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2015  Shake-Table Test for a Typical Curved Bridge: Wave Passage and Local Site Effects

2014  Applying MEMS Accelerometers to Measure Ground Vibration and Characterize Landslide Initiation Features in Laboratory Flume Test

2014  Bidirectional Pushover Analysis of Irregular Structures

2014  Centrifuge Modeling Studies of Site Response in Soft Clay over Wide Strain Range

2014  Complex Response of a Rocking Block to a Full-Cycle Pulse

2014  Effect of Ground Motion Sequence on Response of Squat Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls

2014  Effects of Earthquake Ground Motion Selection and Scaling Method on Performance-Based Engineering of Wood-Frame Structures

2014  Efficient Procedure for Selecting and Scaling Ground Motions for Response History Analysis

2014  Estimating Peak Inelastic Displacement of Steel SMRF Structures Subjected to a Single or Series of Strong Ground Motions with Scaled Response Spectra

2014  Ground Motion Duration Effects on Hysteretic Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns

2014  Ground Movements due to Shallow Tunnels in Soft Ground. I: Analytical Solutions

2014  Ground Shock Resistance of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls

2014  Measurement of Ground Motion near Piles during Driving

2014  Mitigation of Ground Vibration Generated by High-Speed Trains on Saturated Poroelastic Ground with Under-Sleeper Pads

2014  Modeling and Simulation of Nonstationary Processes Utilizing Wavelet and Hilbert Transforms

2014  Nonlinear Behavior and Simulation of Concrete Columns Reinforced by Steel-FRP Composite Bars

2014  Probabilistic Seismic Performance Assessment of Setback Buildings under Bidirectional Excitation

2014  Proposed Strategy for the Application of the Modified Harmony Search Algorithm to Code-Based Selection and Scaling of Ground Motions

2014  Pros and Cons of Rotating Ground Motion Records to Fault-Normal/Parallel Directions for Response History Analysis of Buildings

2014  Seismic Loss Estimation of Residential Wood-Frame Buildings in Southwestern British Columbia Considering Mainshock-Aftershock Sequences

2014  Selection of Near-Fault Pulse Motions

2014  Shaking Table Studies on the Conditions of Sand Liquefaction

2014  Time-Variant Adjustment for a Level Network

2013  Assessment of Building Damage Induced by Three-Dimensional Ground Movements

2013  Behavior of Single Pile in Liquefied Deposits during Earthquakes

2013  Blast-Induced Pore Pressure and Liquefaction of Saturated Sand

2013  Coherency Function Model of Seismic Ground Motion Based on Accelerograms Recorded by Zigong Seismograph Array

2013  Comparison of Three Methods for Computing Response Spectra of Torsional Ground Motions

2013  Discrete-Element Method Simulations of the Response of Soil-Foundation-Structure Systems to Multidirectional Seismic Motion

2013  Downslope Ground Movements during Liquefaction-Induced Lateral Spreading in Centrifuge Testing

2013  Effectiveness of Tuned Mass Dampers against Ground Motion Pulses

2013  Elastic and Large-Strain Nonlinear Seismic Site Response from Analysis of Vertical Array Recordings

2013  Experimental Evaluation of Ground Motion Scaling Methods for Nonlinear Analysis of Structural Systems

2013  Fragility Analysis of Retrofitted Multicolumn Bridge Bent Subjected to Near-Fault and Far-Field Ground Motion

2013  Fully Coupled Computational Simulations of Pile Foundations in Improved and Unimproved Soft Clays

2013  International Efforts in Lifeline Earthquake Engineering

2013  Investigating Seismic Behavior of Ballasted Railway Track in Earthquake Excitation Using Finite-Element Model in Three-Dimensional Space

2013  Linear Cellular Automation Method for Predicting Dynamic Instability Mode of Single-Layer Shell

2013  Longitudinal Bending and Failure of GFRP Pipes Buried in Dense Sand under Relative Ground Movement

2013  Manufacturing and Modeling of SMA Composite Reinforcement for Enhanced Performance of Concrete Structures under Sequential Ground Motion Records

2013  Mitigating Ground Shocks with Cellular Solids

2013  The Numerical Simulation of Long-Period Ground Motion on Basin Effects in Characterization Model

2013  Performance of Cast-Iron-Pipe Bell-Spigot Joints Subjected to Overburden Pressure and Ground Movement

2013  Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis for Maximum Seismic Shear Stresses in Soils Using Improved Ground-Motion Parameters

2013  Response of Deeply Buried Pipeline Laid through a Fault to Random Ground Motion

2013  Response of Seismic-Isolated Bridges in Relation to Intensity Measures of Ordinary and Pulselike Ground Motions

2013  Seismic Frequency Spectrum Character Analysis Based on Wavelet Method

2013  Seismic Performance of Highway Bridges with Seat-Type Abutments Subjected to Near-Fault Ground Motions

2013  Simplified Methodology for Consideration of Two-Dimensional Dynamic Response of Levees in Liquefaction-Triggering Evaluation

