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2014  Effect of Bed Sand Content on the Turbulent Flows Associated with Clusters on an Armored Gravel Bed Surface

2014  Effect of Particle Morphology on the Monotonic Response of Gravel-Sized Soils through Large-Scale Simple Shear Testing

2014  Geochemical Behavior of a Gravel Road Upgraded with Wood Fly Ash

2014  Interface Shear Damage to a HDPE Geomembrane. I: Gravelly Compacted Clay Liner

2014  Interface Shear Damage to a HDPE Geomembrane. II: Gravel Drainage Layer

2014  Mixed Scaling for Open-Channel Flow over Gravel and Cobbles

2014  Pneumatic Permeameter for Transient Tests on Coarse Gravel

2014  Quantifying the Dynamic Evolution of Graded Gravel Beds Using Particle Tracking Velocimetry

2014  Turbulent Flow and Sand Transport over a Cobble Bed in a Laboratory Flume

2014  Use of GCL to Mitigate Shear-Induced Damage to Geomembrane from Gravel in Underlying Compacted Clay

2013  Capillary Tube Model for Internal Stability of Cohesionless Soil

2013  Chinese Dynamic Penetration Test for Liquefaction Evaluation in Gravelly Soils

2013  Effect of Gravel-Sand Mulch on Soil Water and Temperature in the Semiarid Loess Region of Northwest China

2013  Effects of Geocell Confinement on Strength and Deformation Behavior of Gravel

2013  Effects of Particle Size Distribution on Shear Strength of Accumulation Soil

2013  Elastoplastic Deformation Characteristics of Gravelly Soils

2013  Improved Intelligent Pavement Performance (IIPP) Modeling for Botswana District Gravel Road Networks

2013  Local Head Loss Coefficients of Riffle Pools in Gravel-Bed Rivers

2013  Modeling of Leachate Characteristics and Clogging of Gravel Drainage Mesocosms Permeated with Landfill Leachate

2013  Nitrogen Removal in Vertical-Flow Filters Filled with Lightweight Aggregate Made of Fly Ashes and Gravel

2013  Permeability of Uniform and Mixed-Size Tire Chips under Different Loading Conditions

2013  Sand Transport over an Immobile Gravel Substrate

2013  Shear Strength Characteristics of an Artificially Cemented Sand-Gravel Mixture

2013  Updates - Uniform Soil Groups, Maximum Density of Gravel, Percent Compaction

2012  Comparison of Turbulent Flows over Clusters of Varying Density

2012  Conversions of Surface Grain-Size Samples Collected and Recorded Using Different Procedures

2012  Direct Shear Strength of Biologically Cemented Gravel

2012  Estimation of Effective Roughness for Water-Worked Gravel Surfaces

2012  Gravel-Bed Hydrodynamics: Double-Averaging Approach

2012  Groundwater Flow in a Tidally Influenced Gravel Beach in Prince William Sound, Alaska

2012  South Platte River Segment 15 Phase II Habitat Improvements

2012  Study on Ground Settlement Induced by Shield Tunnel Construction in Sandy Gravel Stratum

2011  Artificial Beach Construction with Sand/Gravel Made by Crushing Rock

2011  Centrifuge Modeling of Seismically Induced Uplift for the BART Transbay Tube

2011  Comparison of Drilled Shaft Design Methods for Drilled Shafts in Sand, Coarse Gravel, and Cobble Soils

2011  Comparison of Predicted Cyclic Resistance Ratios from CPT, DMT, and Shear Wave Velocity Tests in Griffin, Indiana

2011  Development, Procedure, and Results for the Constrained Modulus of Gravel and Crushed Rock Test

2011  Effect of Bed Forms and Vegetated Banks on Velocity Distributions and Turbulent Flow Structure

2011  Evaluation of Criteria for Setting Speed Limits on Gravel Roads

2011  Evolution of Gravel Beach Profiles

2011  Experience of Pipe Jacking Tunneling in Gravel Formation

2011  Experimental Study of the Effects of Roughness on the Flow Structure in a Gravel-Bed Channel Using Particle Image Velocimetry

2011  Impact of Fine Materials Content on the Transport of Dust Suppressants in Gravel Road Wearing Courses

2011  Investigating the Role of Clasts on the Movement of Sand in Gravel Bed Rivers

2011  Outer Scaling for Open Channel Flow over a Gravel Bed

2011  Prediction Model of Graded Gravel Resilient Modulus

2011  Progressing Rate of Ba-Guah-Shan Gravel Tunnel Construction

2011  Regime Equations for Natural Meandering Cobble- and Gravel-Bed Rivers

2011  Statistically-Based Specifications for Crushing Resistance of Gravel Surface Course for the Crawlerway at Kennedy Space Center

