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2014  Determination of the Depth and Discontinuity of Hard Limestone Stratum Using Resistivity Imaging (RI)

2014  Effects of Bentonite Content on Electrical Resistivity of Soils

2012  Geophysical Investigation and InSAR Mapping of Permafrost and Ground Movement at the Iqaluit Airport

2012  Rejuvenating Pre-GPS Era Geophysical Surveys Using The National Map

2012  Surface Geophysical Measurements for Locating and Mapping Ice-Wedges

2009  Performance of Active and Passive Methods for Measuring Low-Frequency Surface Wave Dispersion Curves

2008  Experience from Two Resistivity Inversion Techniques Applied in Three Cases of Geotechnical Site Investigation

2008  The Path Behind and Highway Ahead: A Perspective on the Future of Geophysics in Engineering

2007  Source Constraints and Model Simulation of the December 26, 2004, Indian Ocean Tsunami

2006  Case Study: Application of GPR to Detection of Hidden Dangers to Underwater Hydraulic Structures

2006  Geophysical Surveying and Data Simulation Application to Geotechnical Investigations: A Cost Effective Approach for Developing Economical Foundation Engineering Design Criteria

2006  Resistivity Survey of the Subsurface Conditions in the Estuary of the Rio de la Plata

2006  Role of Practical Geophysics in In-Situ Characterization for Underground Construction in Phoenix, Arizona

2005  Advanced Airborne Geophysics for Environmental and Engineering Solutions

2005  Application of Geophysical Logging Techniques for Multi-Channel Well Design and Installation in a Karst Aquifer

2005  Characterization of a Sinkhole Prone Retention Pond Using Multiple Geophysical Surveys and Closely Spaced Borings

2005  Combining Surface and Downhole Geophysical Methods to Identify Karst Conditions in North-Central Iowa

2005  Cost Effective Geophysical Approaches for Various Geotechnical Problems

2005  Engineering Vibration Investigations in Geophysical Exploration at Construction Sites

2005  Integrated Geophysical Surveys Applied to Karstic Studies Over Transmission Lines in San Antonio, Texas

2005  Practical Applications of Engineering Geophysics to Help Solve Tough Problems and Lead to Improved Technologies

2005  Use of Integrated Geophysics to Characterize Paleo-Fluvial Deposits

2004  Design of Geophysical Surveys in Transportation

2004  Evaluation of an Emerging Market in Subsurface Utility Engineering

2001  Use of Engineering Geophysics to Investigate a Site for a Bridge Foundation

2000  Astronaut Training in Field Geophysical Methods

2000  A Critical Look at Use of “Rules of Thumb” for Selection of Grout Injection Pressures

2000  Detection of Coal Mines Using Apparent Conductivity

2000  Drilling and Logging in Space: An Oil-Well Perspective

2000  Earthwork Factors in Weathered Granites by Geophysics

2000  Geophysical Survey Techniques for Identifying Potential Collapse Features Under Highways

2000  Geophysical Survey Techniques to Determine Lengths of Piles and Drilled Shafts

2000  An Overview of Geophysical and Non-Destructive Methods for Characterization of Roads and Bridges

2000  Prediction of Rock Excavation Quantities Using Conventional and Geophysical Investigation Methods

2000  Small Strain Stiffness of Natural Granitic Saprolite in Hong Kong

2000  Use of Geophysical Methods in Construction

1999  The Art of the Possible

1999  Electrical Imaging: An Old Technology Effectively Modernized

1999  Geophysical Surveys of a Known Karst Feature: Oak Ridge Y-12 Plant, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

1999  Mine Shaft Stabilization Using Compaction Grouting

1999  Tomographic Imaging of Soil-Tunnel Interaction

1999  Tomography to Evaluate Site Conditions during Tunneling

1999  Using Geophysical Data to Assess Scour Development

1999  Using Geophysical Data to Assess Scour Development

1998  Mediating Conflicts Between Fish and Oil: A Prototype for Joint Problem Solving of Space-Use and Resource Conflicts

