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2013  San Angelo Completes Pipeline for Groundwater Supply Project

2012  Water Budget Considerations Regarding Groundwater Extraction Targets in the Calera Aquifer Watershed, Mexico

2010  Optimizing Capacity-Expansion Planning of Groundwater Supply System between Cost and Subsidence

2009  Evaluation of a UV/Ozone Treatment Process for Removal of MTBE in Groundwater Supplies in New Mexico

2009  Projecting Future Groundwater Availability for Power Generation Plant Licensing

2009  Selecting Optimal Water Supply Options — A Regional Water Supply Case Study in the Upper Kissimmee Basin, FL

2009  Water Utility Efficiency Assessment Using a Data Envelopment Analysis Procedure

2008  Design and Installation Challenges of Large and Deep Production Wells in South Florida

2007  Optimizing Groundwater Supply with Land Subsidence Limit

2005  How Karst Features Affect Recharge? Implication for Estimating Recharge to the Edwards Aquifer

2004  Effective Teaming of Design and Manufacturer Engineers Avoids Costly Delays Due to Changed Conditions

2003  Four Finalists Chosen in 2003 Pankow Competition

2003  Incorporating Uncertainty into High-Resolution Groundwater Supply Models

2003  Integrated Water Management for the 21st Century: Problems and Solutions

2002  Integrated Water Management for the 21st Century: Problems and Solutions

2001  Houston’s Accelerated Surface Water Conversion: The Challenges and Execution

2001  Pre-Development vs Post-Development Runoff Volume Analysis

2001  Submarine Springs as an Alternative Water Resource: A Field Investigation

2000  Delineating Hydrologically-Based Conjunctive Management Units in Idaho

2000  Optimal Ground Water Distribution Systems

2000  Structure and Cost of the Water Supply Market in Sana’a City, Yemen

1999  The Efficiency of a Peat Biofilter Treatment System and the Impacts on Groundwater Quality

1998  Model Development for Conjunctive Use Planning in Taiwan

1998  Significance of Surface Water and Groundwater Interaction for Water Resources Management on a Regional Scale

1998  Storage-Outflow Modeling of a Headwater Wetland

1997  Connecticut’s Wellhead Protection Program

1996  Adaptive Search Optimization in Reducing Pump Operating Costs

1996  Effect of Pump-Ins on California Aqueduct Water Quality

1996  Implementing a Successful Conjunctive Use Program

1996  A New Model of California’s SWP/CVP Systems

1995  Developing New Groundwater Resources to Meet the Critical Demands of a Fast Growing Mexican City

1995  Groundwater Control Methods Used in Construction

1995  Groundwater Development in an Arid Environment

1995  Groundwater Resources in Developing Nations: Are We Promoting the Use of Appropriate Technologies in Rural Areas?

1995  In Situ Bioremediation of Aquifers: How Has it Changed in the Past 20 Years? How Will it Change in the Next 10?

1995  Natural Resources Damage Assessment for Groundwater Resources

1995  Optimization of Conjunctive Use of Surface Water and Groundwater in a Coastal Zone

1995  Potential for Irrigation on the Delmarva Peninsula

1995  Protecting Groundwater from Leaking Underground Tanks - An Innovative Approach

1995  Use of Capture Zone Analyses in Delineation of Wellhead Protection Areas

1995  Utilization of a GIS for Wellhead Protection

1995  Water Infrastructure Study Saltillo, Mexico

1994  Comparison of Biological and Chemical/Physical Iron Removal

1994  Computer Simulation Model of the Integrated Local Water Supply Plan for the City of Wichita, Kansas

1994  Optimal Operation of Ground-Water Supply Distribution Systems

1994  The San Gorgonio Pass Water Project

1993  Lake-Level Declines in Karst Lake During Droughts

1993  New Wells Safeguard Scenic Tahoe

1993  Streamflow Depletions Resulting from Ground Water Transfers

1993  Wetland Restoration in the Dutch Dune Area

1992  Forecasting Instabilities in Groundwater Parameters

1992  Study of Groundwater Availability in Case of Drought

1992  Tapping Shallow Groundwater with Horizontal Wells

1992  VOC-Contaminated Water Cleanup Incentive Program

1991  Determining Dimensions of an Undersea Aquifer Roof

1991  Implementation of Agricultural Reuse in Florida

1991  National Water Policy Issues and Activities

1991  Optimizing Ground Water Delivery Systems

1991  Optimizing Urban Ground Water Supply Systems

1991  Urban and Regional Conflict Resolution in Water Related Issues

1991  Using Regional Ground-Water Model in Water Resource Planning

1991  Water Resources Information Management..Beyond GIS

1990  Development of an Optimization Model for Groundwater Withdrawal

1990  Evaluating Spring Flow Trends at Pipe Spring National Monument and Vicinity, Arizona

1990  Expanding Groundwater Production in Southern California

1990  Extent and Sources of Ground Water Contamination Now in the Nineties

1990  Government Cooperation in Water Resources Planning and Management

1990  Management of Groundwater Overdraft in the Phoenix, Arizona, Area

1990  Moving Toward the Millennium

1990  Understanding Ground Water

1990  Watershed Modeling of The Western Coast Wadis of Egypt

1989  Groundwater Protection in New York State

1989  Groundwater Protection—The Delaware Experience

1989  Irrigation and Aquifer Management in Illinois

1989  Modeling a Multiple Well Groundwater Supply System

1989  Modeling of Nitrate Transport Coupled Dentrification in the Saturated Zone

1989  On- or Off-Stream Groundwater Storage in Small Scale for Domestic Use

1988  A Linear Dynamic Programming Model for the Optimal Allocation of Water in Groundwater Dependent Areas

1988  Regional Assessment of Pumpage in Southeastern Virginia

1988  Water Supply Critical Areas

1987  Long Island Water Problems—A Lesson for Developing Countries

1987  A Strategy for Caribbean Water Supply Planning

1986  Protection of Municipal Groundwater Supplies

1986  Simultaneous Pumping from Layered Ground Water

1985  Nitrate Analysis Utilizing Groundwater Modeling

1985  Portland’s New Water Pumping and Hydropower Station

1985  Potential for Nitrate Removal from Groundwater Supplies Using Biological Deintrification

1984  Augmentation of Groundwater Resources by Effluents Injection into Saline Aquifers

1984  Bosque River Watershed Yield Optimization

1984  Cleanup for Miami Drum Hazardous Waste Site

1984  Drip Irrigated Cotton: Economics and Water Savings

1984  Southwest Alluvial Basins, RASA Study — An Overview

1983  Secondary Recovery of Water

1982  Hydrologic Impact of Surface Coal Mining (Wyoming)

1982  Water Resources for a Coal Gasification Facility

1981  Texture Maps: A Guide to Deep Ground Basins--Central Valley, California

1980  Use of Highly-Treated Wastewater to Recharge the Ground-Water Reservoir in Nassau County, Long Island, New York

1978  Comparison of Solutions for Delayed-Yield Aquifers

1978  Underground Hot Water Storage Could Cut National Fuel Needs 10%

1961  Geophysical Procedures in Ground Water Study