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2015  Australian Medical Research Institute Promotes Collaboration, Sustainability

2015  BIM Execution Planning in Green Building Projects: LEED as a Use Case

2015  Cities Built for and by Residents: Soil Sealing Management in the Eyes of Urban Dwellers in Germany

2015  Design-Build Contractor Selection for Public Sustainable Buildings

2015  Estimation of Potential Transportation and Building Energy Performance of Commercial Office Site Alternatives

2015  Life-Cycle Assessment Comparison for Long-Span Cable and Truss Structural Systems: Case Study

2015  Modeling the Effect of Building Stakeholder Interactions on Value Perception of Sustainable Retrofits

2015  Retrofitting Suburban Homes for Resiliency: Design Principles

2015  Switched Sites Made Design of ’Green Infrastructure’ College Building More Challenging

2014  Characterization of Ecoroofs and Ecoroof Materials

2014  Cost Comparative Analysis of a New Green Building Code for Residential Project Development

2014  Future Trends of Sustainability Design and Analysis in Construction Industry and Academia

2014  G is for Gold

2014  How Public Owners Communicate the Sustainability Requirements of Green Design-Build Projects

2014  Improving Environmental and Production Performance in Construction Projects Using Value-Stream Mapping: Case Study

2014  Modeling of the Sustainability Goal and Objective Setting Process in the Predesign Phase of Green Institutional Building Projects

2014  A New Station for West Haven

2014  The Sequis Centre, Indonesia’s first building to be designed with a view to earning platinum certification in the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program, is now under construction...

2014  Toronto Lab Hopes to Refine ’Green’ Roof Design

2014  Viability of Hybrid Poplar in ANSI Approved Cross-Laminated Timber Applications

2013  Analytical Probabilistic Model for Evaluating the Hydrologic Performance of Green Roofs

2013  Comparison of Preproject Planning for Green and Conventional Buildings

2013  Detailed Analysis of the Construction, Operating, Maintenance, and Rehabilitation Costs of Green Toronto Schools

2013  Effect of IEQ on Occupant Satisfaction and Study/Work Performance in a Green Educational Building: A Case Study

2013  Evapotranspiration from a Green-Roof Storm-Water Control Measure

2013  Life Cycle Assessment of Green Buildings: A Case Study in China

2013  Operational Performance of Sustainable Measures in Public Buildings

2013  Port of Long Beach LEED Building Program at Pier G

2013  Process Indicators to Track Effectiveness of High-Performance Green Building Projects

2013  Proposed Design Process for Deep Energy Savings in Commercial Building Retrofit Projects

2013  Research about the Promotion Strategy of Green Building Concepts in China Based on the Information Transfer

2013  Study on Different Locations and Shapes of Outlets for Green Building Design

2013  Thermal and Illuminance Performance of a Translucent Green Wall

2012  Barriers to the Delivery of Building Renovations for Improved Energy Performance: A Literature Review and Case Study

2012  Carbon Emission Modeling for Green Building: A Comprehensive Study of Methodologies

2012  Case-Based and Collaborative-Learning Techniques to Teach Delivery of Sustainable Buildings

2012  Conceptual Framework of the Green Building Information Management System

2012  Developing a Framework for Pre-Design Process Simulation for Green Buildings

2012  Effectiveness of Green-Roof on Reducing Energy Consumption through Simulation Program for a Residential Building: Cairo, Egypt

2012  Evaluation of Green Project Rating System for New Construction Projects

2012  Green and Non-Green School Buildings: An Empirical Comparison of Construction Cost and Schedule

2012  Green Building Policy and School Performance

2012  Identifying Energy Auditing Process and Information Exchange Requirements for the Commercial Building Retrofit Sector

2012  LEED Economic Assessment Program (LEAP)

2012  Measuring the Sustainability of Existing Communities Using LEED for Neighbourhood Development (LEED-ND) Rating System

2012  Multi-Criteria Decision Making to Improve Performance in Construction Projects with LEED Certification

2012  Performance of Greenery Systems in Zero Energy Building of Singapore

2012  Performance of Passive Design Features in Zero Energy Building of Singapore

2012  Subcontractor Involvement in LEED Building Projects

2012  Survey of Colorado Housing Authorities’ Utilization of Green Building Technology

2012  Sustainable Energy Performance Indicators of Green Building in Developing Countries

2012  Sustainable Luxury: Case Study of Two LEED Platinum Hotels

2012  Viability of Recycled and Waste Materials As Green Roof Substrates

2011  The Applicability of Classical Predictive Equations for the Estimation of Evapotranspiration from Urban Green Spaces: Green Roof Results

