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2014  Constructed Reefs in Two Michigan Rivers Aimed at Helping Sturgeon Populations Rebound

2014  Evaluation of New Control Structures for Regulating the Great Lakes System: Multiscenario, Multireservoir Optimization Approach

2014  Parametric Study of Fate and Transport Model of E. coli in the Nearshore Region of Southern Lake Michigan

2014  Toledo Water Crisis Highlights Need to Reduce Phosphorus in Lake Erie

2013  Continuous Hydrologic Modeling of Snow-Affected Watersheds in the Great Lakes Basin Using HEC-HMS

2013  Evidence of Multiple Physical Drivers on the Circulation and Thermal Regime in the Green Bay of Lake Michigan

2013  Influences of Coastal Stressors on Phytoplankton in the Great Lakes

2013  Randle Reef Sediment Remediation Project

2013  Relationship between Water Withdrawals and Freshwater Ecosystem Water Scarcity Quantified at Multiple Scales for a Great Lakes Watershed

2012  Analyzing the Low Flow Trends in Northwest Indiana Using Neural Network

2012  Feasibility of Bubble Plume Destratification of Central Lake Erie

2012  Hydrodynamic Model for Green Bay, Lake Michigan

2012  What Are the Odds? Factors Influencing Potential Asian Carp Migration past the CSSC Fish Barrier

2011  Application of a Distributed Large Basin Runoff Model to Lake Erie: Model Calibration and Analysis of Parameter Spatial Variation

2011  Great Lakes Research Benefits from Three-Dimensional Visualizations

2011  National Ocean Service Formal Skill Assessment Procedures: Review, Application, and Assessment

2011  Tracking Potential Trends in the Discharge of Stream Flow into Lake Michigan

2011  Using Coping Zones in the Development of Lake Superior Outflow Regulation Alternatives

2010  Collaborative Approaches Leading to Improved Outflow Management of the Great Lakes

2010  Duluth-Superior Harbor Freshwater Corrosion Update

2010  Federal ’Action Plan’ Sets Ambitious Goals for Great Lakes Restoration

2010  Improving Lake Superior Outflow Regulation—Phase 2 of the International Upper Great Lakes Study

2010  Lakefront Renaissance

2010  A New Angle on Adaptive Management—Reducing Plausible Vulnerability in the Upper Great Lakes

2010  Numerical Modeling of the St. Clair River and Sediment Mobility Analysis

2010  The Ohio River Community HEC-RAS Model

2010  Real-Time Hydraulic and Hydrodynamic Model of the St. Clair River, Lake St. Clair, Detroit River System

2010  Waterjet Placement of Remediation Amendments into Contaminated Sediments

2009  Characteristics of Integrated Water Resource Management in the Zambezi River and Great Lakes Basins: A Comparison of Two Approaches

2009  Determining the Causes of Declining Upper Great Lakes Levels—Phase I of the International Upper Great Lakes Study by the St. Clair River Task Team

2009  Micropiles for Re-Support and Lifting of Two Buildings under Construction

2008  Congress Extends Great Lakes Remediation Program without Increasing Funding

2008  Development and Evaluation of a Copolymer for Removal of Taste and Odor Causing Compounds from Lake Michigan Water

2008  Estimate of Cliff Recession Rates for a US Highway Located on a Sandstone Cliff over Lake Superior

2008  Hydrodynamic and Transport Model for the Lake Michigan Coast around Milwaukee

2008  Integrated Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling for the Restoration of the Calumet Marshes in the Great Lakes Area

2008  Spatial-Dynamic Modeling of Algal Biomass in Lake Erie: Relative Impacts of Dreissenid Mussels and Nutrient Loads

2007  Adjustment of Radar-Based Precipitation Estimates for Great Lakes Hydrologic Modeling

2007  Lake Michigan-Huron Water Level Decline due to Hydraulic Scour of the St. Clair River

2007  Multi-Objective Modeling to Improve Wetland Diversity around Lake Ontario

2007  Public Participation in the Lake Ontario - St. Lawrence River Study

2007  Shoreline Response to Dike Failure at Grand Marais Harbor, Lake Superior, Michigan

2006  Frazil Ice Blockage of Water Intakes in the Great Lakes

2006  Informed Consent through Collaborative Modeling and Transparent Decision-Making: The Lake Ontario St. Lawrence River Study

2006  Managing Water Levels and Flows for Improved Economical, Environmental, and Ecological Benefits in Lake Ontario and in the St. Lawrence River

