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2015  Automated Tornado Damage Assessment and Wind Speed Estimation Based on Terrestrial Laser Scanning

2015  Comparison of Pipeline Failure Prediction Models for Water Distribution Networks with Uncertain and Limited Data

2015  Development and Analysis of GIS Tools for the Automatic Implementation of 1D Hydraulic Models Coupled with Distributed Hydrological Models

2015  Disaggregation of an Urban Population with M_IDW Interpolation and Building Information

2015  Empirical Comparison of Methods for Estimating Location Cost Adjustments Factors

2015  GIS and Artificial Neural Network-Based Water Quality Model for a Stream Network in the Upper Green River Basin, Kentucky, USA

2015  GIS-Based Framework for Supporting Land Use Planning in Urban Renewal: Case Study in Hong Kong

2015  Prioritization of Small and Medium Domestic Dams in Dry Lands

2014  2010 Chile and 2011 Tohoku Tsunami Profiles Measured by GPS Buoys and Coastal Wave and Tide Gauges in a Nationwide Ocean Wave Information Network for Ports and Harbors

2014  Algorithm for Delineating and Extracting Hillslopes and Hillslope Width Functions from Gridded Elevation Data

2014  Assessment of Surface Runoff Vulnerability to Climate Change in the Lerma-Chapala Basin, Mexico

2014  Decision Support Method Contribution to Generate Interactive Maps of Suggestion for Land Use by Using the Concept of Soft Decision Tree: Case of Island of Sao Francisco do Sul, Brazil

2014  Designating Restricted Areas around Drinking Water Sources through an Index-Based Spatial Approach

2014  Developing Strategies for Urban Flood Management of Tehran City Using SMCDM and ANN

2014  Development and Demonstration of a GIS-Based Cumulative Effectiveness Approach to Buffer Design and Evaluation

2014  Development of a Data-Driven Platform for Transit Performance Measures Using Smart Card and GPS Data

2014  Development of P-TRANE: GIS-Based Model of Bus Transit Network Evolution

2014  Digital Modeling of Construction Site Terrain Using Remotely Sensed Data and Geographic Information Systems Analyses

2014  Digital Surface Models for GNSS Mission Planning in Critical Environments

2014  Empirical Assessment of Geographically Based Surface Interpolation Methods for Adjusting Construction Cost Estimates by Project Location

2014  Euclidean Distance Mapping and the Proposed Greenway Method in Malta

2014  Functional Evaluation of Pavement Condition Using a Complete Vision System

2014  GIS for Highway Engineering Bearing Capacity Evaluation

2014  GIS-Based Hydraulic Bulking Factor Map for New Mexico

2014  GIS-Based Numerical Modeling of Aquifer Recharge and Saltwater Intrusion in Arid Southeastern Tunisia

2014  GIS-Based System for Sight Distance Analysis of Highways

2014  GIS-Based Water Budget Framework for High-Resolution Groundwater Recharge Estimation of Large-Scale Humid Regions

2014  Hydrologically Sensitive Areas, Land Use Controls, and Protection of Healthy Watersheds

2014  Innovative Technologies for Storm-Water Management Programs in Small Urbanized Areas

2014  Modeling and Simulation of Greater Cairo Region Urban Dynamics Using SLEUTH

2014  Rail Transit Route Optimization Model for Rail Infrastructure Planning and Design: Case Study of Saint Andrews, Scotland

2014  Transport of Hydraulic Fracturing Water and Wastes in the Susquehanna River Basin, Pennsylvania

2014  Use of Geographic Information Systems in Spatial Planning: A Case Study of an Institute Campus

2014  Using a GPS Data Set to Examine the Effects of the Built Environment along Commuting Routes on Travel Outcomes

2013  Airport Site Selection under Complex Airspace Based on GIS

2013  Analysis and Detection of Groundwater Exploitation-Induced Urban Deformation Disaster Based on PS-InSAR and GIS

2013  Applicability of the LASH Model for Hydrological Simulation of the Grande River Basin, Brazil

2013  Application of a Single-Antenna GPS-Based Attitude Estimation on the Stability Control of a Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

