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2014  Experimental Characterization of Composite Slab Collapse Resistance for Steel Gravity Frames

2014  Limits of Application of Externally Bonded CFRP Repairs for Impact-Damaged Prestressed Concrete Girders

2014  Load Rating of Steel Girder Structures

2014  Repairing Distortion-Induced Fatigue Cracks in Steel Bridge Girders Using Angles-with-Plate Retrofit Technique. II: Computer Simulations

2014  Technical Innovations of the Aizhai Bridge in China

2014  Transverse Stiffener Requirements to Develop Shear-Buckling and Postbuckling Resistance of Steel I-Girders

2014  Why Change the Code? Comparing the Strut-and-Tie Procedure to ACI 318-99

2013  Anchorage System to Prestress FRP Laminates for Flexural Strengthening of Steel-Concrete Composite Girders

2013  Behavior of CFRP-Prestressed Concrete Beams under Sustained Load at Low Temperature

2013  Behavior of Horizontally Curved I-Girders during Lifting

2013  Behavior of Spliced Steel Girders under Impact

2013  Effect of Concrete Slab on Shear Capacity of Composite Plate Girders under Positive Moment

2013  Efficient Nonlinear Finite Element Modeling of High Strength Pre-Tensioned Concrete Girders

2013  Flexure and Shear Interaction in Steel I-Girders

2013  Mixed Variable Plate Girder Cost Optimization Using Mesh Adaptive Direct Search

2013  Structural Behavior of Symmetric Spindle-Shaped Tensairity Girders

2012  Collapse Behavior of Composite Plate Girders Loaded in Shear

2012  Comparisons of the Computed and Measured Behavior of Curved Steel I-Girders during Lifting

2012  Concrete-Steel Composite Girder Bolt Loosening Monitoring Using Electromechanical Impedance Measurements

2012  Mechanical Property Analysis of Light Railway Trough Girder Subjected to Combined Bending and Torsion

2012  Modeling Structural Performance of Second-Generation Ultrahigh-Performance Concrete Pi-Girders

2012  Modeling Structural Performance of Ultrahigh Performance Concrete I-Girders

2012  Murrah Building Collapse: Reassessment of the Transfer Girder

2012  A Study of the Torsional Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Trough Girder Based on ABAQUS

2011  Accuracy of Applying "Stiff-Girder" Approach in Reinforced Concrete Bridges

2011  Analytical Model for CFRP-Strengthened Prestressed Concrete Girders Subject to Cyclic Loading

2011  Countermeasure for the Typical Disease of Prestressed Concrete Hollow Slab Girder

2011  Efficient Design for the Calculation of the Deflection and the Shear Force Capacity of Slim-Floor Girder

2011  Full-Scale Testing of Pretensioned High-Strength Concrete Girders with Debonded Strands

2011  Influence of Beam-End Lateral Expansion of Steel Truss Girder on Stability of CWR Track

2011  Numerical Calculation of the Deflections of Composite Girders

2011  Redevelopment of Prestressing Force in Severed Prestressed Strands

2011  Shear Buckling Resistance of GFRP Plate Girders

2011  Steel-FRP Composite Structural Systems

2011  Stress Analyses of Deep Plate Girders Used at Oil and Gas Facilities with Rectangular Web Penetrations

2011  Ultimate Flexural Strength of Hybrid Composite Girders Using High-Performance Steel of HSB600 at Sagging Bending

2010  Behavior of Hollow Tubular-Flange Girder Systems for Curved Bridges

2010  Catastrophic Sliding of a Concrete Deck during Its Launching on the Steel Girders of a Composite Bridge

2010  End Forces on Crossframes in Horizontally Curved Steel I-Girder Bridges

2010  Extreme Loading of Wharf Crane Girders

2010  Finite-Element Model for Pretensioned Prestressed Concrete Girders

2010  Modeling of Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girders

2010  Moment-Rotation Response of Slender Steel I-Girders

2010  Research on Erection Methods of Steel Stiffening Truss Girder for Baling River Bridge

2010  Seismic Design of Ring Girders (1 of 2)

2010  Seismic Design of Ring Girders Example (2 of 2)

2009  Design of Lateral Load Resisting Frames Using Steel Joists and Joist Girders

2009  Investigating a Structural Form System for Concrete Girders Using Commercially Available GFRP Sheet-Pile Sections

2009  Live Load Distribution Formulas for Single-Span Prestressed Concrete Integral Abutment Bridge Girders

2009  A Method to Calculate Rotational Deformations of Curved Plate Girders during Lifting

2009  Specifying Steel Joists, Joist Girders, and the IBC 2006

