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2013  Scaling of the Network Instantaneous Response Function from Basin Geomorphology and Hydraulic Geometry

2012  Hydrogeological Characterization of the Plateaus Region of the Quito Aquifer System Using Remote Sensing, Digital Geomorphology, and Geophysics

2012  Link between Flow Regime and the Catchment Hypsometry: Analysis of South Australian Basins

2012  Two Semidistributed ANN-Based Models for Estimation of Suspended Sediment Load

2011  Criteria for the Formation of Sediment Plugs in Alluvial Rivers

2010  Designing Storm-Water Controls to Promote Sustainable Ecosystems: Science and Application

2010  Downstream Hydraulic Geometry of Clay-Dominated Cohesive Bed Rivers

2010  Modeling and Sizing Bioretention Using Flow Duration Control

2009  Formation and Evolution of the Jiuduansha Shoal over the Past 50 Years

2008  American Sedimentation Law and Physical Processes

2008  Bridge Scour Evaluation

2008  Bridge-Scour Prevention and Countermeasures

2008  Computational Modeling of Sedimentation Processes

2008  Containment Processes in Sediments

2008  Conversion of Units

2008  Development and Application of Numerical Models of Sediment Transport Associated with Dam Removal

2008  Development of Storm-Water Management Design Criteria to Maintain Geomorphic Stability in Kansas City Metropolitan Area Streams

2008  Engineering Geomorphology

2008  Estimating Sediment Discharge

2008  Fine Grained Sediment Transport

2008  Front Matter

2008  Fundamentals of Fluvial Geomorphology

2008  Geomorphic Influence on Flood Hazards in a Lowland Fluvial-Tidal Transitional Area, Central Valley, California

2008  Ice Effects on Sediment Transport in Rivers

2008  Index

2008  Limited Glossary of Selected Terms

2008  Modeling Study of Free Overfall in a Rectangular Channel with Strip Roughness

2008  Overview of Sedimentation Engineering

2008  Performance of Bed-Load Transport Equations Relative to Geomorphic Sitnificance: Predicting Effective Discharge and Its Transport Rate

2008  Predicting Direct Runoff from Hilly Watershed Using Geomorphology and Stream-Order-Law Ratios: Case Study

2008  Reservoir Sedimentation

2008  Riprap Design

2008  River Meandering and Channel Stability

2008  Rock Scour

2008  Sediment Oxygen Demand (SOD) in Rivers, Lakes, and Estuaries

2008  Sediment Transport and Morphodynamics

2008  Sediment Transport Measurements

2008  Sediment Transport Scaling for Physical Models

2008  Sedimentation Engineering, Processes, Measurements, Modeling, and Practice

2008  Sedimentation Hazards

2008  Stream Restoration

2008  Streambank Erosion and River Width Adjustment

2008  Transport of Gravel and Sediment Mixtures

2008  Turbulence Models for Sediment Transport Engineering

2008  Two- and Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Mobile-Bed Hydrodynamics and Sedimentation

2008  Vito A. Vanoni (1904-1999): Leader in Sedimentation Engineering

2008  Watershed Sediment Yield

2007  Case Study: Delayed Sedimentation Responses to Inflow and Operations at Sanmenxia Dam

2007  Channel-Forming Discharge Selection in River Restoration Design

2007  Chesapeake Bay: Headland Control Systems Performance Including Hurricane Isabel

2007  Geomorphic and Sedimentologic Evidence for Net Littoral Drift — A Review

2007  Geomorphic Features Shaped by Crossing Waves

2007  A Geomorphic Process-Response Model for Chenier-Plain Evolution in Southwestern Louisiana, USA

2007  Geomorphic Response and Elements of Sediment Budget at St. Joseph Harbor, Southeast Lake Michigan

2006  The Application of Stream Classification Using the Fluvial Geomorphology Approach for Natural Channel Design: The Rest of the Story

