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2015  Current and Future Challenges in Groundwater. I: Modeling and Management of Resources

2015  Effects of Passive Hydration on Surface Water and Groundwater Storages in Drained Ranchland Wetlands in the Everglades Basin in Florida

2015  Engineered Injection and Extraction for In Situ Remediation of Sorbing Solutes in Groundwater

2015  Uncertainty Segregation and Comparative Evaluation in Groundwater Remediation Designs: A Chance-Constrained Hierarchical Bayesian Model Averaging Approach

2014  Analysis of Hydraulic Fracturing Chemical Disclosure Data from FracFocus

2014  Assessing the Impacts of Shale Oil and Gas Developments on Rural Texas Highway Infrastructure

2014  Baseline Water Quality Monitoring Prior to Hydraulic Fracturing to Promote Scientifically-Based Transparency

2014  Best Management Practices for Access Roads for Shale Energy Development with Consideration to Surface Waterbodies

2014  Blockage Detection in Pipeline Networks for Gas and Oil

2014  Characterization of Parameters for a Spatially Heterogenous Aquifer from Pumping Test Data

2014  Characterization of Waste Waters from Hydraulic Fracturing

2014  Comminution of Solids Due to Kinetic Energy of High Shear Strain Rate: Implications for Shock and Shale Fracturing

2014  Comparison of Analytical Solutions to Evaluate Aquifer Response to Arbitrary Stream Stage

2014  Confined-Aggregate-Concrete MEPCO Loading Dock Road, Morgantown, WV—A Case Study

2014  Conversion of Marcellus Production Wastewater into Salable Products

2014  CSA S250-11 and CI/ASCE 38-02—How to Effectively Utilize These Utility Standards for Shale Energy Projects

2014  Design of an Optimal Compliance Monitoring Network and Feedback Information for Adaptive Management of Saltwater Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers

2014  Design of Bulk Railway Terminals for the Shale Oil and Gas Industry

2014  Effect of Fractures on Methane Migration in Shallow Groundwater Aquifer

2014  Effective Use of Cementitious Materials, Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag, and Bentonite in Treating Contaminants on Polluted Land

2014  Electrodialysis Treatment of Flow-Back Water for Environmental Protection in Shale Gas Development

2014  Ensuring Sustainable Development of Shale Gas Transmission Infrastructure by Applying State-of-the-Art Methods in Geomorphology

2014  Erosion and Sediment Controls

2014  Evaluating Leachability of Residual Solids from Hydraulic Fracturing in the Marcellus Shale

2014  Evolution of Best Management Practices and Water Treatment in High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing Operations

2014  Feasibility of Using Brackish Groundwater Desalination Concentrate as Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid in the Eagle Ford Shale

2014  Field Borehole Testing of Anisotropic Shale Rock

2014  Fracture Mechanics Evaluation of Parameters Associated with Horizontal Hydrofracturing

2014  Front Matter

2014  Genetic Programming in Groundwater Modeling

2014  Geomechanical Characterization of Shale Formations for Sustainable Production

2014  Geosynthetic Solutions for Paved and Unpaved Applications

2014  GIS-Based Numerical Modeling of Aquifer Recharge and Saltwater Intrusion in Arid Southeastern Tunisia

2014  The Grey Science of Wetland Avoidance

2014  Guided Ultrasonic Waves for the Nondestructive Evaluation Imaging of Pipes

2014  Heavy Roadway User Permit Release Coordination

2014  How API’s Shale Gas Standards and Best Practices Support Sustainable Shale Gas Development

2014  Hydro-Mechanical Coupled Model of Hydraulic Fractures Using the eXtended Finite Element Method

2014  The Impact of Shale Gas/Oil Waste on MSW Landfill Composition and Operations

2014  Improving Groundwater Predictions Utilizing Seasonal Precipitation Forecasts from General Circulation Models Forced with Sea Surface Temperature Forecasts

2014  Improving Impact Analysis of the Eagle Ford Shale Oil and Natural Gas Production on Regional Rural Communities

2014  The Influence of Hydraulic Fracturing on the Water Market in Texas

2014  Influence of Mineralogy on the Index Properties and Durability of Crushed Shales

2014  An Integrated Emergency Evacuation System for Real-Time Operations—A Case Study of Eagle Ford Shale Gas Area, South Texas

2014  Interpretation Challenges for In Situ Stress from Mini-Frac Tests in Soft Rocks/Hard Soils

2014  Investigation and Analysis of Social Impacts of Eagle Ford Shale on Local Communities

2014  Issues and Options for Oversize/Overweight Permitting of Petroleum-Related Trucks in a Performance-Based Regulatory Context: The Manitoba Experience

2014  Life Cycle Assessment of Air Toxins for Natural Gas Production, Transport, and Power Generation in the Marcellus Shale Region