1998  No Longer So Clueless in Seattle: Current Assessment of Earthquake Hazards

1998  Role of Geophysics in Expedited Site Characterization: Case History

1997  Conjunctive Use of Geophysical or Tracer Data with Hydrogeological Testing for Enhanced Site Characterization

1997  Geophysical Exploration for Engineering and Environmental Investigations

1997  Ground-Penetrating Radar Saves Crews a Bit of Time

1996  The Application of Time Domain Electromagnetics to a Regional Groundwater Investigation in Western Washington

1996  Case Histories of Geophysics Applied to Civil Engineering and Public Policy

1996  Delineating Subsurface Contamination Using Geostatistical and Non-Intrusive Geophysical Methodologies

1996  Geological and Geophysical Studies of Sites in the Ukrainian Shield Rock Series Suitable for Construction of Underground Laboratories

1996  Geophysical Characterization of Florida Limestone—An Investigative Case History

1996  Geophysical Investigation of Karst Collapse Features for a Proposed Waste Rock Stockpile Irian Jaya, Indonesia

1996  Ground and Airborne Magnetic and Electromagnetic Surveys at a Hazardous Waste Site

1996  Inference of Dynamic Shear Modulus from Lotung Downhole Data

1996  Location of a Lunar Base: A Site Selection Strategy

1996  Magnetic Investigation of a Simulated Hazardous Waste Site

1996  A Marine Geophysical Investigation to Determine the Cause for Failure of the Yaquina Bay Jetty, Newport, Oregon

1996  Optimum Smoothing Filter for Geophysical Tomography by the Extended Bayesian Method

1996  Results of Multiple High-Resolution Geophysical Surveys at Yucca Mountain

1996  Use of Geophysics to Aid in Mapping Basalts Relevant to Ground Water Flow and a Landslide Hazard at Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument

1995  Geophysical Expression of the Ghost Dance Fault, Yucca Mountain, Nevada

1995  Geophysical Methods for Environmental Assessment

1995  A New Tool for Aquifer Characterization

1994  A Characterization Study of Fractured Rock

1994  Site Investigation Surveys for Dredging Projects

1993  Evaluation of Historical Scour at Selected Stream Crossings in Indiana

1993  Geophysical Investigations of Concealed Faults Near Yucca Mountain, Southwest Nevada

1993  Geophysical Methods for Fracture Characterization in and Around Potential Sites for Nuclear Waste Disposal

1993  GIS Procedure for Developing Three-Dimensional Subsurface Profile

1993  Summary of Questions/Answers and Panel Discussions on Session VI: Guidelines for Instrumentation and Monitoring

1993  U.S. Firm Enters Russia on the Ground Floor

1993  Using Geophysical Data to Assess Scour Development

1992  The Small Mars Rover

1991  Geophysical Borehole Logging in the Unsaturated Zone, Yucca Mountain, Nevada

1991  Integrated Photogrammetric and Geophysical Monitoring of Shoreline Instability in Littoral Cells in the Pacific Northwest, USA

1990  Application of Geophysical Methods for Fracture Characterization

1990  A Geophysical Model for Earthquake Hazard Estimation

1990  Rationale and Requirements for Lunar Exploration

1990  Sounding Out Buried Waste

1990  Tomographic Geophysics for Better Subsurface Geologic Information

1988  Characterizing Groundwater Protection Zones

1988  Evaluating Sinkhole Hazards in Mantled Karst Terrane

1988  Exploration of Karst Conditions in Central Florida

1988  Geophysical Exploration for Cavity Detection in Karst Terrain

1985  Shallow Seismic Exploration in Soil Dynamics

1985  Surveys of Coastal Structures Using Geophysical Techniques

1984  Integrity Testing of Bored Piles Using Sonic Logging

1983  Offshore Geotechnics: Trans-Panama Pipeline System

1983  Remote Sensing Characterization of Nigerian Soils

1982  Correlating Results of a Geophysical Study and Drum Excavation

1981  Indirect Techniques for Investigating Hazardous Waste Burial Sites

1981  Sand Waves in Lower Cook Inlet, Alaska

1981  Texture Maps: A Guide to Deep Ground Basins--Central Valley, California

1980  Remote Sensing for Tunnel Siting Studies

1978  Geophysical Characterization Using Advanced Data Processing

1975  Instrumentation for Wave Induced Pore Pressures