2011  Study on Thrust of Earth-Pressure-Balanced Shield Tunneling in Gravel

2011  Target Values of Compacted Gravel for Pipelines

2010  Bridging Process Threshold for Sediment Infiltrating into a Coarse Substrate

2010  Case Study: Flood Mitigation of the Muda River, Malaysia

2010  The Effect of Clay Content on Filter-Cake Formation in Highly Permeable Gravel

2010  Effect of Vegetation on Banks on Distributions of Velocity and Reynolds Stress under Accelerating Flow

2010  Effects of Gravels, Cobbles, and Boulders on Drilled Shaft Capacity Cypress Avenue Bridge, Redding, California

2010  Estimation of the Washout Depth of Fine Sediments from a Granular Bed

2010  Evaluation of a Novel Approach to Determine the Critical Shields Stress

2010  Hydraulic and Sedimentological Characterizations of a Reach on the Anaktuvuk River, Alaska

2010  Increased Lateral Abutment Resistance from Gravel Backfills of Limited Width

2010  Influence of Gravel on the Compression Characteristics of Decomposed Granite Soil

2010  Laboratory Measurements on Turbulent Pressure Fluctuations in and above Gravel Beds

2010  Modeling the Effect of Flow and Sediment Transport on White Sturgeon Spawning Habitat in the Kootenai River, Idaho

2009  Annualized Road Works Cost Estimates for Unpaved Roads

2009  Experimental Study on Soft Ground Improvement by Grouted Gravel Pile

2009  Ground Displacements from a Pipe-Bursting Experiment in Well-Graded Sand and Gravel

2009  Laboratory Investigation of Influencing Factors on Early-Age Delamination in CRC Pavements

2009  One- and Two-Dimensional Modeling of Deep Gravel Mining in the Rio Salado

2009  Selecting Construction Measures for Mitigating Early-Age Delamination in CRC Pavements Made with Gravel Aggregates

2009  Simulation of NATM Tunneling Construction in Gravel Formation — Lessons Learned from Pakuashan Highway Tunnel Project in Taiwan

2009  Some Findings on Effective Discharge Determination for Gravel Bed Rivers

2009  Study on Rebound Deformation Behavior of Sand-Gravel Material

2008  Development of a P-Wave Measurement System for Laboratory Specimens

2008  Development of Cost Functions for Open-Cut and Jacking Methods for Sanitary Sewer System Construction in Central Taiwan

2008  Equivalent Roughness of Gravel-Bed Rivers

2008  Evaluation of Base Prepared from Road Surface Gravel Stabilized with Fly Ash

2008  Evaluation of Dynamic Properties of a Calcite Cemented Gravely Sand

2008  Fine-Scale Characterization of the Turbulent Shear Layer of an Instream Pebble Cluster

2008  Karl Terzaghi: From Theory to Practice in Geotechnical Filter Design

2008  Modeling Bed-Load Rates from Fine Grain-Size Patches during Small Floods in a Gravel-Bed River

2008  Modeling of Gravel Mining in the Rio Salado, Arizona

2008  A Modified Method for MR Testing to Evaluate Temperature Effects in Emulsion-Stabilized Gravel

2008  Restoration of Gravel Bed Rivers via the Use of Stone Clasts (Rocks)

2008  Science Based Restoration to Describe Bed Microroughness in Gravel Streams

2008  Temperature Influence on Shrinkage Properties of Cement Stabilized Gravel in Frozen Soil Region

2008  Theory of Fine Sediment Infiltration into Immobile Gravel Bed

2008  Three-Hour and Twenty-Four-Hour Rainstorm Ratios across the Southern United States

2007  ADV Measurements around a Cluster Microform in a Shallow Mountain Stream

2007  Borehole Preparation Technique for Pressuremeter Testing in Sand Gravel and Cobbles

2007  Clear-Water Scour at Piers in Sand Beds with an Armor Layer of Gravels

2007  Coral-Gravel Storm Ridges: Examples from the Tropical Pacific and Caribbean

2007  Critical Shear Stress of Bimodal Sediment in Sand-Gravel Rivers

2007  Deconvolution Technique to Separate Signal from Noise in Gravel Bedload Velocity Data

2007  Effect of Gravel Size, Type, and Mold Size on the Carrying Capacity of Calcareous Fines-Gravel Mixes

2007  Effects of Permeability on the Performance of Mixed Sand-Gravel Beaches

2007  Field Observations of Step Dynamics on a Macrotidal Gravel Beach

2007  Geologic Characterization of Shelf Areas Using usSEABED for GIS Mapping, Modeling Processes and Assessing Marine Sand and Gravel Resources

2007  Gravel Wetland Design and Performance for Stormwater Management

2007  Influence of Changing Management Regimes on the Morphodynamic Response of a Mixed Gravel and Sand Barrier Beach

2007  Liquefaction Potential Assessment of Gravelly Foundation Soils at Clearwater Dam