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2015  Sunken Confederate Ironclad Being Raised for Savannah Harbor Expansion

2014  APM Tunnel Extension for the Maynard H. Jackson Terminal at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

2014  Comprehensive Load Test on Prestressed Concrete Piles in Alluvial Clays and Marl in Savannah, Georgia

2014  Investigation of Uncertainties in Surface Water Resource Assessment of Georgia’s State Water Plan

2014  Site Characterization of Atlantic Coastal Plain Deposits in Savannah, Georgia

2013  Error Quantification for Hurricane Storm Surge Simulations along the Coasts of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia

2013  HOV/HOT Lane Vehicle Characteristics: A Case Study on Atlanta’s I-85 HOV-TO-HOT Corridor

2013  Modeling a Proposed Quarry Reservoir for Raw Water Storage in Atlanta, Georgia

2013  Pavement Management Using Real-Time Traffic Data

2013  Smooth Transition

2012  Advanced Estimation of Coastal Storm Surge: Application of SWAN+ADCIRC in Georgia/Northeast Florida Storm Surge Study

2012  Georgia Statewide Water Planning: Crossing All Boundaries

2012  GIS: A Decision Making Tool for Pipeline Asset Management in Atlanta

2012  HDD Matches Installation Method to Long and Difficult Pipe Crossing in Macon, GA

2012  Hiding a 96 Inch Pipeline in Your Neighbor’s Backyard

2012  Influence of Climate Change on Future Hurricane Wind Hazards along the US Eastern Coast and the Gulf of Mexico

2012  Large Steel Penstock Relining: The Blue Ridge Dam Rehabilitation

2012  Two Chattahoochee River Dams to Make Way for Recreation, Ecosystem Improvements

2011  Exposed Geomembrane Cover Design: A Simplified Design Approach

2011  Forecasting of Erosion and Debris Flow Processes for the Energy Supply and Transport Corridors of Georgia Using the Theory of Reliability and Risk

2011  Investigating the Potential for Producing Fired Bricks from Savannah Harbor Dredged Sediment

2011  Resilience Analysis of Savanna Systems for Sustainable Management

2011  Risk Management with Performance-Based Geoengineering Monitoring: APM Tunnel Extension at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

2011  Sediment Resuspension by Vessel-Generated Waves along the Savannah River, Georgia

2011  Skyline Drive: Engineered With Nature in Mind

2010  Critical Assessment of Pavement Distress Segmentation Methods

2010  Georgia DOT’s Implementation of BridgeWatch

2010  Modeling of Oxygen Injection Experiment in Savannah Harbor

2010  Physical Modeling of Abutment Scour for Overtopping, Submerged Orifice, and Free Surface Flows

2010  The Use of MASW to Improve the Geotechnical Site Characterization of the 18.5 Km (11.5 Miles) Long Augusta Levee—Preliminary Findings

2009  APM Systems: The Key to Atlanta Airport Expansion

2009  Environmental Impacts on Surface Water and Groundwater for Expanding Urban Water Supply Capacity Using Stone Quarries

2009  Evaluating the Mixing Mechanism of Outfall Discharges from Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems

2009  Expanding the APM System at Atlanta Airport

2009  Guideway Design and Construction

2009  Major U.S. Dam Failures: Their Cause, Resultant Losses, and Impact on Dam Safety Programs and Engineering Practice

2009  NewsBriefs: World’s Largest Bottle Recycling Facility Opens

2009  Operations and Maintenance at Atlanta Airport

2009  Planning and Integration — MHJIT at Atlanta Airport

2009  The St. Regis Hotel and Residence (Atlanta, GA) — Analysis, Design, and Construction

2009  Welded Steel Pipe Lap Joints—An Evolution

2008  The City of Atlanta: Microtunneling Projects Using Vitrified Clay Jacking Pipe

2008  A Comparison between BIOCHLOR and the Analytical Contaminant Transport Analysis System (ACTS) for a Case Study in Coastal Georgia

2008  Developing O&M Plans for Homeowners Associations: Case Study

2008  Effects of Upstream River Flow Regulation on the Annual Low Flow Magnitude in the Savannah River at Augusta, Georgia, USA

2008  Impact of New-Generation Aircraft at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

2008  LNG Containment Dike Design and Monitoring at Southern LNG Elba Island Phase II Expansion

2008  NewsBriefs: Civil War Informs Heritage Trails

2008  Site Characterization Philosophy and Liquefaction Evaluation of Aged Sands — A Savannah River Site and Bechtel Perspective