2014  Major Utah Groundwater Project Features State’s Deepest Wells

2014  Management of Impoundments for Unconventional Resource Development: Application, Planning, Design, Best Practices, and Regulatory Considerations

2014  Management of Produced Water in Pennsylvania: 2010-2012

2014  Mechanical Behaviors of an Anisotropic Shale Rock

2014  Modeling Flow Regime in Shale Using Isogeometric Analysis

2014  Modeling of Land Movement due to Groundwater Pumping from an Aquifer System with Stress-Dependent Storage

2014  Multiobjective Groundwater Remediation Design Using a Coupled MFree Point Collocation Method and Particle Swarm Optimization

2014  Non-Destructive Evaluation and Reinforced Design of Gravel Heavy Haul Road Structures in Northern Alberta

2014  Numerical Analysis on Deformation Behavior of Expandable Casing and Contact Evaluation of Its Threaded Connection

2014  Numerical Estimation of Casing Integrity under Injection Pressure for Fracturing of Shale Gas Formation

2014  Numerical Simulation of Induced Seismicity Due to Hydraulic Fracturing of Shale Gas Reservoirs

2014  Numerical Simulation of Simultaneous Growth of Multiple Interacting Hydraulic Fractures from Horizontal Wells

2014  Optimal Groundwater Management Using Multiobjective Particle Swarm with a New Evolution Strategy

2014  Optimizing the Use of Land and Water Resources for Maximizing Farm Income by Mitigating the Hydrological Imbalances

2014  Particle Stacking Model to Simulate Sedimentary Rock Microcracks

2014  The Positive Environmental and Cost Impact of Geosynthetics in Well Pad and Access Road Construction

2014  Predicting the Seismic Hazard Due to Deep Injection Well-Induced Seismicity

2014  Protecting PennDOT’s Infrastructure

2014  Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of Seawater Intrusion in Wadi Ham under Different Pumping Scenarios

2014  Recharge from an Array of Polygonal Channels

2014  Recycling of Produced and Flowback Water in Oil and Gas Drilling Operations through Hydraulic Fracturing in Texas

2014  Regulation of TDS and Chloride from Oil and Gas Wastewater in Pennsylvania

2014  Restoration of Streams and Wetlands Following Pipeline Construction Projects

2014  Review of Flowback and Produced Water Management, Treatment, and Beneficial Use for Major Shale Gas Development Basins

2014  A Review of NORM/TENORM in Wastes and Waters Associated with Marcellus Shale Gas Development and Production

2014  Road Impacts from Shale Energy Development

2014  Rock Behavior under High Pressure and High Temperature (HPHT)

2014  Rock Excavation Index Approach for Estimating Blast Rock for Shallow Pipeline Construction

2014  The Role of Shallow Surface Investigations in Appalachian Shale Energy Development

2014  San Francisco Looks to Groundwater to Augment Potable Supplies

2014  Second-Order Shallow-Flow Theory and Dupuit Approximation for Phreatic Aquifers

2014  Shale Energy Engineering 2014, Technical Challenges, Environmental Issues, and Public Policy

2014  Shale Fracturing for Energy Recovery: Current Issues and Review of Available Analytical and Computational Models

2014  Shale Gas Well Pad Air Quality Permitting in Ohio and West Virginia

2014  Simulation and Optimization Modeling for the Management of Groundwater Resources. I: Distinct Applications

2014  Simulation and Optimization Modeling for the Management of Groundwater Resources. II: Combined Applications

2014  Simulation of Distributed Base Flow Contributions to Streamflow Using a Hillslope-Based Catchment Model Coupled to a Regional-Scale Groundwater Model

2014  Spatial Moment Equations for a Groundwater Plume with Degradation and Rate-Limited Sorption

2014  SPCC Planning for Oil Drilling, Workover, and Production Facilities

2014  Storage Tank Secondary Containment

2014  Stormwater Runoff and the Oil and Gas Industry: A State-by-State Review of Regulations and Surface Water Quality Impacts

2014  Strategies for Sustainable Management of Oilfield Wastes and Wastewaters in Shale Resource Plays

2014  Subcritical Crack Propagation Enhanced by Chemical Injection

2014  Subpart W—Past, Present, and Future

2014  Technology Adoption for Long-Term Drought Resilience

2014  Towards a Real-Time Forecast of Induced Seismicity for Enhanced Geothermal Systems

2014  Underground (Well) Mapping Re-Visited

2014  Use of Geosynthetics for Reinforcing/Stabilizing Unpaved Roads under Full-Scale Truck Axle Loads

2014  VOC Emission Monitoring at Eagle Ford Shale Drill Sites Using Wireless Sensor Network for Understanding Emission Generation and Dispersion

2014  Water Resources Sustainability: Development of a Multiobjective Optimization Model

2014  Waters of the United States: Understanding Definitions and Jurisdictional Determinations Specific to Shale Resource Development

2013  Aquifer Plume Study of Mixed Population Nitrate Data Using ArcGIS