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Found 69 Records with the keyword term of "Geography"

2007  NewsBriefs: Talc Facilitates Ground Creep (San Francisco Chronicle)

2004  Place, Perception, and Choice: Response of Citrus Growers to Freeze in California

2003  Wind Speeds in ASCE 7 Standard Peak-Gust Map: Assessment

2000  Urban Public Transportation System of New York City and Its Operation and Use by People

1998  Using Geography as a Management Tool: The National Ocean Service San Francisco Bay Project and Pacific Coast Program

1997  Free Geo-Indexing System Offered on Internet

1996  Rainfall Depth—Duration Relationship for South Italy

1993  Bridge Scour Analysis in New Jersey: Which Scour Factors Matter Most?

1993  The General Characteristic of the Black Sea Coasts

1992  The Physiography and Engineering Constraints of the Continental Slope in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico

1991  National Mapping Division Programs, Products and Services That Can Support Wetlands Mapping

1991  A Regional Study of Coastal Morphology

1990  Application of a GIS to Storm Water Quality Monitoring

1990  Application of the GRASS Geographic Information System in a Sensitive Environment of the Arkansas River Navigation System

1990  Applying a Simple GIS to PMP Analysis in a Microcomputer Environment

1990  The Development of Small Area Socioeconomic Data to be Utilized for Impact Analysis: Rural Southern Nevada

1990  Evaluating Groundwater Pollution Potential Using Geographical Information Systems

1990  GIS In Water Resources in the Year 2000

1990  History of Geographic Information Systems, with Applications in Water Resources Planning and Management

1990  The Present of GIS

1990  Use of Remote Sensing and G.I.S. in the Economic Analysis of Flood Damage Reduction—Three Recent Case Histories

1990  Water Quality Model/GIS Linkage

1989  Application of Geographic Information Systems for Flood Risk Mapping

1989  An Approach to Estuary Management in Atlantic Canada

1989  The Corine “Coastal Erosion Project”: Identification of Coastal Erosion Problems and Data Base on the Littoral Environment of Eleven European Countries

1989  Data Processors for Use in Ground-Water Modeling

1989  Development of a GIS for the U.S. Great Lakes Shoreline

1989  Geographic Information Systems for Coastal Research

1989  Geographic Information Systems for Hydrologic Modeling

1989  Geographic Information System/Watershed Model Interface

1989  GIS Applications to the Water Resources Development Program of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

1989  GIS in Water Resources: An Historical Perspective

1989  The Illinois GIS and Hydrologic Database

1989  Interfacing Geographic Information System Data with Real-Time Hydrologic Forecasting Models

1989  Managing and Disseminating Data Necessary for Coastal Wetland Management in South Carolina

1989  Managing Island Landscapes

1989  North Shore Environmental Management

1989  Problems of Developing a GIS Data Base for the FMG

1989  The Role of Raster-based GIS Technology in Water Resources Planning and Research

1989  Use of Digital Data Sources for Coastal Environmental Sensitivity Index Mapping

1988  Assessing the West

1988  Use of GPS-Derived Coordinates in GIS Environment

1987  A Flood Prediction Geographic Information System

1987  Geographic Estimation of Runoff-Model Parameters

1987  Hydrologic Runoff Modeling of Small Watersheds: The Tinflow Model

1987  Planning by Database

1987  Use of a Geographic Information System as a Tool for Making Land Use Management Decisions for Coastal Wetlands in a State Regulatory Program

1986  Microcomputer Implementation of Geographic Information Systems

1981  Geographic Information System Inputs to National Model Implementation Program for Water Resources Quality Improvement

1980  ADAPT: The Use of Complex Models with a Geographic Data Base

1980  Alternative Approaches for Applying GIS Technology

1980  C A D A E (Computer Aided Design & Engineering)

1980  Calgary’s Computer Mapping & Geographic Referencing

1980  A Comprehensive Application of A Geo-Based Information System on a Region in Colorado

1980  Computer Geographic Base Files for Sanitary Sewers

1980  Data Management for a Metroplex

1980  An Engineering View of CAMRAS

1980  Geographic Data Bases

1980  Geographic Information Systems

1980  Geographic Information Systems: The ODYSSEY Project

1980  Land Records: Costs, Issues and Requirements

1980  Streamflow Network in The Province of Alberta, 1980

1980  Urban Geoprocessing: A Staged Development Concept

1980  USGS Digital Cartographic Applications Program

1980  WAMS: A Computer-Based Mapping and Data Base Management System

1965  Engineering for Marine Exploration and Development

1964  Daylight Star Observations in Antarctica

1963  Electronic Surveying: Accuracy of Electronic Positioning Systems

1959  Drainage Problems of the San Joaquin Valley