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2015  Nonlinear Power-Type Failure Laws for Geomaterials: Synthesis from Triaxial Data, Properties, and Applications

2014  Andreasen Particle Packing Method on the Development of Geopolymer Concrete for Civil Engineering

2014  Discrete Element Approach for Coupled Chemo-Mechanical Mechanisms in Geomaterials

2014  Expanded Polystyrene-Based Geomaterial with Fly Ash

2014  Mechanistic Characterization and Performance Evaluation of Recycled Aggregate Systems

2014  New Frontiers in Geotechnical Engineering

2014  Numerical Modeling of a Highway Embankment Using Geofoam Material as Partial Fill Replacement

2014  Preliminary Results from a Study of the Dynamic Geotechnical Properties of Coal Combustion Products (CCP)

2014  Size Effects on the Void Ratio of Loosely Packed Binary Particle Mixtures

2014  Synthesis and Characterization of Fly Ash Geopolymer Sand

2014  Unified Model for Geomaterial Solid/Fluid States and the Transition in Between

2013  Chemical Degradation and Compaction Instabilities in Geomaterials

2013  A Constitutive Equation for Compression Behaviors of Artificially Cemented Composite Geo-Materials

2013  Coupled Multi-Physics and Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics of Geo-Materials

2013  Design of Planar Geosynthetic-Improved Unpaved and Paved Roads

2013  Durability of Fly Ash-Based Geopolymer Structural Concrete in the Marine Environment

2013  Effect of Porosity on the Thermal Expansion Coefficient of Porous Materials

2013  From 3D Tomography to Physics-Based Mechanics of Geomaterials

2013  Functional Comparison of Lunar Regoliths and Their Simulants

2013  Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Properties of Recycled Construction and Demolition Materials in Pavement Subbase Applications

2013  Geotechnical Performance of Recycled Glass-Waste Rock Blends in Footpath Bases

2013  Homogenization-Based Poroplasticity Damage Formulations for Cohesive-Frictional Geomaterials

2013  Liquid Crystal Interface Micromechanics of Creeping (Geo- and Bio-) Materials

2013  Modeling Mechanical Response of Cemented EPS-Backfill

2013  New Strain Energy-Based Coupled Elastoplastic Damage-Healing Formulations Accounting for Effect of Matric Suction during Earth-Moving Processes

2013  Observations on Mohr-Coulomb Plasticity under Plane Strain

2013  Poromechanical Cohesive Surface Element with Elastoplasticity for Modeling Cracks and Interfaces in Saturated Geomaterials

2013  Potential Value of Outcrop Confidence for Characterizing Geologic Variability

2013  Self-Solidification/Stabilization of Heavy Metal Wastes of Class C Fly Ash-Based Geopolymers

2012  Effect of Geocell Type on Load-Carrying Mechanisms of Geocell-Reinforced Sand Foundations

2012  Evaluation of Factors Affecting the Performance of Geogrid-Reinforced Granular Base Material Using Repeated Load Triaxial Tests

2012  Factors Influencing Crack-Induced Tensile Strength of Compacted Soil

2012  High Capacity Micropiles in Intermediate Geomaterials: Partial versus Full Length Casing

2012  Hyperbolic Model for Load Tests on Instrumented Drilled Shafts in Intermediate Geomaterials and Rock

2012  A Micromechanical Model for Structured Soils Based on the Concept of Binary Medium Model

2012  A Micromechanics-Based Model for the Effect of Coupled Damage and Pore Pressure in Rock-Like Materials under Triaxial Tension

2012  Soil Characterisation of an Artificial Island Accounting for Heterogeneity

2012  Stiffness Degradation and Yielding of EPS Geofoam under Cyclic Loading

2011  Contemporary Topics on Testing, Modeling, and Case Studies of Geomaterials, Pavements, and Tunnels

2011  Emerging Technologies for Material, Design, Rehabilitation, and Inspection of Roadway Pavements

2011  General Strength Criterion for Geomaterials Including Anisotropic Effect

2011  Geo-Frontiers 2011, Advances in Geotechnical Engineering

2011  Geotechnical Properties of Recycled Crushed Brick in Pavement Applications

2011  High-Strength Geopolymer Using Fine High-Calcium Fly Ash

2011  Impact Based Testing Technique for Measuring Moduli of Geomaterials

2011  Impact Based Testing Technique for Measuring Strength of Geomaterials

2011  Investigations of Geotextile Tube Dewatering

2011  Modeling of Rheological Behavior of Geomaterials Based on Fractional Viscoelastic Equation with Variable Parameters

