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2015  Cubic-Spline Multiscale Finite Element Method for Solving Nodal Darcian Velocities in Porous Media

2014  Analytical Approach for Modeling Axisymmetric Levee Underseepage

2014  Certification Tests of MODFLOW Implementation in the Integrated Hydrologic Model

2014  Effective Approach to Calculate Groundwater Return Flow to a River from Irrigation Areas

2014  Groundwater Flow Modeling of a Hard Rock Aquifer: Case Study

2014  Hybrid Algorithm for Parameter Estimation of the Groundwater Flow Model with an Improved Genetic Algorithm and Gauss-Newton Method

2014  Internal Fluidization in Granular Soils

2014  Mathematical Modeling of Groundwater Flow and Solute Transport in Saturated Fractured Rock Using a Dual-Porosity Approach

2014  Modified Multiscale Finite-Element Method for Solving Groundwater Flow Problem in Heterogeneous Porous Media

2013  Groundwater Flow in Sloping Aquifer under Localized Transient Recharge: Analytical Study

2013  MODFLOW Modeling to Solve Drainage Problems in the Argaman Date Palm Orchard, Jordan Valley, Israel

2013  Saltwater Intrusion and Recirculation of Seawater at a Coastal Boundary

2013  Simulating Groundwater Inflow in the Underground Tunnel with a Coupled Fracture-Matrix Model

2012  Analytical Approach to Solute Dispersion along and against Transient Groundwater Flow in a Homogeneous Finite Aquifer: Pulse Type Boundary Conditions

2012  Analytical Solution for One-Dimensional Solute Dispersion with Time-Dependent Source Concentration along Uniform Groundwater Flow in a Homogeneous Porous Formation

2012  Comparison of Numerical Techniques Used for Simulating Variable-Density Flow and Transport Experiments

2012  Fracture Cluster Modeling for Groundwater Inflow Prediction into Rock Tunnels Using Geostatistics

2012  Groundwater Flow in a Tidally Influenced Gravel Beach in Prince William Sound, Alaska

2012  Investigating the Effects of Groundwater Flow on the Thermal Stability of Embankments over Permafrost

2011  Ensemble Kalman Filter to Improve the Accuracy of a Three Dimensional Flow and Transport Model with a Continuous Pollutant Source

2011  Forecast of Groundwater Flowrate in Tunnel by Integrated Approach

2011  Kinetics and Seepage Forces in Steady-State Ground-Water Flow

2011  Modeling of Hydrological Processes Using Unstructured and Irregular Grids: 2D Groundwater Application

2011  Multiobjective Optimization of Pump-and-Treat-Based Optimal Multilayer Aquifer Remediation Design with Flexible Remediation Time

2011  Sensitivity to Formation Porosity of Contaminant Transport from Nevada Test Site to Yucca Mountain

2011  Solving Groundwater Flow Inverse Problem Using Spreadsheet Solver

2011  Stop Saltwater Intrusion toward Water Wells Using Scavenger Wells

2011  Use of Regional Covariance in Data Assimilation Method to Improve the Estimation Accuracy of a Three Dimensional Contaminant Transport Model

2010  2-D Pore-Particle Scale Model of the Erosion at the Boundary of Two Soils under Horizontal Groundwater Flow

2010  Application of a Mass Balance-Based Stochastic Transport Model

2010  Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Improving the Modeling of Chlorinated Solvent Natural Attenuation in Bedrock Aquifers

2010  Boundary Condition of Groundwater Flow through Sloping Seepage Face

2010  Ensemble Modeling of Nonlinear Hydrologic Processes under Uncertainty Using Symmetry Methods and Its Application to 2-D Unconfined Groundwater Flow in Heterogeneous Aquifers

2010  An Industry Perspective on Groundwater Flow Model Calibration

2010  A Particle Tracking Model, IGSM_PT, as a Post-Processor to Finite-Element Groundwater Flow Model, IGSM

2010  Standard Guideline for the Geostatistical Estimation and Block-Average of Homogeneous and Isotropic Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity

2010  Study on Transport of Groundwater of Jinping Cascade-II Hydropower Station with Long Diversion Tunnel Region

2010  Three-Dimensional Semianalytical Solutions of Groundwater Flow to a Well in Fractured Wedge-Shaped Aquifers

2010  Treatment of Uncertainty in Groundwater Modeling: A (Limited) Research Perspective

2010  Truncating Cross-Sectional Groundwater Models under Wetlands

2010  Wavelet Analysis of Steady State Groundwater Flow in a Bounded Domain

2010  The Wells Simulator: Analytical Solutions for Groundwater Flow Using Modified Streamfunction Contouring

2009  Applying MODFLOW Model for Drainage Problem Solution: A Case Study from Jahir Irrigated Fields, Israel

2009  Approximate Analytical Solution to Groundwater Velocity Variance in Unconfined Trending Aquifers in the Presence of Complex Sources and Sinks

