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2014  Framework of Knowledge for Master’s-Level Structural Engineering Education

2014  State-of-the-Art Best Construction Practices Integration into Higher Education Curricula

2013  Employability of Graduate Students in Construction Management

2013  Method for Planning Graduate Programs in Construction Management

2013  UC Davis Geotechnical Graduate Student Society: Enhancing Education

2012  Designing a Benchmark Indicator for Managerial Competences in Construction at the Graduate Level

2012  Industry-Experienced Graduate Student Program: Innovative Collaboration in Architectural Engineering at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln

2012  Key Competencies for U.S. Construction Graduates: Industry Perspective

2012  A Vision of Interdisciplinary Graduate Education in Water and Environmental Resources in 2050

2011  Designing Graduate Curriculum for Stream Restoration

2011  Development and Application of Competencies for Graduate Programs in Energy and Sustainability

2011  A Way Forward: Assessing the Demonstrated Leadership of Graduate Civil Engineering and Construction Management Students

2010  Graduate Education in Construction Management

2010  "If These Women Can Do It, I Can Do It, Too": Building Women Engineering Leaders through Graduate Peer Mentoring

2010  Interdisciplinary Graduate Education in Water and Environmental Resources in 2050

2010  LID Design Education for Undergraduate and Graduate Engineering Students

2010  On the Job versus Graduate School Training of Forensic Engineers—An Instructor and Professional Engineer’s View

2009  Campus Construction as a Research Laboratory: Model for Intracampus Collaboration

2009  Coordinating and Implementing a Graduate Course on Interdisciplinary Modeling for Water-Related Issues

2009  The First University Master on Forensic Engineering

2009  How to SEE Design in the Future

2009  Non-Traditional University Research Partners That Facilitate Service Learning and Graduate Research for Sustainable Development

2009  Recommendations for Improving Graduate Adviser-Advisee Communication

2008  The Continuing Challenges of Running Successful Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

2008  Educational Partnership to Establish Engineering/Construction Management Graduate Programs in Algeria

2008  Snapshot of Graduate Student Seminar Practices

2006  Improving Enrollment in the Master of Construction Management Program at Bowling Green State University

2005  Not Making the Grade: Expansive Soils and Higher Education in Texas

2004  Incentives and Challenges in Graduate Education in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)

2004  Interdisciplinary Approach to Environmental Education

2003  CEM Graduate Education—Pros and Cons

2003  Combining Service Learning with Graduate Education

2002  Survey of Education and License Requirements for Structural Engineers

2002  Teaching Arctic Engineering Online

2001  Business Case for the Master’s Degree: The Financial Side of the Equation

2001  Business Strategy: Ideas for Construction Master’s Degrees

2001  A Perspective on the Need to Give and Introduction to Engineering Management to All Engineering Students

2001  Teaching Hydraulic Design Using Equation Solvers

2001  Teaching Lessons Learned: Remediation and the Decline of Academic Standards

2000  ABET Preparations and Experiences Related to Water Resources

2000  Additional Courses No Substitute for Experience (ltr)

2000  Combined BS and MS Degree Program in Architectural Engineering

2000  Hard Decisions Require the Right Choices

2000  Penn State’s Graduate Option in Watershed Stewardship

2000  A Proposal on Advanced Education (ltr)

2000  U.S. and International Engineering Education—A Vision of Engineering’s Future

2000  Using Senior Design Capstone as Model for Graduate Education

2000  A Winning Proposal (ltr)

2000  Writing the Doctoral Dissertation: A Systematic Approach, Second Edition, by Gordon B. Davis and Clyde A. Parker

1999  Engineering Doctorate Degree Bridges Research and Industry Gap

1999  First Degree Is of Primary Importance

1999  A Five-Year Master of Environmental Engineering Curriculum

1999  H Control and Its Application by Ben M. Chen

1999  How Much Should Civil Engineering Be Paid?

1999  Letters to the Editor

1999  Letters to the Editor

1999  The Master Builder Program: An Integrated Approach to Facility Design and Construction

1999  More Member’s Comment on Master’s as First Professional Degree (ltr)

1999  More Member’s Comment on Master’s as First Professional Degree (ltr)

1999  More Member’s Comment on Master’s Degree as First Professional Degree (ltr)

1999  Professional Degree

1999  Professional Degree

1999  Professional Degree

1999  Saving Salaries

1998  ASCE Board Supports Master’s as First Professional Degree

1998  Board Supports Professional Degree for Civil Engineers

1998  Clarification

1998  Crisis in Engineering Education: Survey of Civil Engineering Curriculums

1998  Engineering MBA Program

1998  Forum

1998  Hydraulic Engineering by John A. Roberson, John J. Cassidy, and M. Hanif Chaudry

1998  Master’s Cited as First Professional Degree by ASCE

1998  NYU to Operate Institute for Civil Infrastructure

1998  Project-Based Course for Integration of Design and Construction at WPI

1998  Swinging Between Extremes

1998  Water Wave Propagation over Uneven Bottoms by Maarten W. Dingemans

1997  Construction Vibrations by Charles H. Dowding

1997  Engineering Perceptions of ABET Accreditation Criteria

1997  Engineering Schools Ranked

1997  Environmental Engineering Forum

1997  Forum

1997  An Introduction to Frozen Ground Engineering by O.B. Andersland and B. Ladanyi

1997  Optimal Control of Hydrosystems by Larry W. Mays

1997  Some Free Advice

1997  Structure of an Advanced Course in Computer Applications and Simulation in Construction

1997  Struggling to Join

1997  Teaching Experiences, a Graduate Course in Condition Assessment and Forensic Engineering

1997  Unsympathetic in Seattle

1996  Architectural Engineering Program at University of Miami

1996  Business Degrees Three Times That of Engineering Degrees

1996  Certificate Program in Construction Engineering and Management

1996  The Elements of Academic Research

1996  Engineering Education: Paragon or Paradox?

1996  Environmental Hydraulics: New Research Directions for the 21st Century

1996  Ethics in Graduate Education

1996  International Postgraduate Program of Water Resources Engineering in Asia

1996  National Reserach Council Symposium on Major Issues in Engineering Education

1995  Alexander Pope–An Essay on Criticism

1995  More Versatility Would Improve Job Prospects for Graduate Engineering Students

1995  Part-Time Graduate Education: Obstacles, Conflicts, and Suggestions