2011  Modeling Unbound Granular Materials under Complex Stress Paths

2011  Probabilistic Calibration of a Discrete Particle Model for Geomaterials

2011  Researchers Test Materials to Stabilize Poor Soils, Lower Road Costs in Rural Alaska

2010  Comparison of Laboratory and Field Moduli of Compacted Geo-Materials

2010  Durability of Cement Treated Clay with Air Foam Used in Water Front Structures

2010  Dynamic Property of Mucky Soil of Subgrade under Cyclic Load

2010  Experimental Evaluation of Strength Characteristics of Stabilized Dredged Soil

2010  Mechanical Behavior of Compacted Geomaterial Changed from the Dredged Soil in Nagoya Port by Mixing with Some Stabilizers

2010  Numerical Investigation of the Pressuremeter Results Affected by Anisotropy of Geomaterials

2010  p-y Curves for Rock and Intermediate Geomaterials Using Pressuremeter Tests

2010  State-of-the-Art: Consolidation-Induced Contaminant Transport for High Water Content Geo-Materials

2010  A Three-Dimensional Unified Hardening Model for Anisotropic Soils

2010  Train Departure Mode and Line Capacity in Inter-City Railway

2010  Transformation of the Sandler and Rubin Nonsmooth Cap Model to the Pelessone Smooth Cap Model

2009  Back Matter

2009  Characterization, Modeling, and Performance of Geomaterials, Selected Papers From the 2009 GeoHunan International Conference

2009  Driven Pile Capacity in Intermediate Geomaterial Formations

2009  Front Matter

2009  Granular Lightweight Fill Composed of Sand and Tire Scrap

2009  Investigation of Impact of Moisture Variation on Response of Pavements through Small-Scale Models

2009  Peroxidase-Mediated Stabilization of 2,4-Dichlorophenol in a Model Humin-Mineral Geomaterial

2008  Dynamic Modeling of Hydraulic Shovel Excavators for Geomaterials

2008  Effects of Force Field in Molecular Mechanics Simulation of Geo-Materials

2008  Geomaterial Excavation in Surficial Environment

2008  Three-Dimensional Noncoaxial Plasticity Modeling of Shear Band Formation in Geomaterials

2007  Considerations for Nonlinear Analyses of Pavement Foundation Geomaterials in the Finite Element Modeling of Flexible Pavements

2007  Evaluation of Newly Developed Aluminum, Lime, and Fly Ash Technology for Solidifaction/Stabilization of Mine Tailings

2007  Extended Transformed Stress Space for Geomaterials and Its Application

2007  Geomaterial Characterizations of Full Scale Pavement Test Sections for Mechanistic Analysis and Design

2007  Modeling and Simulation of Saturated Geomaterials

2007  Soil and Material Inputs for Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design

2006  3-D Coulomb’s Failure Criterion for Various Geomaterials

2006  Analysis of Factors Affecting Strain Distribution in Geosynthetics

2006  Applications of Computed Tomography (CT) to Characterize the Internal Structure of Geomaterials: Limitations and Challenges

2006  Characterization of X-ray CT Data to Assessment of Geomaterials

2006  Constitutive Modeling of Chalk Time-Dependent Behavior and Chalk-Water Interaction

2006  Constitutive Modeling of Geomaterials in General Stress Systems

2006  In Field Soil Characterization: Approach Based on Texture Image Analysis

2006  Nondestructive Quality Control of Geo-Materials Using Seismic Methods

2006  Numerical Methods for Plasticity and Viscoplasticity of Geomaterials

2006  Parameter Optimization and Sensitivity Analysis for Disturbed State Constitutive Model

2006  Protection Measures against Mine Subsidence Taken at a Building Site

2006  Reclaimed Hydrated Fly Ash as a Geomaterial

2006  Selection of Physical and Geometrical Properties for the Confinement of Vibrations in Nonhomogeneous Beams

2006  Site and Geomaterial Characterization

2006  Site-Specific Study on Stabilization of Acid-Generating Mine Tailings using Coal Fly Ash

2006  Some Stability Characteristics of Three-Invariant Plasticity Models

2006  Viscous Property of Geomaterial in Drained Shear

2005  3-D Shape Descriptors for Geomaterial Aggregates Using Multiple Projective Representations

2005  Deformation Bands in Granular Media

2005  Diffuse Vs. Localized Instability in Compacting Geomaterials Under Undrained Conditions

2005  Effects of Viscous Properties and Ageing on the Stress-Strain Behaviour of Geomaterials