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2015  Dissolution Dynamics and Temporal Variations of Groundwater Flux in the Subsurface Source Zone of Nonaqueous Phase Liquids

2015  Engineered Injection and Extraction for In Situ Remediation of Sorbing Solutes in Groundwater

2014  Application of Emulsified Substrate Biobarrier to Remediate TCE-Contaminated Groundwater: Pilot-Scale Study

2014  Capture Zone Comparison for Photovoltaic Microgrid-Powered Pump and Treat Remediation

2014  Desalinization of Field Soil Using Radial Electromigration and Electroosmosis

2014  Effects of Added Fe°, Fe3 O4, and Fe2 O3 on Sorption of Cephalosporin Antibiotic in Quartz-Rich Sands

2014  Impact of Groundwater Quality on Adsorption of Arsenate onto Iron-Oxide-Based Adsorbent: Case Study in Chiayi, Taiwan

2014  Laboratory Study of Escherichia coli O157:H7 Contamination in Groundwater

2014  Multiobjective Monitoring Network Design for Efficient Identification of Unknown Groundwater Pollution Sources Incorporating Genetic Programming-Based Monitoring

2014  Transport of Nitrate and Chloride in Variably Saturated Porous Media

2013  Agroeconomic Analysis of Nitrate Crop Source Reductions

2013  Arsenic Entrapment in Reactive Columns of Residual Soils

2013  Assessment of an Urban Contaminated Site from Tannery Industries in Dhaka City, Bangladesh

2013  Biological Activated Carbon Treatment for Removing BTEX from Groundwater

2013  Characterization of Bulk Fluid and Transport Properties for Simulating Polymer-Improved Aquifer Remediation

2013  Desalinization of Kaolin Soil Using Radial Electromigration and Electroosmosis

2013  Effect of Dispersant on Transport of Nanoscale Iron Particles in Soils: Zeta Potential Measurements and Column Experiments

2013  Enhanced In-Situ Remediation of Sorbing Groundwater Contaminants using Engineered Injection and Extraction

2013  Evaluating Groundwater Contamination Hazard Rating of Municipal Solid Waste Landfills in India and Europe Using a New System

2013  Evaluation of Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination of Trichloroethylene Using Gene Analysis: Pilot-Scale Study

2013  Fenton and Photo-Fenton Oxidation of Petroleum Aromatic Hydrocarbons Using Nanoscale Zero-Valent Iron

2013  Groundwater Contamination to Cost Billions, Persist for Decades, NRC Says

2013  Many-Objective Design of Engineered Injection and Extraction Sequences for In Situ Remediation of Contaminated Groundwater

2013  Mechanism and Pathway of Tetrachloroethylene Dechlorination by Zero-Valent Iron with Cu or Cu/C

2013  Optimal Initial Configuration of Treatment Solution for In Situ Remediation of Contaminated Groundwater Using Engineered Injection and Extraction

2013  Optimal Removal of Heavy Metals Pollutants from Groundwater Using a Real Genetic Algorithm and Finite-Difference Method

2013  The Performance of Artificial Frozen Barriers

2013  Pilot-Scale Study for Effective Removal of Arsenic, Iron, and Manganese from Groundwater Source in Alaska

2013  Source Term Evaluation Model for Uranium Tailings Ponds

2013  Three-Dimensional Groundwater Contamination Source Identification Using Adaptive Simulated Annealing

2012  Analytical Solution for One-Dimensional Solute Dispersion with Time-Dependent Source Concentration along Uniform Groundwater Flow in a Homogeneous Porous Formation

2012  Bench-Scale Study of Electrochemical Oxidation for On-Site Treatment of Polluted Groundwater

2012  Contaminant Mass Transfer from NAPLs to Water Studied in a Continuously Stirred Flow-Through Reactor

2012  Effectiveness of Air Stripping, Advanced Oxidation, and Activated Carbon Adsorption-Coupled Process in Treating Chlorinated Solvent-Contaminated Groundwater

2012  Effects of Chitin Purity and Proppant Loading on the Bioremediation of Chloroethenes

2012  Effects of Ozonation and Catalytic Ozonation on the Removal of Natural Organic Matter from Groundwater

2012  Engineered Well Injection-Extraction Schemes to Enhance Reaction for Improved In Situ Remediation of Contaminated Groundwater

2012  Evaluating Alternative Hydraulic Solutions to Limit Nutrient Contamination of an Aquifer in Southern California

2012  Ground Water Contamination from Past Uranium Mining: Cove Wash, AZ

2012  Groundwater Geochemical Characterization of a Fuel-Contaminated Fractured Bedrock in a Permafrost Environment

2012  Leaching of Metals from Fly Ash-Amended Permeable Reactive Barriers

2012  Nanoparticle Delivery Vehicles for Groundwater Remediation : Sustainability Evaluation through Biodegradation Studies

2012  Nitrate Reduction in Water Using Commercial Titanium Dioxide Photocatalysts (P25, P90, and Hombikat UV100)

2012  Optimal Groundwater Remediation by Pump and Treat Using FEM- and EGA-Based Simulation-Optimization Model

2012  Oxidative and Reductive Pathways in Iron-Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid–Activated Persulfate Systems

2012  Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB) Technology: An Innovative Solution for the Remediation of Acidic Groundwater from Acid Sulphate Soil (ASS) Terrain

2012  Remediation of a Former MGP Site in Norwich, New York: A Case Study

2012  Simulation-Optimization Model for In Situ Bioremediation of Groundwater Contamination Using Mesh-Free PCM and PSO

2012  State and Parameter Estimation with an SIR Particle Filter in a Three-Dimensional Groundwater Pollutant Transport Model