2006  Flood Estimation by GIUH-Based Clark and Nash Models

2006  Methodology for Geomorphological Analysis in the Saguenay Fjord, Quebec, Canada

2006  Spatial Uncertainty Modeling of Climate Processes for Extreme Hydrogeomorphological Events Hazard Monitoring

2005  Assessing Geomorphic, Ecological and Social Benefits of Bankfull Flow in Onondaga Creeks Urban Channel

2005  A Comparison of Prediction Versus Validation Methods of Assessing Stream Geomorphology

2005  A Comprehensive Watershed Assessment in an Urbanizing Area — From Hydrology, Geomorphology to Water Quality

2005  A Conceptual Geomorphic Model for Mid-Atlantic Streams

2005  Development of Sediment TMDLs: Need for Improved Integration of Sediment, Geomorphological, Habitat, and Ecological Data

2005  The Geomorphic Effects of Existing Dams and Historic Dam Removals in the Mid-Atlantic Region, USA

2005  Linking Stream Geomorphology, Watershed Condition and Aquatic Ecosystem Health

2005  Review of Riparian Vegetation and Fluvial Geomorphology, edited by Sean J. Bennett and Andrew Simon

2005  Situation and Prospect of Urban Stream Restoration in Korea

2005  A Soil Structure Index to Predict Rate Dependence of Stress-Strain Behavior

2004  Analytical Solutions for Estimating Effective Discharge

2004  Applying Classical Geomorphology in Disturbed Urban Basins: A Design Approach

2004  Bridging Engineering, Ecological, and Geomorphic Science to Enhance Riverine Restoration: Local and National Efforts

2004  Complex Principal Component Analysis of Medium-term Nearshore Geomorphology at North Sendai Coast, Japan

2004  Detailed Geomorphic and Biologic Assessment of a Maryland Stream

2004  Development of Process-Based Assessment Protocols in the Kishwaukee River Basin, Illinois: Watershed Integration of Hydrology, Geomorphology, and Ecology

2004  The Development of Regional Bankfull Discharge Regression Curves from Rural and Urban Stream Streams in the Piedmont of Maryland and Delaware

2004  Developmental Characteristics of Aeolian Sand Geomorphology and Their Environmental Changes in the Adjoining Region of Puruogangri Ice Sheet, North Tibet Plateau

2004  Geomorphic Assessments of Stream Conditions in Urban Watersheds: The Incised Channel Evolution Model

2004  Hydrodynamic Dispersive and Advective Processes in Watershed Responses

2004  The Practical Application of Fluvial Geomorphology in Watershed Master Planning

2004  St. Louis Metro East Region Sediment and Geomorphic Study

2004  The Uses of Sediment Transport and Morphodynamic Modeling in Stream Restoration

2003  Bed-Load Transport Equation for Sheet Flow

2003  Effect of Soil Condition on Channel Transmission Loss during Ephemeral Flow Events

2002  Applying Geomorphology to Environmental Management by Deborah J. Anthony, Michael D. Harvey, Jonathan B. Laronne, and M. Paul Mosley

2002  Bedload Layer Thickness and Disturbance Depth in Gravel Bed Streams

2002  Can In-Stream Integrity Be Obtained through On-Site Controls?

2002  Estuaries of South America: Their Geomorphology and Dynamics by G. M. Perillo, M. Cintia-Piccolo, and M. Pino-Quivira

2002  A Geomorphological Approach to Carbonate Sand Searches

2001  Development and Application of a Geomorphic Model for Analysing (Shoreline Change and) the Impacts of Coastal Protection

2001  Modelling Groundwater and Surface Water Interaction for Water Resources Management in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

2001  River-Ice Ecology. I: Hydrologic, Geomorphic, and Water-Quality Aspects

2000  A Bridge to Prosperity: Hydraulic and Scour Analyses of the Ganges River Crossing at Paksey, Bangladesh

2000  Case Study: Requirements for Cumulative Effects Analysis

2000  Numerical Modeling of Sediment Migration during Dam Removal

2000  San Miguel River Restoration: Geomorphology and Hydraulic Engineering as a Basis for Design

1999  Bridge Scour and Stream Instability Countermeasures

1999  Chesapeake Bay: Design and Early Performance of Three Headland Breakwater Systems

1999  Coastal Erosion at Keta Lagoon, Ghana—Large Scale Solution to a Large Scale Problem

1999  Effect of Geomorphic Hazards on Bridge Reliability

1999  Effect of Geomorphic Hazards on Bridge Reliability