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2015  Comparative Study of the Dynamic Response of Concrete Gravity Dams Subjected to Underwater and Air Explosions

2014  Seasonal Thermal Cracking of Concrete Dams in Northern Regions

2013  Accounting for Earthquake-Induced Dam-Reservoir Interaction Using Modified Accelerograms

2013  Deep Stability Evaluation of High-Gravity Dam under Combining Action of Powerhouse and Dam

2013  Designing High-Precision Fast Nonlinear Dam Neuro-Modelers and Comparison with Finite-Element Analysis

2012  The High-Position Seismic Isolation of the Whiplash Effect of Gravity Dams

2011  Innovative Design and Construction of a High RCC Gravity Dam in High Seismic Intensity Region

2011  A New Deal: The Creation of the TVA and the Construction of Norris Dam

2011  Pore Pressures in Concrete Dams

2011  Transforming Results from Model to Prototype of Concrete Gravity Dams Using Neural Networks

2010  Analysis of Crack Reliability for Gravity Dams Based on FEM and Response Surface Method

2010  Roller Compacted Concrete Gravity Dams Reliability Analysis Based on Response Surface Approach

2010  Structural Safety Evaluation of Wanjiazhai Concrete Gravity Dam by Monitoring Observations

2009  Seasonal Thermal Displacements of Gravity Dams Located in Northern Regions

2009  Seismic Safety Evaluation of Cracked Concrete Gravity Dam

2008  Analysis of Interfacial Fracture between Concrete and Rock in Gravity Dam

2008  Composite Element Analysis of Gravity Dam on a Complicated Rock Foundation

2008  Effect of Seismic Uplift Pressure on the Behavior of Concrete Gravity Dams with a Penetrated Crack

2008  Stability Analysis of Gravity Dams on Sloping Layered Rock Foundation against Deep Slide

2008  Study on Deformation Early Warning Index of Concrete Gravity Dam

2006  Structural Stability of Concrete Gravity Dams Strengthened by Rockfill Buttressing: Hydrostatic Load

2005  Seismic Water Pressure in Cracked Concrete Gravity Dams: Experimental Study and Theoretical Modeling

2004  Temperature Distribution in Al-Mujib Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) Gravity Dam

2003  Capacity and Benefit-Cost Relation for Concrete Gravity and RCC Dams

2003  Energy Release Rate due to Friction at Bimaterial Interface in Dams

2001  Fragility Analysis of Concrete Gravity Dams

2000  Evaluating Safety of Concrete Gravity Dam on Weak Rock: Scott Dam

2000  Monitoring the Cut-Off Wall Performance of Upper Huia Dam

2000  Numerical Simulation of Prenotched Gravity Dam Models

2000  Parametric Study and Subsurface Exploration Plan for Bluestone Dam

2000  Seismic Safety of Gravity Dams: From Shake Table Experiments to Numerical Analyses

2000  Water Pressure in Propagating Concrete Cracks

1999  Convert a Slab-Buttress Dam to a Gravity Dam

1999  Instrumentation Monitoring at Santeetlah Dam

1998  Experimental Study of Small Scale Dam Models

1997  The Effect of Open Dams on Debris Flows

1997  Effects of Porous Sediments on Seismic Response of Concrete Gravity Dams

1997  LEFM Applications to Concrete Gravity Dams

1996  Earthquake Response of Gravity Dams Including Effects of Porous Sediments

1995  Automated 3-D Analysis of Gravity Dam Stability

1995  Centrifuge Modeling and Analysis of Concrete Gravity Dams

1995  Epoxy-Coated Rock Anchors for Upper Occoquan Dam

1995  Fracture Response of Gravity Dams Due to Rise of Reservoir Elevation

1994  Simplified Dynamic Analysis for Gravity Dams

1993  Conversion of a Concrete Slab and Buttress Dam to a Gravity Dam

1993  Geotechnical Engineering at the Cowlitz Falls Project

1993  The Reliability Program in Truncated JC Method

1993  Seismic-Induced Slip of Concrete Gravity Dams

1992  The Construction of New Victoria Dam, Australia

1992  The Design and Construction of Shuikou Project RCC Diversion Wall

1992  Design of Miel II—A High RCC Dam

1992  Discussion of The Optimum Gravity Dam by J. M. Raphael

1992  The Optimum Gravity Dam

1992  Performance of Upper Stillwater Dam

1992  A Review of Design Criteria for High RCC Dams

1992  Roller Compacted Concrete Arch/Gravity Dams—South African Experience

1992  Stability of Concrete Gravity Dams with Drained and Finite Cracks

1991  B.C. Hydro’s Practice for Assessing the Foundations of Existing Dams on Rock

1991  Concrete Gravity Dam Cracking Analysis Methodology

1991  Earthquake-Induced Base Sliding of Concrete Gravity Dams

1991  Effects of Cracking on Damping of Concrete Dams

1991  Effects of Uplift on a Gravity Arch Dam

1991  Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Clogged Drains at Concrete Gravity Dams

1991  Gravity Dam Response Including Interaction Effects

1991  Measurements of Time Lag in Concrete Gravity Dam Foundations

1991  Rehabilitation and Replacement of Slab and Buttress Dams at the Wissota Hydroelectric Project

1991  Seismic Analysis of Gravity Dams. I: Modeling of Sediments

1991  Seismic Response of Gravity Dams. II: Effects of Sediments

1991  Stability Analysis of Gravity Dam Foundations with Horizontal Seams

1991  Uplift Pressures and Strengths for Concrete Gravity Dams

1990  The Impact of the Morris Sheppard Dam Experience on Buttress Dam Safety Evaluations

1990  Nonlinear Hydrodynamic Pressure on Dams

1990  Safety Assessment of an Existing Concrete Gravity Dam

1989  Analysis of Concrete Gravity Dams Using Microcomputers

1989  Clay Joints in the Foundation of Dkhila Dam

1989  Earthquake Induced Cracking in Concrete Gravity Dams

1989  Effect of Seepage in Cracks in Older Gravity Dams

1989  Estimation of Uplift Pressures in Cracks in Older Concrete Gravity Dams 2: Effect of Head Losses in Drain Pipes on Uplift

1989  Evaluating Uplift Pressures for Concrete Gravity Dams

1989  First RCC Gravity Dam Planned in Pennsylvania

1989  Hydrodynamic Isolation of Concrete Dams

1989  Hydrodynamic Pressure on Gravity Dams Subjected to Ground Motions

1989  Safety Evaluation of PG&E Dams

1989  Spatial Action of Straight Gravity Dams in Narrow Valleys

1989  Uplift Pressure below Gravity Dams on Rock

1988  Cedar Falls Project-Rehabilitation with RCC

1988  Comparison of Joint Shear Strengths for Conventional and Roller Compacted Concrete

1988  Construction of Elk Creek Dam

1988  Estimation of Uplift Pressure in Cracks in Concrete Gravity Dams

1988  Evaluation of Cores From Two RCC Gravity Dams

1988  Geotechnical Exploration—Rio Bravo Hydro Project

1988  Glacial Till Challenges Safety of Village Dam

1988  Hydraulic Design and Performance of Discharge Facilities at Revelstoke Project

1988  Hydro Combine Option for Lakhwar Project

1988  Large Capacity Rock Anchors Stabilize Bagnell Dam

1988  Prototype Evaluation of Libby Dam Sluiceway Aeration System

1988  Rehab Roundup

1988  Roller Compacted Concrete Dams—An Overview

1988  Roller Compacted Concrete Design for Urugua-I Dam

1988  Roller Compacted Concrete Mix Design for Pamo Dam