2009  Theoretical Evaluation of Flange Local Buckling for Horizontally Curved I-Girders

2008  Bridging of Open-Web Steel Joists and Joist Girders

2008  Damage Identification of Shear Connectors with Wavelet Packet Energy: Laboratory Test Study

2008  Flexural Behavior of an Ultrahigh-Performance Concrete I-Girder

2008  Global Lateral Buckling of I-Shaped Girder Systems

2008  Live Load Distributions on an Impact-Damaged Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridge Repaired Using Prestressed CFRP Sheets

2008  Shear Resistance of Transversely Stiffened Steel I-Girders

2008  Unified Flexural Resistance Equations for Stability Design of Steel I-Section Members: Moment Gradient Tests

2008  Unified Flexural Resistance Equations for Stability Design of Steel I-Section Members: Overview

2007  AASHTO-LRFD Live Load Distribution for Beam-and-Slab Bridges: Limitations and Applicability

2007  Fatigue Strength of End-Coped Crane Runway Girders

2007  Simplified Moment Redistribution of Hybrid HPS 485W Bridge Girders in Negative Bending

2007  Testing of a Prestressed Concrete Girder to Study the Enhanced Performance of Monitoring by Integrating Optical Fiber Sensors

2007  Testing of Plate Girder Web Panel Loaded in Shear at Elevated Temperature

2006  Behavior of Corrugated Web I-Girders under In-Plane Loads

2006  Characterization of Material Properties of HPS-485W (70 W) TMCP for Bridge Girder Applications

2006  Critical Inclination of Compression Struts in Concrete Beams

2006  The Cyclic Force-Slip Behaviour of Headed Studs Under Non Static Service Loads: Experimental Studies and Analytical Descriptions

2006  Deflection Behaviour of Composite Girders with Reduced Height

2006  Evaluation of Effective Width and Distribution Factors for GFRP Bridge Decks Supported on Steel Girders

2006  Fatigue Life of Girders with Trapezoidal Corrugated Webs

2006  Fatigue of Corrugated-Web Plate Girders: Analytical Study

2006  Fatigue of Corrugated-Web Plate Girders: Experimental Study

2006  Girder Differential Deflection and Distortion-Induced Fatigue in Skewed Steel Bridges

2006  Hybrid Girders: Strength and Fatigue Design Rules Based on Experimental and Numerical Studies

2006  Interaction of Top Lateral and Internal Bracing Systems in Tub Girders

2005  Development Length of Prestressing Strands in Precast/Prestressed Girders using Self Compacting Concrete

2005  Evaluation and Repair of a Deep Transfer Girder

2005  Experimental Validation of a Shear Stud Connection between Steel Girders and a Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Deck in the Transverse Direction

2004  Adhesively Bonded and Translucent Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Sandwich Girders

2004  Composite Shear Stud Strength at Early Concrete Ages

2004  Construction: Colorado DOT Adopts New Girder Erection Policy

2004  Development of an Efficient Connector System for Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bridge Decks to Steel Girders

2004  Increasing Crane Girder Capacity Using the Strut-and-Tie Method

2004  Repair of Steel Composite Beams with Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Plates

2003  Beam Web Strength under Pairs of Concentrated Compression Loads

2003  Energy Absorption Capacity of the Laminated Fiber Reinforced Rubber Installed at Girder Ends

2003  Fatigue Response of New Graphite/Epoxy-Concrete Girder

2003  Fatigue Strength of Steel Girders Strengthened with Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Patch

2003  Load Distribution Factors in Simply Supported Skew Bridges

2003  Local Effects Induced by Longitudinal Forces in Composite Girders

2003  Model Validation for Bridge-Road-Vehicle Dynamic Interaction System

2003  Rehabilitation of Bridge Superstructures via the Addition of Girder Lines. I: Theoretical Considerations

2003  Repair of Damaged Steel-Concrete Composite Girders using Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Sheets

2003  Strengthening of Steel-Concrete Composite Girders using Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers Sheets

2002  Behavior and Design of Longspan Composite Joists

2002  Behavior of Extradosed Bridge with Composite Girder

2002  Bending Behavior of Composite Girders with Cold Formed Steel U Section

2002  The Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code Approach to the Design of Composite Beams and Girders