2013  Simulation and Control of Floor Motions in Structures

2013  Solving Movable Ground Risks One at a Time in CUWCD Aqueduct Systems

2013  Statistical Approach to Determining Ground Vibration Monitoring Distance during Pile Driving

2013  Study on Frequency Spectral Parameters of Ground Motion during the Wenchuan Earthquake

2013  Synthetic Earthquake Ground Motions for the Design of Long Structures

2013  Think More about the Instruments Factors for the Mass Balance Type Pipeline Leak Detection Systems

2013  Three-Dimensional Wharf Response to Far-Field and Impulsive Near-Field Ground Motions in Liquefiable Soils

2013  Torsional Responses under Bidirectional Seismic Excitations: Effect of Instantaneous Load Eccentricities

2013  Vibrations in Neighborhood Buildings due to Rock Concerts in Stadiums

2012  Analytical Investigation of Potential Seismic Damage to a Skewed Bridge

2012  Analyzing the Sufficiency of Alternative Scalar and Vector Intensity Measures of Ground Shaking Based on Information Theory

2012  Assessment of Modal-Pushover-Based Scaling Procedure for Nonlinear Response History Analysis of Ordinary Standard Bridges

2012  Assessment of the Behavior of Buried Concrete Pipelines Subjected to Ground Rupture: Experimental Study

2012  Calibration of a Reusable Nonlinear Beam-Column Connection for Use in an Experimental Ground Motion Scaling Study

2012  Construction Resumes on Oregon Project Previously Halted by Ground Movements

2012  Dynamic Behavior of Slab Tracks on Homogeneous and Layered Soils and the Reduction of Ground Vibration by Floating Slab Tracks

2012  Earthquake Analysis of Arch Dams: Factors to Be Considered

2012  Effect of Ground Motion Characteristics on Liquefaction Modeling of Dams

2012  Effects of Ground Motion Characteristics on Seismic Response of Rocking-Foundation Bridges

2012  Error Assessment for Spectral Representation Method in Random Field Simulation

2012  Estimating Rotational Components of Ground Motion Using Data Recorded at a Single Station

2012  Estimation of Probabilistic Seismic Hazard and Site Specific Ground Motions for Two Ports in Gujarat

2012  Evaluating Automated MEMS-Based In-Place Inclinometers in Cold Regions

2012  Free-Spanning Submarine Pipeline Response to Severe Ground Excitations: Water-Pipeline Interactions

2012  Geophysical Investigation and InSAR Mapping of Permafrost and Ground Movement at the Iqaluit Airport

2012  Implementation of Site-Specific Seismic Hazard Analysis and Ground Motion Selection and Modification for Use in Nonlinear Response History Analysis

2012  Influence of Soil Spatial Variability and Stochastic Ground-Motion on the Dynamic Behavior of a Slope

2012  Local Site Effects on Seismic Ground Response of Dubai-Sharjah Metropolitan Area

2012  Maximizing the Benefits of Real Time Monitoring of Geotechnical Construction

2012  Physical Parameter Estimation from State-Space Models for Systems with Missing Input Information

2012  Radar Interferometric Monitoring of Vertical Ground Movements and Imposed Building Deformations Caused by Tunneling

2012  Seismic Hazard Characterization through Stochastic Ground Motion Modeling

2012  Seismic Protection of Data Centers Using Ball-N-Cone Base Isolation

2012  Seismic Spectra and Response Analysis for Raised Access Floor and Computer Equipment Systems Considering Vertical Ground Motions

2012  Shake Table Testing of Slender RC Shear Walls Subjected to Eastern North America Seismic Ground Motions

2012  Site Response in NEHRP Provisions and NGA Models

2012  Site Specific Ground Response Study of Deep Indo-Gangetic Basin Using Representative Regional Ground Motions

2012  Spectrum Compatible Earthquake Ground Motions by Morlet Wavelet

2012  Time-Frequency Analysis of Seismic Response of a High Steep Hill with Two Side Slopes When Subjected to Ground Shaking by Using HHT

2011  Accounting for Ground-Motion Spectral Shape Characteristics in Structural Collapse Assessment through an Adjustment for Epsilon

2011  Amplitude-Scaled versus Spectrum-Matched Ground Motions for Seismic Performance Assessment

2011  Analysis of Tunneling-Induced Ground Movements Using Transparent Soil Models

2011  Analytical Assessment of the Effect of Vertical Earthquake Motion on RC Bridge Piers

2011  A Bayesian Framework to Predict Deformations during Supported Excavations Based on a Semi-Empirical Method

2011  Conditional Mean Spectrum: Tool for Ground-Motion Selection

2011  Cracking in Walls of a Building Adjacent to a Deep Excavation

2011  Design Input Motion Synthesis Considering the Effect of Uncertainty in Structural and Seismic Parameters by Feature Indexes

2011  Earthquake Accelerogram Selection and Scaling Procedures for Estimating the Distribution of Drift Response

2011  Effect of Ground Motion Suite Size on Uncertainty Estimation in Seismic Bridge Fragility Modeling

2011  Effect of Structure, Soil, and Ground Motion Parameters on Structure-Soil-Structure Interaction of Large Scale Nuclear Structures

2011  Evaluation of Ground Motion Scaling Methods for Analysis of Structural Systems