2011  Beijing School Building Designed For ’Green Living’ Education

2011  Critical Project Management Factors of AEC Firms for Delivering Green Building Projects in Singapore

2011  Green Building and Sustainable Infrastructure: Sustainability Education for Civil Engineers

2011  Green Roofs: A Solution for Urban Stormwater Management?

2011  Hands-On Green Building Activities for Beginning Students

2011  The Invisible City

2011  March/April 2011

2011  NewsBriefs: Free Software Assesses Natural Cooling Options for Buildings (NIST)

2011  Project Delivery Metrics for Sustainable, High-Performance Buildings

2011  Rainwater Harvesting and Green Roof Irrigation Design for a Peaked Roof: A Graduate Directed Study

2011  A roughly 40-story tower planned for a Pittsburgh-based financial institution is being billed as the world’s most environmentally friendly skyscraper...

2011  ...The designers of the student recreation center there hope to achieve gold certification in the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design...

2011  Two Ways of Seeing "The Invisible City

2011  Two Ways of Seeing "The Invisible City

2011  Using a Weighing Lysimeter to Determine a Crop Coefficient for a Green Roof to Predict Evapotranspiration with the FAO Standardized Penman-Monteith Equation

2010  Cation Exchange Capacity of Inorganic Green Roof Substrates Prevents the Negative Effect of Available Zinc on Sedum Species

2010  Cost-Effectiveness of Green Roofs

2010  Current Status of C&D Waste Management and Green Building Standards in Canada

2010  Effects of Crumb Rubber Amendments on the Porosity, Water Holding Capacity, and Bulk Density of Three Green Roof Substrates

2010  Estimation of Green Roof Evapotranspiration—Experimental Results

2010  Green Roof Hydrology: Results from a Small-Scale Lysimeter Setup (Bronx, NY)

2010  High-Performance Green Building Design Process Modeling and Integrated Use of Visualization Tools

2010  LID, LEED, and Alternative Rating Systems—Integrating Low Impact Development Techniques with Green Building Design

2010  Observed and Modeled Performances of Prototype Green Roof Test Plots Subjected to Simulated Low- and High-Intensity Precipitations in a Laboratory Experiment

2010  Physically Based Green Roof Model

2010  Project Management and Green Buildings: Lessons from the Rating Systems

2010  Quantifying Evapotranspiration Rates for New Zealand Green Roofs

2010  Research on the Building of Green Logistics System and the Development Strategy in Jilin Province

2010  Stormwater Runoff Reduction Achieved by Green Roofs: Comparing SWMM Method to TR-55 Method

2010  U.S. Green Building Council Establishes Center for Green Schools

2009  Green Building Liability: From Claims to Litigation

2009  Impact of Green Building Design and Construction on Worker Safety and Health

2009  Key Processes in the Building Delivery of Green Hospitals

2009  Monitoring the Hydrologic Effects of an Extensive Green Roof

2009  Optimization Model for the Selection of Materials Using the LEED Green Building Rating System

2009  Rainwater Harvesting for Non-Potable Use in Gardens: A Comparison of Runoff Water Quality from Green vs. Traditional Roofs

2009  Seismic Evaluation of a Green Building Structural System: ICF Grid Walls

2009  Under One Green Roof

2008  Design of an Instrumented Model Green Roof Experiment

2008  A Deterministic Lumped Dynamic Green Roof Model

2008  District of Columbia Green Building Act of 2006 and Its Implications for Sureties

2008  Early-Life Roof Runoff Quality: Green vs. Traditional Roofs

2008  Evaluating a Spreadsheet Model to Predict Green Roof Stormwater Management

2008  Green Envelopes: Contribution of Green Roofs, Green Facades, and Green Streets to Reducing Stormwater Runoff, CO2 Emissions, and Energy Demand in Cities

2008  Green Roofs — A BMP for Urban Stormwater Quality?

2008  Quantifying Evapotranspiration Rates for New Zealand Green Roofs