2009  Approximate Solution of Nonlinear Boussinesq Equation

2009  Effective Procedure for Determination of Aquifer Parameters from Late Time-Drawdown Data

2009  Fuzzy Rule-Based Hydrologic Models for Performance Assessment of Nuclear Waste Disposal Sites

2009  Groundwater Baseflow Sourced from Miocene Rocks and Residuals Carries Elevated Selenium into Southern California Streams

2009  Representing the Coastal Boundary Condition in Regional Groundwater Flow Models

2009  Theoretical Boundary Condition of Groundwater Flow at Drawdown End

2008  Automatic Time Stepping with Global Error Control for Groundwater Flow Models

2008  Confined Aquifer Parameters Evaluation by Slope-Matching Method

2008  Evaluation of Two Strategies to Enhance the Long-Term Hydraulic Performance of Permeable Reactive Barriers

2008  Groundwater Flow Model Development at the Nevada Test Site

2008  Groundwater Management Using Model Reduction via Empirical Orthogonal Functions

2008  The Importance of Using Probabilistic Effective Hydraulic Conductivity in Darcy’s Law and Groundwater Flow Calculations

2008  Modeling Karstic Controls on Watershed-Scale Groundwater Flow in the Floridan Aquifer of North Florida

2008  Numerical Simulation of Groundwater Flow with Gradually Increasing Heterogeneity due to Clogging

2008  Optimal Mesh Design for Groundwater Flow Models Based on Cost and Error Criteria

2008  Solving Unconfined Groundwater Flow Management Problems with Successive Linear Programming

2008  Standard Guideline for Fitting Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity Using Probability Density Function and Standard Guideline for Calculating the Effective Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity

2008  The Stochastic Upscaling of One-Dimensional Unconfined Groundwater Flow

2008  Stream Depletion for Streams and Aquifers with Finite Widths

2008  Study of Karst Water Quality in Fugu, Northern Shaanxi, China

2008  Uncertain Future of Hydrogeology

2008  Using Density-Dependent Numerical Models to Evaluate Regional Groundwater Flow Patterns in South Florida

2008  Using Environmental Tracers in Modeling Flow in a Complex Shallow Aquifer System

2007  Analytic-Element Modeling of Supraregional Groundwater Flow: Concepts and Tools for Automated Model Configuration

2007  Applying a One-Dimensional Mass Transport Model Using Groundwater Concentration Data

2007  Consideration for Unsaturated Flow beneath a Streambed during Alluvial Well Depletion

2007  Flow to a Well in a Two-Aquifer System

2007  Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport Simulation with Imprecise Parameters

2007  Optimization of Open-Pit Mine Depressurization System Using Simulated Annealing Technique

2007  Semianalytical Time Integration for Transient Groundwater Flow in Confined Aquifers

2007  Systematic Evaluation of the Costs and Benefits of Field Conditioning in Robust Remediation Design

2007  Uncertainty Analysis of Linear and Nonlinear Groundwater Flow in a Heterogeneous Aquifer

2007  Using Uncertainty Analysis to Reconstruct Historical Tetrachloroethylene (PCE) Exposure for an Epidemiological Study

2006  Decreasing Measuring Errors of a Thermal Groundwater Flowmeter

2006  Flow Computation and Mass Balance in Galerkin Finite-Element Groundwater Models

2006  Seepage from a Rectangular Ditch to the Groundwater Table

2005  Application and Review of Analytical Models for Contaminant Transport in Porous Media

2005  Bank-Storage Problem and the Dupuit Approximation

2005  Calculation of Groundwater Integral

2005  Calibration of Bulk Aquifer Parameters of Regional Models Using Hydraulic Disturbances

2005  Conceptualization and Simulation of the Edwards Aquifer, San Antonio Region, Texas

2005  A Dirac-δ Function Notation for Source/Sink Terms in Groundwater Flow

2005  Evaluation of Groundwater Residence Time in a Karstic Aquifer Using Environmental Tracers: Roswell Artesian Basin, New Mexico

2005  Extension of Hantush and Boulton Solutions

2005  Flow to Vertical and Nonvertical Wells in Leaky Aquifers

2005  Groundwater Flow in the Edwards Aquifer: Comparison of Groundwater Modeling and Dye Trace Results

2005  Identification of Principal Directions of Anisotropy in Porous Media

2005  Numerical Simulation of Saltwater Intrusion in Response to Sea-Level Rise

2005  Quantitative Groundwater Tracing and Effective Numerical Modeling in Karst: An Example from the Woodville Karst Plain of North Florida

2005  Radial Groundwater Flow at Landfills in Karst

2005  round-Water Basin Catchment Delineation by Dye Tracing, Water Table Mapping, Cave Mapping, and Geophysical Techniques: Bowling Green, Kentucky

2005  Saturated-Unsaturated 3D Groundwater Model. I: Development

2005  Saturated-Unsaturated 3D Groundwater Model. II: Verification and Application

2005  Shallow Groundwater and DNAPL Movement within Slightly Dipping Limestone, Southwestern Kentucky

2005  Sinkholes and the Engineering and Environmental Impacts of Karst

2005  Type Curves for Unsteady Flow to a Large-Diameter Well in Patchy Aquifers