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2015  Flexural and Torsional Buckling Behavior of Eccentrically Compressed Laminated Glass Elements with a Viscoelastic PVB Interlayer

2015  Modeling and Shock Tube Testing of Architectural Glazing Systems for Blast Resistance

2015  Technical Characterization of Sintered-Glass Ceramics Derived from Glass Fibers Recovered by Pyrolysis

2014  Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Conventional, Glass Powder, and Alkali-Activated Slag Concrete and Mortar

2014  Effect of Waste Glass on the Properties of Concrete

2014  Equivalent-Design Crack Model for Structural Glass Elements

2014  Fresh and Hardened Properties of Concrete Incorporating Recycled Glass as 100% Sand Replacement

2014  In-Plane Drift Capacity of Contemporary Point Fixed Glass Facade Systems

2014  Laminated Glass Members in Compression: Experiments and Modeling

2014  Low-Velocity Impact Study on GLARE FMLs Using Various Indenters

2014  Measurement of Bonding Strength between Glass Beads Treated by Microbial-Induced Calcite Precipitation (MICP)

2014  Method to Determine the Probability of Failure for Annealed Monolithic Window Glass Loaded with a Uniform Wind Load

2014  Numerical Simulation and Verification of Curtain Wall Systems under Shock Pressure

2014  Recycled-Glass Blends in Pavement Base/Subbase Applications: Laboratory and Field Evaluation

2013  Applying Tools from Glass Science to Study Calcium-Silicate- Hydrates

2013  Computational Methods for Laminated Glass

2013  Computational Modeling of Glass Panels for Mitigating the Injuries Due to Air Blast

2013  Design of RC Columns Using Glass FRP Reinforcement

2013  Effect of Window Sizes and Glazing Panel Aspect Ratios on Mitigating the Injuries from Flying Glass due to Air Blast

