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2015  As I See It: Why Not Use Geosynthetics?

2015  Deformation Analysis of Geotextile-Encased Stone Columns

2015  Finite-Element Analysis on the Stability of Geotextile Tube-Reinforced Embankments under Scouring

2015  Geosynthetic Materials Help Build Optimized Infrastructure

2015  Geosynthetic-Reinforced Piled Embankments: Comparison of Numerical and Analytical Methods

2015  Geotextile Tube Dewatering

2015  Large Diameter Triaxial Tests on Geosynthetic-Reinforced Granular Subbases

2015  National Usage of Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil to Support Bridges

2015  Numerical Modeling of Geotextile-Reinforced Embankments over Deep Cement Mixed Columns Incorporating Strain-Softening Behavior of Columns

2014  Analytical and Numerical Studies of Geosynthetic Tubes Resting on Deformable Foundations

2014  Analytical Study for Geosynthetic Reinforced Embankment on Elastic Foundation

2014  Application of Jute Geotextiles for Rural Road Pavement Construction

2014  Back-to-Back Geosynthetic-Reinforced MSE Wall Supporting Elevated Dual Railroad Tracks

2014  Behavior Improvement of Raft Foundation on Port-Said Soft Clay Utilizing Geofoam

2014  Behavior of Geogrid Reinforced Ballast at Different Levels of Degradation

2014  Behavior of Impregnated Paving Geotextiles: Study of Optimum Tack Coat Rate

2014  Behavior of Strip Footing on Fiber-Reinforced Model Slopes

2014  Behaviour of Prestressed Reinforced Foundation Beds Overlying Weak Soil

2014  Calcium-Resistant Membrane Behavior of Polymerized Bentonite

2014  A Case Study of Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil in a Low-Volume Bridge Abutment in Iowa

2014  Case Study of Ground Improvement to Qianhai Reclamation Area, Qianhai Bay, Shenzhen

2014  A Case Study of MSE Wall Stability: Comparison of Limit Equilibrium and Numerical Methods

2014  Characterization of Soil-Geosynthetic Interaction Based on Surface Roughness Studies

2014  Comparison of Strip-reinforced with H-V Reinforced Foundation Using FEM

2014  Compensated Raft Foundation on a Preloaded Soil Improved by Vertical Drains

2014  Consolidation of Soft Foundations Treated with Composite Columns

2014  Constitutive Modeling and Testing of Interface between Backfill Soil and Fiber-Reinforced Polymer

2014  Current State of the Art in Jet Grouting for Stabilizing Soft Soil

2014  Degree of Turbulence of Flow in Geosynthetic and Granular Drains

2014  Design and Construction of a Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil-Integrated Bridge System

2014  Design Charts for Foundation System Reinforced with Peripheral Vertical Inserts

2014  Durability of Polymer Infused Roots Used for Soil Stabilization

2014  Durability Studies on Native Soil-Based Controlled Low Strength Materials

2014  Effect of Municipal Solid Waste Leachate on Hydraulic Conductivity and Exchange Complex of Geosynthetic Clay Liners

2014  Effect of Reinforcement Form on the Pullout Resistance of Reinforced Sand

2014  Effect of Volcanic Ash Utilization As Substitution Material for Soil Stabilization in View Point of Geo-Environment

2014  Effects of Confinement on the Stress-Strain Behavior of EPS Geofoam

2014  Effects of Runoff Characteristics and Filter Type on Geotextile Storm Water Treatment

2014  Evaluating Geogrid Performance with Loaded Wheel Tester

2014  Evaluation of Geosynthetics in Unpaved Roads Built over Natural Soft Subgrade Using Full-Scale Accelerated Pavement Testing