2006  A Watershed Process to Quantify and Facilitate Ecosystem Improvements through Flow Regime Restoration

2005  Climatology of Extreme Precipitation at Long Term Ecological Research Sites

2005  CSO Regulation in Great Lakes Region of Canada and the United States — A Comparative Evaluation

2005  Environmental Engineering: Great Lakes Restoration Strategy Recommends Eight Priorities

2005  Lake Michigan Bluff Drainage Evaluation Fox Point and Oak Creek, Wisconsin

2005  On Sea-Level Variability on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States

2005  Recent Great Lakes Evaporation Model Estimates

2005  Wet Weather Flow Management in the Great Lakes Areas of Concern

2004  Environmental Protection: Corps Develops Electric Fish Barrier For Chicago Canal

2004  Great Lakes Cargo and Passenger Ferry Systems

2004  High-Frequency Water Level Fluctuations in Lake Michigan

2004  Modeling the Transport of Larval Yellow Perch in Lake Michigan

2004  Policy Briefing: White House, Congress Scrutinize Great Lakes Restoration Programs

2004  Storm Impacts on Sediment Deposition at a River-Coastal Confluence

2004  Use of the CORE-LOC as a Baffling System at the Chicago River Turning Basin Cutoff Wall

2003  Beneficial Use of Great Lakes Dredged Material

2003  Detroit District Perspective on CDF Performance

2003  NewsBriefs: Great Lakes Action Agenda Unveiled (Great Lakes United)

2003  NewsBriefs: Great Lakes Action Agenda Unveiled (Great Lakes United)

2003  Radar Rainfall Estimates for Great Lakes Hydrologic Models

2003  Regional Great Lakes Dredged Material Testing and Evaluation Manual: A Comprehensive Critique on Its Application

2002  Hydrodynamic and Sediment Transport Modeling of Episodic Resuspension Events in Lake Michigan

2002  Improving Wave Hindcast Information for the Great Lakes

2002  Interpretation of Probabilistic Slope Analyses for Shoreline Bluffs

2002  The Lake Michigan Potential Damages Study

2002  A Lakefront Flood and Storm Emergency Response Plan for Chicago

2002  Parallel Outfalls - A Cost Effective Wet-Weather Improvement to Water Quality in Presque Isle Bay

2002  Relationship between Coastal Waves and Lake Erie Water Levels

2002  A Shallow Water Intercomparison of Wave Models on Lake Erie

2002  Using Wave Statistics to Drive a Simple Sediment Transport Model

2001  Distributed System for Coastal Infrastructure Modeling and Assessment

2001  Interior-Point Method for Reservoir Operation with Stochastic Inflows

2001  Transient Evolution of the Wave Bimodal Directional Distribution

2000  Commission Urges Reinvestment in Great Lakes Water Quality

2000  Hydrodynamic modeling for the 1998 Lake Michigan Coastal Turbidity Plume Event

2000  Lake Michigan Forecast System and the Prospects for a Sediment Transport Model

2000  Sewage Storage Tunnel to Reduce Toronto Beach Closures

1999  Evaluation of Landslide Hazards with Ground-Penetrating Radar, Lake Michigan Coast

1999  Executive Order 13112: Invasive Species

1999  Fuzzy Relation Analysis for Multicriteria Water Resources Management

1999  A GIS-Linked Flood and Erosion Prediction System for Lake Michigan

1999  Institutional and Technical Barriers to Risk-Based Water Resources Management

1999  Institutional Arrangements Regarding Binational Plans for the Remediation of Water Quality in Great Lakes’ Connecting Channels

1999  Nearshore Profile Change and Its Impact on Rates of Shoreline Recession

1999  Potential Climate Change Effects on Great Lakes Hydrodynamics and Water Quality

1999  Simple Cost Estimator for Environmental Dredging in the Great Lakes

1999  Soo Locks Ice Problems and Possible Solutions

1998  Causes of Increased Net Basin Supply in the Great Lakes Watershed

1998  Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal Dispersal Barrier

1998  The Chicagoland Man-Made Waterways

1998  Deep Tunnel’s Twists and Turns-CSO Control in Metro Chicago

1998  Effects of Wetlands on Modulating Hydrologic Regimes in Nine Wisconsin Watersheds

1998  A Field Investigation of Functional Design Parameter Influence on Groin Performance: The Great Lakes Groin Performance Experiment

1998  Improved Wind-Wave Forecasts for the Great Lakes

1998  Interstate Mediation As an Alternative to Litigation: Resolving Illinois’ Lake Michigan Diversion Dispute