2013  Geotechnical Performance of Recycled Glass-Waste Rock Blends in Footpath Bases

2013  High Strength Glass Testing and Model Validation for Static and Dynamic Loading

2013  In the Looking Glass of Sustainable Architecture

2013  Leaching of Arsenic, Lead, and Antimony from Highway-Marking Glass Beads

2013  Structural Performance of Bolted Connections and Adhesively Bonded Joints in Glass Structures

2013  Time-Variant Strength Capacity Model for GFRP Bars Embedded in Concrete

2012  Anatomy of Glass Damage in Urban Areas during Hurricanes

2012  Development of a Validated Engineering Model of Laminated Glass under Blast Loading

2012  Experimental Investigation of Numerical Design Method for Point-Supported Glass

2012  Finding the Form of an Irregular Meshed Steel and Glass Shell Based on Construction Constraints

2012  Forensic Studies of Surface-Damaged Curtain Wall Glass

2012  Micro-Analysis in Glass Beads with Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy

2012  Mitigating the Injuries from Flying Glass Due to Air Blast

2012  One-Way Shear Behavior of Lightweight Concrete Panels Reinforced with GFRP Bars

2012  Paved With Glass

2012  Potential Use of Recycled Crushed Concrete-Recycled Crushed Glass Blends in Pavement Subbase Applications

2012  Review of the Performance of Glazing Systems in Earthquakes and Recent Developments to Mitigate Damage

2012  Superior Structural Silicone Glazing

2012  Thermal Breakage of Spandrel Glass: A Case Study

2012  The Use of Recycled Glass for the Construction of Pavements

2011  Analysis of Dynamic Response of Architectural Glazing Subject to Blast Loading

2011  Buckling of Laminated Glass Elements in Compression

2011  Development of Design Recommendations for Edge-Bolted Laminated Glass

2011  Effect of Transverse Reinforcement on the Flexural Behavior of Continuous Concrete Beams Reinforced with FRP

2011  Evaluation of Alternative Media for Pebble Matrix Filtration Using Clay Balls and Recycled Crushed Glass

2011  Glasphalt Mixtures’ Performance Research and Analysis

2011  Glass and Steel: Transparent and Lightweight Enclosure Structures in China

2011  Impact Resistance of Annealed Glass Panels

2011  Managing Occupant Comfort with Highly Transparent All-Glass Facades

2011  Oxygen Permeability of Fiber-Reinforced Polymers

2011  Production of Segmental Retaining Wall Units from Recycled Mixed Glass and Plastic

2011  Speed and Grace

2011  Variations on a Theme in Glass

2010  Assessment of the Electromagnetic Disturbance of a Glass Fiber Reinforced Composite Fencing Structure

2010  Bonding of Glass—Latest Trends and Research

2010  Characterization of the Residual Stress State in Commercially Fully Toughened Glass

2010  Design of a Glass Stair

2010  Entrance to the Leeds City Station, in the United Kingdom

2010  Flexural Behavior of Continuous FRP-Reinforced Concrete Beams

2010  GFRP Bridge Deck Systems for Skewed Bridges: An Analytical Investigation on Deck Orientation

2010  High Displacement Glass Seismic Systems

2010  Investigating the Alkali-Silica Reaction of Recycled Glass Aggregates in Concrete Materials

2010  Laminated Glass in Structural Glass Enclosures

2010  A New Angle

2010  Physical, Mechanical, and Durability Characterization of Preloaded GFRP Reinforcing Bars

2010  Plasma Processing of Lunar Regolith Simulant for Oxygen and Glass Production

2010  Steel Hexagonal Honeycomb Core Equivalent Elastic Moduli for Bridge Deck Sandwich Panels

2010  Steel-and-Glass Carousel Features Aquatic Theme, Nontraditional Design

2010  Swedish Hotel Features Mirrored-Glass Tree House

2010  Temperature as an Accelerating Factor for Long-Term Durability Testing of FRPs: Should There Be Any Limitations?

2010  Time-Dependent Behavior of Laminated Glass

2010  Transparency—Load-Carrying Glass Structures Worldwide

2009  Characterizing the Low-Temperature Performance of Hot-Pour Bituminous Sealants Using Glass Transition Temperature and Dynamic Stiffness Modulus

2009  Corrosion of Glasses and Expansion Mechanism of Concrete Containing Waste Glasses as Aggregates

2009  Dynamic Response of Compacted CG, DM, and CG-DM Blends

2009  Glass ’Prow’ Defines New Chicago Structure

2009  Glass Viewing Platforms To Open at Sears Tower

2009  Halcrow Yolles Designed Glass and Steel for Observation Platforms

2009  Proposal to Roof the Courtyards of an Historical Building in Pisa with Glass and Steel Grid Shells: Form Finding and Stability Problems

2009  Utilizing Waste Recycled Glass as Sand/Cement Replacement in Concrete

2008  Aging of Crushed Glass-Dredged Material Blend Embankments

2008  An All Glass Cube in New York City

2008  Cable-Stayed Facade Structure with Welded Borosilicate Glass Tubes

2008  Crushed Glass-Dredged Material (CG-DM) Blends: Role of Organic Matter Content and DM Variability on Field Compaction

2008  Experimental and Numerical Analysis of a Glass-to-Steel Joint

2008  Experimental Behavior of Triangular Laminated Glass Lites

2008  Fire Sustainability of Externally Bonded FRP Strengthening Systems

2008  Glass Bearing Walls — A Case Study and Further Development

2008  Innovative Products for Curtain Walls: Investigation of Anti-Reflective Glass Coating

2008  Laminated Glass Curtain Walls and Laminated Glass Lites Subjected to Low-Level Blast Loading

2008  Measurement of Solute Diffusion Behavior in Fractured Waste Glass Media

2008  An Overview of the State-of-the-Art Report for Glass Structures

2008  Reinforced Glass Beams: Effect of Increased Temperatures on the Glass-to-Reinforcement Adhesive Bond

2008  Renovation of a 1970s Glass Curtain Wall

2008  Structural Performance of RC Beams Poststrengthened with Carbon, Aramid, and Glass FRP Systems

2007  Behavior and Failure Strength of Laminated Glass Beams

2007  Behavior of CFRP Strengthened Reinforced Concrete Beams in Corrosive Environment

2007  Modeling of Glass Shards from Shock-Loaded Windows

2007  Predicting Failure in Glass — A General Crack Growth Model

2007  Properties and Dynamic Behavior of Glass Curtain Walls with Split Screw Spline Mullions

2007  Structures: Cable-Supported Glass Wall Highlights Loyola’s ”Green” Library Annex