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2015  Innovative Use of a Groin Structure: Saving Cost, Shortening the Schedule, and Minimizing Impacts

2014  Calculations of Nonsubmerged Groin Flow in a Shallow Open Channel by Large-Eddy Simulation

2013  Flow Resistance of Vegetated Weirlike Obstacles during High Water Stages

2013  Turbulence and Vorticity in a Laboratory Channel Bend at Equilibrium Clear-Water Scour with and without Stream Barbs

2010  Local Scour and Development of Sand Wave around T-Type and L-Type Groynes

2010  A Numerical Study on Design of Coastal Groins

2010  Sediment Exchange between a River and Its Groyne Fields: Mobile-Bed Experiment

2008  Backwater Prediction due to the Blockage Caused by a Single, Submerged Spur Dike in an Open Channel

2008  Experiments on Mass Exchange between Groin Fields and Main Stream in Rivers

2008  Spur Failure in River Engineering

2007  Effects of Groin Structures on the Sacramento River Flow

2005  Coherent Structures in a Channel with Groyne Fields: A Numerical Investigation Using LES

2005  Effects of Groyne Layout on the Flow in Groyne Fields: Laboratory Experiments

2005  A Laboratory Study of the Effects of Groyne Height on Sediment Behavior in Rivers

2004  Case Study: Turbulent Flow and Sediment Distributions in a Groyne Field

2004  Composite T-Head Groins for Erosion Control

2004  Ft. Pierce Federal Shore Protection Project: Shoreline Stabilization Design Using T-Head Groins

2002  Monitoring Results for a Shoreline Stabilization Project Willapa Bay, Washington

2001  Coastal Steepening in Denmark

2000  Sand Rights: A Case Study of the Hamptons’ Beaches

1999  Beach Response to Groins, Westhampton, New York

1999  Erosion Control at the Entrance to Willapa Bay, Washington

1999  Longshore Drift Evaluation on a Groyned Shingle Beach Using Field Data

1999  Longshore Sand Transport Rate Measurement and Quantification of Uncertainties

1999  Longshore Sediment Transport Rate Measured by Short-Term Impoundment

1999  Mitigation of a Beach-Fill Hot Spot, Monmouth Beach, New Jersey

1999  The Morphological Changes along the Northern Coast of the Nile Delta

1999  Numerical Analysis of Three-Dimensional Turbulent Flows Around Submerged Groins

1999  Post-Stabilization Morphology of Oregon Inlet, NC

1999  Recent Criteria for Design of Groins

1999  Studies for Groin Design and Dredging of Guanabo River’s Inlet: Playas Del Este, Havana City, Cuba

1999  Temporary Groynes for Measuring Longshore Transport in False Bay

1998  Concrete Armor Units in Rivers

1998  A Field Investigation of Functional Design Parameter Influence on Groin Performance: The Great Lakes Groin Performance Experiment

1998  Shear Stress around Vertical Wall Abutments

1998  Utilization of Natural Vegetation Groins as a Bank Protection Measure

1997  2-D Models for Flows in the River with Submerged Groins

1997  Alternatives to Beach Stabilization: Cambrils Coast Case Study (Spain)

1997  Beach Maintenance Strategies, A Comparison for a Recreational Beach

1997  Groynes on the East Frisian Islands: History and Experiences

1997  Numerical Analysis of Three-Dimensional Turbulent Flows Around Submerged Groins

1997  Numerical Simulation of Shoreline Change with Longshore Sand Waves at Groins

1997  Permeable Pile Groins

1997  Shore Protection Studies for Ras-Elbar, Egypt

1997  Three-Dimensional Computation of Flow Around Groyne

1997  A Unique Look at Oregon Inlet, NC, USA

1996  Permeable Pile Groins

1996  Physical and Numerical Study of Wave Induced Currents in Wave Basins of Various Sizes

1995  Beach Improvement Schemes in False Bay

1995  Experiment in Stream Restoration

1995  Modern Functional Design of Groin Systems

1995  Physical Experiments on the Effects of Groins on Shore Morphology

1995  Project, Works and Monitoring at Barcelona Olympic Beaches

1995  Rock Armoured Beach Control Structures on Steep Beaches

1994  3D model verification for a groyne and harbor experiment

1994  Coastal Groins and Nearshore Breakwaters

1994  Dredged Material Used in Sand-filled Containers for Scour and Erosion Control

1994  Timber Structures

1993  Coastal Protection Effects at Buenos Aires, Argentina

1993  Functioning of Groins at Westhampton Beach, Long Island, New York

1993  Modification and Layout of the Galveston Island Groin Field for Retaining Sand on Beach

1993  Shore Protection Design—A Necessary Evil

1993  Shoreline Change at Oregon Inlet Terminal Groin

1993  Shoreline Changes Along the North Yucatán Coast

1993  A Wave-Energy Dissipation Structure for Shore Protection and Beach Generation, Recovery, and Stabilization

1992  Experimental Research on Groyne Stability Under Very Oblique Wave Action

1992  Investigation of Coastal Conditions at Oregon Inlet, NC for the Replacement of the Herbert C. Bonner Bridge

1992  Observation of the Post-Construction Performance of a System of Groins along an Eroding Beach

1992  Recent Criteria for Design of Groins

1992  Short Beach Nourishment Fill Performance on an Irregular Coatline

1992  Study of Groins on the Middle Rio Grande

1991  Artificial Beach Nourishment on Norderney, A Case Study

1991  Artificial Headland and Submerged Groyne for a Beach Improvement Project

1991  Coastal Erosion Problems in Romania

1991  Comparison of Shoreline Change Obtained with Physical and Numerical Models

1991  Decoupled Numerical Model of Three-Dimensional Beach Change

1991  Design of Groins on the Middle Rio Grande

1991  The Durban Beach Restoration Scheme After 30 Years

1991  Field Measurements and Analysis of Wave Induced Nearshore Currents

1991  Investigations on 3-D Flow Structures in Combined Systems of Groynes and Harbour Basins

1991  Manasan Ice Control Structure Rehabilitation & Bypass Designs

1991  Mathematical Model of Groyned Shingle Beaches

1991  Topographic Responses to the Construction of Large Port Structures on Oarai Coast

1990  2-D Depth-Averaged Flow Computation Near Groyne

1990  Model Investigations of 3-D Current Conditions in Harbour Entrances

1989  Beach Erosion Protection Methods: Case Study of Dar City Tanzania

1989  Estuarine Beach Processes and Protection Methods

1989  Groins and Vanes Developed Basing Upon a New Concept of Bank Protection

1989  Initial Apparent Failure Appears to be a Success at Tybee Island, Georgia

1989  Management of Drumstick Barrier Islands

1989  Public Beach and Recreational Improvements, Highland Park, Illinois

1989  Rebuilding the New Jersey Shoreline

1989  Shore Protection of Kaohsiung Harbor Outer Breakwater

1989  Stabilization Attempts: Westhampton Beach, N.Y.

1989  State-of-the-Art Report: Mexico

1988  Stability Factors in Groin Engineering

1987  Case Study on Fifty Years of Seawall and Groin Construction, Tybee Island, Georgia

1987  Design of a Sand Recycling System

1987  Loss of Filled Sand From an Estuarine Groin System

1987  Morphodynamics and Sediment Dispersal of a Tideless Surf Zone