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Found 43 Records with the keyword term of "Geotechnical models"

2014  Load-Settlement Modeling of Axially Loaded Drilled Shafts Using CPT-Based Recurrent Neural Networks

2013  One-Way versus Two-Way Coupling in Reservoir-Geomechanical Models

2013  Stress-Strain Degradation Response of Railway Ballast Stabilized with Geosynthetics

2012  Back Matter

2012  Front Matter

2012  Geotechnical Engineering State of the Art and Practice, Keynote Lectures from GeoCongress 2012

2012  Improved Performance of Railway Ballast under Impact Loads Using Shock Mats

2011  Influence of Pore Fluid Viscosity on the Dynamic Properties of an Artificial Clay

2011  New Models for Strength and Deformability Parameter Calculation in Rock Masses Using Data-Mining Techniques

2011  Nonisothermal Multicomponent Reactive Transport Model for Unsaturated Soil

2011  Practical Subgrade Model for Improved Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis: Model Development

2011  Three-Dimensional Field-Scale Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Modeling: Parallel Computing Implementation

2010  The Role of Analysis and Modeling in Geotechnical Design in the 21st Century

2009  Bayesian Model Calibration Using Geotechnical Centrifuge Tests

2009  Discrete Simulations of Laboratory Loading Conditions

2009  Mechanical Characterization of an Artificial Clay

2009  Seafloor-Riser Interaction Model

2008  Capturing Nonlinear Vibratory Roller Compactor Behavior through Lumped Parameter Modeling

2008  E-Defense Facility: A Frontier in Geotechnical Physical Modeling

2008  Equivalent Stress Equation for Unsaturated Soils. I: Equivalent Stress

2008  Equivalent Stress Equation for Unsaturated Soils. II. Solid-Porous Model

2007  Effect of Sediment Column on Weak-Motion Site Response for a Deep Basin Fill

2007  Nonlinear Soil — Abutment — Bridge Structure Interaction for Seismic Performance-Based Design

2007  Unified Compression Model for Venice Lagoon Natural Silts

2006  Influence of Micromaterial Heterogeneity on Strain Localization in Granular Materials

2006  Prediction of Soil–Water Characteristic Curve using Genetic Programming

2004  Three Dimensional Model of a Shaft Station

2002  Recommendations for Choice of Coefficients in Pile Bearing Capacity

2000  Time-Dependent Three-Dimensional Finite-Element Ground Model for Geotechnical Engineering Problems

1998  An Attempt to Compare Image Processing and Stereophotogrammetry in Geotechnical Centrifuge Models

1998  Numerical Image Processing in Centrifuge Testing

1997  Regional Versus Site Specific Spatial Hazard Analysis

1996  Approach, Methods and Results of an Individual Elicitation for the Volcanism Expert Judgment Panel

1996  Modeling the Behavior of LNAPLs Under Hydraulic Flushing

1996  Modelling of a Heater Experiment in a Saturated Granite with Thermoporoelastic Source Singularities

1996  Modelling of Thermal-Hydrological-Mechanical Processes in a Discrete Joint

1995  Centrifuge Modeling of Multiphase Flow in the Vadose Zone

1995  Centrifuge Modelling of Clay Liner Performance Characteristics

1995  Earthquake Hazard Mapping for Lifeline Engineering Coquitlam, British Columbia

1995  A New Method for Studying Diffusion in Unsaturated Soil

1992  Model Uncertainty Representation in Geotechnical Reliability Analyses

1986  Pipeline Frost Heave Predictions Using a 2-D Thermal Model

1985  Computer Modeling of Roof Support