2007  Atlanta’s Consent Decrees Drive a Substantial Commitment to Trenchless Sewer Rehabilitation

2007  Atlanta’s SSES and Integrated Sewer Rehabilitation Selection Process

2007  Bridge Scour in Cohesive Soils: A Case Study

2007  Case Study: Numerical Evaluation of Hydraulic Transients in a Combined Sewer Overflow Tunnel System

2007  Clean Water Atlanta Enterprise GIS

2007  Comparison of Priestley-Taylor and FAO-56 Penman-Monteith for Daily Reference Evapotranspiration Estimation in Georgia

2007  Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation Recommendations to Renew Raw Water Pipeline Infrastructure for City of Atlanta

2007  Daily and Seasonal Response of a Cantilever Retaining Wall

2007  Demand Allocation for the Gwinnett County, GA, Hydraulic and Water Quality Model Setup

2007  Evaluation of Sanitary Sewer Collection System Management Approaches and Impact on Water Resources Management

2007  Georgia Ports Authority Intermodal Planning

2007  Georgia’s Comprehensive State Water Plan: The Reasons and Procedures for Developing the Plan

2007  Hydraulic Modeling — A Tool for Addressing the Consent Decree

2007  Infrastructure: Cobb County Plans Second Major Tunnel

2007  One-Dimensional (1-D) vs Two-Dimensional (2-D) Hydraulic Modeling for Multiple Openings; A Case Study in Georgia for Comparison and Calibration

2007  People: Abraham Named Georgia’s Transportation Commissioner

2007  Probabilistic Analysis of Pesticide Transport in Shallow Groundwater at Oatland Island, Georgia

2007  Rapid Replacement of Four GDOT Bridge Decks

2007  Reengineering Wet Ponds and Streams for Water Quality Improvement in Gwinnett County, Georgia - Emphasizing Value

2007  Shaping the Colony: The Savannah City Plan

2007  Unknown Foundation Testing: A Case Comparison of Different Geophysical Methods

2007  Welded Lap Joint Brittle Failure: A Structural Assessment of an Atlanta 72-Inch Welded Steel Water Pipe Demonstrates Need for Improvement in AWWA Standards

2006  Buildings: Georgia Aquarium Incorporates Numerous Habitats

2006  Characterizing Early-Age Properties of Lithium-Treated Concrete Mixtures

2006  Court Decisions: Board May Waive Its Own Requirements

2006  Defeating Delays

2006  Developing Multiple Indicators and Triggers for Drought Plans

2006  Development of Depth-Duration-Frequency Relationships Using Homogeneous Region Concept

2006  Foundation Investigation at Hickory Log Creek Dam, Canton, Georgia

2006  Habitat Creation in Tidal Zones: Hydrologic Issues in West Coast Applications

2006  Impact of Property Management Services on Affordable Housing Residents in Atlanta, Georgia

2006  Modeling Hydrodynamics and Storm Effect in the Altamaha River Sound

2006  Network Level Airfield Pavement Management Program at ATL: A Historical Perspective

2006  A New Framework for Water Conflict Resolution

2006  Prioritizing Collection System Repairs with Limited Information

2006  Roughness Assessment of Runway 8L-26R at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

2006  Spatial Distribution of Groundwater Availability for Various Pumping Scenarios in Savannah Region

2006  Transportation System Sustainability Issues in High-, Middle-, and Low-Income Economies: Case Studies from Georgia (U.S.), South Korea, Colombia, and Ghana

2005  Atlanta CONRAC Automated People Mover: Potential Industry Trends or Just Local Preferences?

2005  BOD Performance Correlation at Georgia WWTPs

2005  Cotton, Corn, and Peanut Yield Under Subsurface Drip Irrigation

2005  Court Decisions: Housing Authority Development is Public – Lien not Justified

2005  Hydrogeologic Investigation of Leakage through Sinkholes in the Bed of Lake Seminole to Springs Located Downstream from Jim Woodruff Dam

2005  On-Line Submission: US Postal Service Southeast Area Water Program Initiatives

2004  5th Runway Embankment Settlement Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport

2004  Constrained Fuzzy c-Mean Clustering Algorithm for Determining Bridge Let Projects

2004  Construction of the Deep Cut-off at the Walter F. George Dam

2004  Court Decisions: Agreement Between contractor and Owner Does Not Affect Subcontractor

2004  Impact of Urbanization on Sediment Budget of Peachtree Creek

2004  A Numerical Model for Hydraulic Transients in Drainage Systems

2004  Poetic Crossing