dams

2001  WRATHA: Regulatoins for Implementing the ASCE Riparian Model Water Code

2000  Adrift in the Curriculum

2000  Better BMP Practices

2000  Bridge Scour by Bruce Melville and Stephen Coleman

2000  Communications

2000  Design Guidelines for Replacement of Air-Conditioning Systems112-117

2000  Design Guidelines to Accommodate Potential Upgrading of Elevator Systems

2000  Guideline for Condition Assessment of the Building Envelope (SEI/ASCE 30-00)

2000  Guideline for Structural Condition Assessment of Existing Buildings (SEI/ASCE 11-99)

2000  Modeling the Death Valley Regional Ground-Water Flow System

2000  Noise Control and Speech Privacy Guidelines for Office Building Design

2000  Peer Review May Ensure Your Agency’s Best Performance

2000  Probabilistic Approach to Implementing Traffic Signal Warrants

2000  Project Scheduling Aspects of Steel Construction

2000  Proposed AASHTO Manual for Bridge Evaluation Using LRFD Philosophy

2000  Representation of Snow in Urban Drainage Models

2000  Risk Based Design and Evaluation of Spillway Structures: An Overseas Perspective

2000  U.S. EPA Guidance Document Details Land Use Options

1999  The ASCE Residuals Transport Manual

1999  Conventional and Fracture Mechanics Tests for Evaluation of Wood-Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Interfaces

1999  Development of an Environmental Risk Management Handbook for Australia and New Zealand

1999  Durability Guide for Corrugated Steel Pipe

1999  Editorial

1999  Effect of Roofing Membrane on Wind Uplift Pressures

1999  Effect of Unsaturated Flow on Steady Seepage

1999  The Efficiency of a Peat Biofilter Treatment System and the Impacts on Groundwater Quality

1999  Electrical Substation Structure Design Guide: A Panel Presentation

1999  Guidelines for Discharge Gates and Valves

1999  HydroBasin: Relicensing Planning for Hydroelectric Watersheds

1999  Introduction to the ASCE Guide for the Dynamic Response of Lattice Towers

1999  Overview of ASCE Technical Guidance Document: Management of Leachate from Sanitary Landfills

1999  Quantitative Techniques for Stream Stability Analysis

1999  Research Activities on High Strength Concrete and Its Application in Japan

1999  A Review of Design Codes for Aluminum