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2013  Stability Charts for Homogenous Soil Slopes

2013  Three-Dimensional Modeling of Site Elements by Analytically Processing Image Data Contained in Site Photos

2012  Visualizing the Seismic Spectral Response of the 1999 Chi-Chi Earthquake Using Volume Rendering Technique

2011  Analytical Approach to Augmenting Site Photos with 3D Graphics of Underground Infrastructure in Construction Engineering Applications

2011  Use of Tangible and Augmented Reality Models in Engineering Graphics Courses

2009  Automated Generation of Operations Level Construction Animations in Outdoor Augmented Reality

2009  Computer-Aided Subdivision on Chart Sheet

2009  Distributed Augmented Reality for Visualizing Collaborative Construction Tasks

2009  Effective Procedure for Determination of Aquifer Parameters from Late Time-Drawdown Data

2009  Graphical 3D Visualization of Highway Bridge Ratings

2009  New Method That Solves the Three-Point Resection Problem Using Straight Lines Intersection

2009  Promoting Efficient Use of Visualization Tools through Education

2008  Computational Methods for Coordinating Multipole Construction Cranes

2008  Evaluation Model for the Urban Public Transit Network Connectivity Based on Graph Theory

2008  Graph Theory Based Algorithms for Water Distribution Network Sectorization Projects

2007  Application of Peer-to-Peer Network for Real-Time Online Collaborative Computer-Aided Design

2007  Bessel’s Graphical Solution of Three-Point Problem in Plane-Table Surveying — Limitation and Alternative Solutions

2007  Development of a New Generation Imaging Total Station System

2007  Evaluation of Augmented Reality for Rapid Assessment of Earthquake-Induced Building Damage

2007  Georeferenced Registration of Construction Graphics in Mobile Outdoor Augmented Reality

2007  Sketching Finite-Element Models within a Unified Two-Dimensional Framework

2007  Supporting Collaboration, in Colocated 3D Visualization, through the Use of Remote Personal Interfaces

2007  Using Virtual Environment Technology to Improve Public Participation in Urban Planning Process

2006  Application of Web Services for Structural Engineering Systems

2006  Exploratory Map Animation for Post-Event Analysis of Wildfire Protective Action Recommendations

2006  A Practical Decision-Support System for Bridge Management Based on JAVA Techniques

2005  Dynamic 3D Visualization of Articulated Construction Equipment

2005  Evaluation of Student Learning for an Engineering Graphics Course

2005  A Graph Based Tool for Modelling Planning Processes in Building Engineering

2005  Graphical Approach for Manpower Planning in Infrastructure Networks

2005  Graphical Communication using Hand-Drawn Sketches in Civil Engineering

2005  Graphical User Interface for ADCP Uncertainty Analysis

2005  Keeping Better Site Records using Intelligent Bar Charts

2005  Large-Scale Dynamic Terrain in Three-Dimensional Construction Process Visualizations

2005  Potential Impact of Scaleable Vector Graphics on Sustainable Construction Information Management

2005  Water Distribution Systems Connectivity Analysis

2004  Capturing Safety Knowledge using Design-for-Safety-Process Tool

2004  Different Method for Determining Normal Section Curvatures on Earth Ellipsoid

2004  Dynamic Three-Dimensional Visualization of Fluid Construction Materials

2004  Four-Dimensional Visualization of Construction Scheduling and Site Utilization

2003  Estimation of Aquifer Parameters from Pumping Test Data by Genetic Algorithm Optimization Technique

2003  Graphical Solution for Vertical Curve Computation

2002  Control Curves for Two-Layer Flows

2002  Graphical Relationship among Lamé Ellipsoid and Mohr’s Circles: A Graphical View of Mohr’s Circles

2002  Hierarchical Programming for Data Storage and Visualization

2002  Interactive and Graphic Systems for Highway Location and Route Selection

2002  On Graph-Based Knowledge Representation in Design

2002  Stability Charts for Uniform Slopes

2001  2D Unit Sediment Graph Theory

2001  Combinatorial Representations in Structural Analysis

2001  Computer-Aided Graphical Analysis of Bridges under Vehicular Loading

2001  Engineer Practiced within Profession

2001  Graphical Sizing and Analysis of Ocean Outfalls with Buoyant Plumes

2001  Managing Design Changes for Multiview Models

2001  Partitioning of Tall Buildings using Bubble Graph Representation

2000  Computer Graphics for Nonlinear Strut-Tie Model Approach

2000  Construction Dispute Solved with Computer Graphics

2000  Construction Project Claims Presentation Through Multimedia 3-D Graphics

2000  Designing and Evaluating Visualization Techniques for Construction Planning

2000  Evaluation of Urban Landscape Problem Using Analytic Hierarchy Process Method

2000  Graphical Control Interface for Construction and Maintenance Equipment

2000  Open-Channel Capacity Determination Using Hydraulic Performance Graph

2000  A PC-Based Visualization System for Coastal Ocean and Atmospheric Modeling

2000  Power Technical Information Presentation Skills

2000  Structural Health Monitoring Using Statistical Process Control

2000  A Study on the Application of Architectural CAD and 3DCG Software for Evaluation of Outdoor Thermal Environments

2000  Three-Dimensional Highway Alignment Design System Using Stereoscopy of Aerial Photographs and Computer Graphics

2000  Torsion Design Charts for Reinforced Concrete Rectangular Members

2000  Utilization of Clay in Sludge Decomposition

2000  Virtual Building Lifecycle: Giving Architects Access to the Future of Buildings by Visualizing Lifecycle Data

2000  Visualization in Collaborative Construction Management Decision Support System on Bridge Construction Project

2000  VR for Precast Concrete Constructability Analysis

1999  Act Covers Any Copyrighted Architectural Work

1999  Bridge Management System for the City and County of Denver

1999  Bridge Pier Scour Protection Using Toskanes

1999  Characterization of Saprolite Heterogeneities Using Innovative Techniques

1999  Design and Implementation of Versatile Beam Analyzer

1999  Modeling and Analysis of a Concrete Production Plant Using Petri Nets

1999  On the Web

1999  Prediction of Asphalt Rheological Properties Using HP-GPC

1999  Simple Approximation of Area Determination on Mercator Chart of Sphere

1999  Solution Charts for Finite Strain Consolidation of Normally Consolidated Clays

1999  Teaching Fluid Mechanics from an Interactive Book

1999  Using Extended Period Simulation Models for Design and Operation

1998  Allegro Launches Update

1998  Civil Engineering Meets GIS

1998  Development of Charts for Partially Clamped Slabs by Finite-Element Predictions

1998  Free-Hand Sketching: A Lost Art?

1998  Graphical Solutions for Back-Calculation of Rigid Pavement Parameters

1998  Graphic-Based Human-Machine Interface for Construction Manipulator Control

1998  Information Systems (GIS)

1998  An Intermodal Transportation Planning Decision Suppport & Visualization System

1998  Management Information System for Railway Train Working Graph (RTWG) on Railway Networks

1998  Navigating Through Dynamic 2-D Vector Graphics in the World Wide Web

1998  Net Gains

1998  Pyrolysis-GC/MS Analysis of Contaminated Soils in Alaska

1998  Utilization of 3-D Graphical Simulation with Object-Oriented Product Model for Building Construction Process

1998  Visualization of Wave Kinematics on the World Wide Web: an Interactive Instructional Tool

1998  Wanted: More Diagrams

1997  Computer Visual Analysis of Water Resources Projects: A Public Involvement Approach