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2015  U.S. DOT Predicts Significant Future Transportation Problems

2014  Water Agencies Must Retool to Ensure Future Freshwater Supplies, Report Says

2013  Accuracy of EF Ratings Following a Tornado Event: An Engineer’s Perspective

2013  Structural Hardening of Critical Facilities for FEMA and ICC Compliance

2011  Review of Policies on Access to Transportation Planning Data and Models: Implications for Transportation Planning Agencies

2009  NewsBriefs: DOE to Resume Filling Strategic Petroleum Reserve

2008  Evaluation of Life-Cycle Cost Analysis Practices Used by the Michigan Department of Transportation

2007  Hurricane Katrina Interagency Performance Evaluation Task Force

2006  Development of the Maintenance Rating Program for City Roadway Networks in Taiwan

2005  Residential Development Pattern and Intraneighborhood Infrastructure Provision

2005  State-Local Coordination in Managing Land Use and Transportation along State Highways

2004  Advanced Interactive Budget Planning for Highway Management

2004  EPA CREM - Good Science or Rhetoric?

2004  Evaluating Aquatic Habitat Quality Using Channel Morphology and Multiscale-Scale Modeling Techniques

2004  Module-Based Construction Schedule Administration for Public Infrastructure Agencies

2004  Statistically Evaluating the Imputation Accuracy of Highway Agencies

2003  ASCE Steps Up Peer Review Service for Government Agencies

2003  Border Infrastructure: Governments Accelerate Planning for Michigan-Ontario Crossing

2003  Drinking Water: California Agencies Adopt Regional Approach

2003  Role of the Structures Specialist during the FEMA Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) Deployments to the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks

2002  Evolution of NRCS Hydrologic Methods through Computers

2002  Implementation of Environmental Impact Assessment on Transport Infrastructure Projects in Hong Kong

2002  Pavement Data Contest Open to Students

2002  Prioritization of Schedule Dependencies in Hurricane Recovery of Transportation Agency

2002  Security Demands Affect Design Work of Government Agencies

2002  Successful Government Funded Projects in Rural Alaska: The 3 C’s: Challenges for Community Involvement

2001  The Future of Airports

2001  Strategic Management in Engineering Organizations

2001  Transit: Federal Maglev Funding Program Narrowed to Two Projects

2000  Back to the Future: Charting the Course for Project Impact

2000  Financial Reporting to Include Roads and Bridges

2000  Peer Review May Ensure Your Agency’s Best Performance

2000  Water Resources Development from a Congressional Viewpoint

1999  GAO Issues Y2K Report Card for Nation’s Largest Cities

1999  Implementation of Project Management in Public Engineering Organization

1999  Improvement of Management Parameters in Public Construction Agency

1999  Organizing Highway Maintenance Agencies to Maximize Effectiveness

1999  Sacramento: A Case Study in Local Flood Control Implementation

1999  U.S. Geological Survey Field Measurements of Pier Scour

1999  White House to Expand Belowground

1998  Consensus Based Planning: Developing a Conceptual Plan for Everglades Restoration

1998  Integration of Risk Management and Project Management for Efficient RCRA Corrective Action

1998  Project Delivery and the U.S. Dept. of State

1998  Session VII: Regulatory Analysis

1998  Universal Training

1998  The U.S. Minerals Management Service Oil Spill Research Program

1998  U.S. Targets Mississippi River Polluters

1998  When the Taxpayer Won’t Pay to Educate the Regulator, Who Will?

1997  ASCE Advocates ‘Delicate Balance’ in Contracting to Private Sector

1997  Building Sustainable Public Policy Decisions Through Partnerships

1997  Hydropower R&D Coordination

1997  Identification of Undeveloped Hydropower Resources in the United States, Based on Environmental, Legal, and Institutional Attributes

1997  Legislation Would Require Government to Contract Out Services

1997  Leonard’s Law: The Albuquerque Theory of Financial Partnering

1997  Mapping Our Plan

1997  One-Stop Industry Guide

1997  Plan for Standards On-Line

1997  A Public Policy Dilemma: The Limits of Getting More for Less

1997  URS, Woodward-Clyde Announce Merger

1997  USAID Efforts in Mitigating Natural Disasters

1996  Better Management in the Water Supply Sector Through Indigenous Institutions

1996  Constructability in Public Sector

1996  Environmental Justice: The Department of Energy’s Response to Executive Order 12898

1996  Evaluating Efficiency of Rock Blasting Using Data-Envelopment Analysis

1996  Green Light

1996  Integrated Resources Management for Irrigated Agriculture: Practical Lessons in Water Management and Conservation from the Arizona Management Improvement Program

1996  Product Champions in Government Agencies

1995  Achieving Success Using Dredged Material for Habitat Restoration

1995  Approach to Compliance with the NRC Substantially Complete Containment Requirement at the Potential Repository at Yucca Mountain

1995  Building Trust and Confidence: The Long Road Ahead

1995  Disposition of Two Plutonium Waste Forms in a Geologic Repository Regulatory/Statutory Issues and Impacts

1995  Environmental Challenge for Engineers: United Kingdom View

1995  Expert Judgment in NRC Licensing Proceedings and Its Impact on the Regulatory Decision-Making Process

1995  Future Water Table Rise at Yucca Mountain: A Regulatory Perspective

1995  Hydropower Application of Confined Space Regulations

1995  Implementation of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan for Naval Air Station Miramar

1995  Implementing ASCE Water Conservation Policy

1995  Infrastructure Agencies Executive Information System for the Government of Puerto Rico

1995  Managing London’s Traffic Problems - Developing and Introducing the Red Routes

1995  New Approaches to Cost Risk Analysis

1995  Notice of Inquiry on Waste Acceptance Issues: Summary of Responses and Comments

1995  Preparing Scientists and Engineers to Interact with NRC

1995  Privatization and the Use of IVHS in the 1990s

1995  Providing Public Information for the Multi-Purpose Canister (MPC) Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

1995  Raising the Roof

1995  Recent Progress in Scenario Development for the WIPP

1995  Requirements for the Emplacement of Doe-Owned Spent Nuclear Fuel into a Civilian Repository

1995  Sharing the Challenge of Effective Floodplain Management

1995  Site-Specific Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP): Great Miami River Drainage in Southwestern Ohio

1995  Software for Automated Tracking of Open Items at NRC

1995  System Impacts of Fuel Selection and MPC Heat Limits

1995  Traffic Control Devices for Low Volume Rural Roads

1995  Understanding the National Information Infrastructure

1995  Water Quality Data Management-Survey of US Agencies

1994  Categorization of Department of Energy Spent Nuclear Fuel

1994  Decision Aids for Enhancing Intergovernmental Interactions: The Prenotification Analysis Support System (PASS)

1994  Development of the Sheboygan Waterfront Sheboygan, Wisconsin

1994  Dioxin Capping Management and Monitoring Program: Design and Implementation

1994  Evolution of Beneficial Uses of Dredged Materials for Over 200 Million Cubic Yards of Dredged Material in Galveston Bay, Texas Part II - Framework & Approach

1994  Formulation of the Interagency Coordination Team for the Houston-Galveston Navigation Channels, Texas Project