2012  Use of Long-Term Monitoring Data to Evaluate Benzene, MTBE, and TBA Plume Behavior in Groundwater at Retail Gasoline Sites

2012  Use of Simulation Filters in Three-Dimensional Groundwater Contaminant Transport Modeling

2012  Using a PV-Powered Pump to Remediate Contaminated Ground Water at a Dry Cleaning Site

2012  Voltammetric Detection of Cadmium in Groundwater

2011  Alternative Laboratory Technique to Monitor the Effect of Cementing Additives on Clay for Cut-Off Walls

2011  Arsenic Contaminated Groundwater Remediation by Entrapped Nanoscale Zero-Valent Iron

2011  Bayesian Method for Groundwater Quality Monitoring Network Analysis

2011  Contrasting Advective Spreading and Dispersive Mixing

2011  Desiccation Effect on Compacted Tropical Clay Treated with Rice Husk Ash

2011  Effect of Basicity on Persulfate Reactivity

2011  Encapsulation of Iron Nanoparticles and Trichloroethylene Degrading Bacteria for Groundwater Clean-Up

2011  Ensemble Kalman Filter to Improve the Accuracy of a Three Dimensional Flow and Transport Model with a Continuous Pollutant Source

2011  An Experimental Setup for Electromagnetic Stimulation of Geoenvironmental Applications

2011  Factorial Design Approach to Investigate the Effects of Groundwater Cooccurring Solutes on Arsenic Removal by Electrocoagulation

2011  Factoring Site Age in Evaluation of Groundwater-Contamination Hazard Rating of Abandoned Municipal Solid-Waste Landfill Sites

2011  Generalized Visualization Modules for Solute Transport in Groundwater

2011  Geographical Basis for Regulating Pesticide Use That Prevents Contamination of California’s Ground Water

2011  Groundwater Arsenic Remediation Using Amphiphilic Polysiloxane Graft Copolymer Coated Iron Nanoparticles

2011  Groundwater Quantity and Quality Management

2011  Monitoring and Surveillance of Groundwater Arsenic Contamination in the Brahmaputra Floodplain in Assam

2011  Prediction of Arsenic Removal by Electrocoagulation: Model Development by Factorial Design

2011  Reconstruction of Groundwater Contamination History in Hadnot Point Area of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, Using Linear Stochastic Control Model

2011  Remediation of Contaminated Soil and Groundwater Using Humic Acid in Permeable Reactive Barrier for Pipeline Leakage

2011  Sensitivity Analysis of Risk Assessment at a Petroleum-Hydrocarbon Contaminated Site

2011  A Sequential Monte Carlo Method to Update the Conditional Solute Concentration in a Three Dimensional Contaminant Transport Model

2011  Subsurface Radioactive Contaminant Transport Modeling Using Particle and Kalman Filter Schemes

2011  Treatment of Acidic Groundwater in Acid Sulfate Soil Terrain Using Recycled Concrete: Column Experiments

2011  Use of Simulation Filters in 3-D Groundwater Contaminant Transport Modeling

2011  Zero-Valent Iron: Impact of Anions Present during Synthesis on Subsequent Nanoparticle Reactivity

2010  Adsorption of RDX and its Nitroso Metabolites onto Activated Carbon

2010  Analytical Solution for Two-Dimensional Solute Transport in Finite Aquifer with Time-Dependent Source Concentration

2010  Assessing of Natural Attenuation and Intrinsic Bioremediation Rates at a Petroleum-Hydrocarbon Spill Site: Laboratory and Field Studies

2010  Bayesian Inference of Groundwater Contamination Source

2010  Bioremediation of Heavy Metals in Soil and Groundwater: Impact of Nitrate as an Inhibitor

2010  Distribution of the Microbial Community Structure in Sulfur-Based Autotrophic Denitrification Columns

2010  The Effect of Atmospheric Chemical Release on the Reduction in Groundwater Pollution by CVOCs

2010  Effect of Input Data on Predicting Plume Location Using MAROS Model

2010  Effectiveness of Source-Zone Remediation of DNAPL-Contaminated Subsurface Systems

2010  Engineered Well Injection and Extraction to Enhance Mixing in Aquifers

2010  Health-Risk-Based Remedial Alternatives for Contaminated Aquifer Management

2010  Historical Reconstruction of Groundwater Contamination at Contaminated Sites and Uncertainty Analysis

2010  Independence from Fossil Fuel Usages in Northeastern United States: Important Tasks for a Sustainable Geothermal Pilot Well Project

2010  An Industry Perspective on Groundwater Flow Model Calibration

2010  Laboratory and In Situ Tests for Long-Term Hydraulic Conductivity of a Cement-Bentonite Cutoff Wall

2010  Logic-Based Design of Groundwater Monitoring Network for Redundancy Reduction

2010  Materials Handling during Utilities Construction in Areas of Known Soil and Groundwater Contamination

2010  Model to Describe the Binodal Curve on a Type 1 Ternary Phase Diagram

2010  Occurrence of Steroid Hormones and Antibiotics in Groundwater Impacted by Livestock Waste Control Facilities

2010  Performance of a PRB for the Remediation of Acidic Groundwater in Acid Sulfate Soil Terrain

2010  Revealing Fluoride Contaminated Aquifers in Hard Rock Terrain Using Electrical Resistivity and Induced Polarization (IP) Methods

2010  Risk Assessment of Metal Leaching into Groundwater from Phosphate and Thermal Treated Sediments