2014  Evaluation of Tensile Strength-Strain Characteristics of Fiber-Reinforced Soil through Laboratory Tests

2014  Evaluation of the Deformation of a Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil Bridge Abutment

2014  Experiment Research of Bearing Behavior on Lime-Soil Pile and CFG Pile Rigid-Flexible Pile Composite Subgrade

2014  Experimental Investigation of Sand-Nanosilica Mixture under Long-Term Unfavourable Environments

2014  Experimental Study of the Electro-Osmosis Consolidation of Soft Clay under Anode Follow-Up

2014  Experimental Study on Horizontal Bearing Capacity of Cement-Soil Pile Reinforced with Fiberglass Geogrid

2014  Experimental Study on Resilient Behavior of Triaxial Geogrid-Stabilized Unpaved Roads

2014  Flexural Behavior of Concrete Beams Reinforced with Different Types of Geogrids

2014  Front Matter

2014  Ground Improvement and Geosynthetics

2014  Ground Improvement for Rail, Port and Road Infrastructure--From Theory to Practice

2014  Hydraulic Conductivity of Geosynthetic Clay Liners to Synthetic Coal Combustion Product Leachates

2014  Impact of Cohesion on Seismic Design of Geosynthetic-Reinforced Earth Structures

2014  Impact Roller Compaction of Dry Sand in Laboratory Tests

2014  Improving Expansive Shale Behaviour Using Soil Replacement and Rock Fill

2014  Influence of Leveling Pad Interface Properties on Soil Reinforcement Loads for Walls on Rigid Foundations

2014  Influence of Polarity Reversal and Current Intermittence on Electro-Osmosis

2014  Initial Investigation of Soil Stabilization with Calcined Dolomite-GGBS Blends

2014  Instrumentation and Early Performance of a Large-Grade GRS-IBS Wall

2014  Interface Shear Damage to a HDPE Geomembrane. I: Gravelly Compacted Clay Liner

2014  Interface Shear Damage to a HDPE Geomembrane. II: Gravel Drainage Layer

2014  Jet Grouting for the Mitigation of Excavation Wall Movements in Glacial Silts

2014  Laboratory Pullout Equipment for Testing Soil-Geosynthetic Interface for Reinforced Flexible Pavement Design

2014  Laboratory Research on Resilient Modulus of Lime-Stabilized Soil

2014  Laboratory Study on Geosynthetic Protection of Buried Steel-Reinforced HDPE Pipes from Static Loading

2014  Laboratory Tests and Numerical Analysis on the Grouting Reinforcement Effect for Soft-Soil Subgrade Settlement of High-Speed Railway

2014  Long-Term Hydraulic Conductivity of a Bentonite-Polymer Composite Permeated with Aggressive Inorganic Solutions

2014  Model Studies on Geocell Reinforced Granular Sub-Bases

2014  Model Test of Soft Soil Improved by High Energy Dynamic Replacement Method

2014  Model Tests of Subsidence of the Reinforced Soil over Voids

2014  Modelling Behaviour of Cemented Clay Capturing Cementation Degradation

2014  A Note on Pile Length Optimization of Pile Groups Considering the Non-Linear Behavior of Piles

2014  Numerical Analyses of Soil Arching in Rigid Pile Supported Embankments

2014  Numerical Analysis of Failure Modes of Deep Mixed Column-Supported Embankments on Soft Soils

2014  Numerical Analysis of Piled Embankments on Soft Soils

2014  Numerical Modeling of Artificial Ground Freezing: Multiphase Modeling and Strength Upscaling

2014  Numerical Simulation of EPS Geofoam as Compressible Inclusions in Fly Ash Backfill Retaining Walls

2014  Numerical Simulations for Response of MSE Wall-Supported Bridge Abutments to Vertical Load

2014  Protection of Buried Pipelines Using a Combination of Geocell and Geogrid Reinforcement: Experimental Studies

2014  Protection of Pipelines and Buried Structures Using EPS Geofoam

2014  Rapid Replacement

2014  Reduced-Scale Shaking Table Tests on Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil Walls with Modular Facing

2014  Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls in the Mina Al Fajer Resort Project, Fujairah, UAE

2014  Research on the Anchorage-Reinforced Technology in the Highway Subgrade Widening Projects

2014  Secondary Settlement of Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil Piers: Preliminary Results

2014  Seismic Parametric Study of the FoGuang Geosynthetic Reinforced Slope

2014  Slope-Stability Charts for Stacked Geotextile Tubes

2014  Soil-Strength Enhancements from Polymer-Infused Roots

2014  Stabilization of Erodible Slopes with Geofibers and Nontraditional Liquid Additives

2014  Study of Geogrid Reinforcement Using Two-Dimensional Discrete Element Method

2014  Study on Strength Characteristics and Microcosmic Mechanism of Silt Improved by Lignin-Based Bio-Energy Coproducts

2014  Subgrade Performance and Treatment of Silty Clay with Low Liquid Limit in Widening

2014  Tensoresistive PVC Coating for Sensor-Enabled Geogrids

2014  Three-Year Evaluation of Thermally Induced Strain and Corresponding Lateral End Pressures for a GRS IBS in Ohio

2014  Use of Wicking Fabric to Help Prevent Frost Boils in Alaskan Pavements

2014  Vegetation Tests of Geocell-Reinforced Unpaved Shoulders

2014  Vibro-Replacement Ground Improvement within Layered and Interbedded Variably Cemented Sedimentary Limestone and Granular Soils

2013  Acceleration-Amplified Responses of Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil Structures with a Wide Range of Input Ground Accelerations

2013  Analysis of Geocell Load Transfer Mechanism Using a New Radial Load Test

2013  Analytical Model for Resilient Modulus and Permanent Deformation of Geosynthetic-Reinforced Unbound Granular Material