2013  Automatic Generation of 3D Building Models from Complicated Building Polygons

2013  Automatic Street Surface Modeling for Web-Based Urban Information Systems

2013  Collecting Horizontal Curve Data: Mobile Asset Vehicles and Other Techniques

2013  Computational GIS and Agent-Based Model Development for Routing Optimization to Facilitate Pavement Condition Data Collection

2013  Coupled GSI-SVAT Model with Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction in the Riparian Zone of Tarim River

2013  Data Model-Centered Four-Dimensional Information Management System for Road Maintenance

2013  A Design and Realization of Traffic Information Security Scheme Based on GPS

2013  Development of a Map-Matching Algorithm for Rural Passenger Information Systems through Mobile Phones and Crowd Sourcing

2013  Development of Erosion Hotspots for a Watershed

2013  Dynamics of Urban Sprawl, Vacant Land, and Green Spaces on the Metropolitan Fringe of São Paulo, Brazil

2013  Estimation of Daily Traffic on Local Roads in Indiana State - A Mix of Heuristic Search Tool, GIS, and Visum Simulation

2013  Free-Flow Travel Speed Analysis and Monitoring at the National Level Using Global Positioning System Measurements

2013  GIS Assessment of Emergency Medical Response Infrastructure

2013  GIS Compilation of Alaska North Slope Geotechnical Data

2013  GIS Method for Haul Road Layout Planning in Large Earthmoving Projects: Framework and Analysis

2013  GIS-Based Fully Distributed Rainfall-Runoff Model for Suggesting Alternate Land Use Patterns

2013  GIS-Based Seismic Damage Estimation: Case Study for the City of Kelowna, BC

2013  GPS-Based Single-Epoch Attitude Determination without Prior Knowledge of Measurement Precision

2013  Identification of Suitable Locations for Micro Hydro Power Stations Using Geospatial Technology

2013  Pipe Burst Analysis Based on GIS

2013  Pipeline Asset Management using a GIS Solution

2013  Principle of Demographic Gravitation to Estimate Annual Average Daily Traffic: Comparison of Statistical and Neural Network Models

2013  Real-Time Tsunami Prediction by Inversion Method Using Offshore Observed GPS Buoy Data: Nankaido

2013  Regional Extreme Rainfall Mapping for Bangladesh Using L-Moment Technique

2013  Research about Data Processing for Tunnel Deformation Monitoring Based on GPS Monitoring Technique

2013  Summary Review of GPS Technology for Structural Health Monitoring

2013  Tools and Strategies for Wide-Scale Bicycle Level-of-Service Analysis

2013  Using Truck Probe GPS Data to Identify and Rank Roadway Bottlenecks

2012  3D Visualization of Sub-Surface Pipelines in Connection with the Building Utilities: Integrating GIS and BIM for Facility Management

2012  Application of GIS in Highway Maintenance Management

2012  Assessing Irrigation Water Capacity of Land Use Change in a Data-Scarce Watershed of Korea

2012  A Boundary Condition-Based Algorithm for Locating Construction Site Objects Using RFID and GPS

2012  Coupled Hydrologic-Hydraulic Modeling of the Upper Paraguay River Basin

2012  Design of Rail-Track Geometric Systems by Satellite Measurement

2012  Development and Implementation of a GIS-Based Safety Monitoring System for Hydropower Station Construction

2012  Development of 4D Public Participation GIS to Improve Communication of City Transformation Processes

2012  Evaluation of GIS Applications for Horizontal Curve Data Collection

2012  Extraction of Polygon Footprints from Lidar Data in an Urban Environment

2012  A Framework of RFID and GPS for Tracking Construction Site Dynamics

2012  Framework to Determine the Optimal Spatial Location and Number of Municipal Solid Waste Bins in a Developing World Urban Neighborhood

2012  Geo-Spatial Analysis and Development of Alternative Energy Refueling Infrastructure

2012  GIS: A Decision Making Tool for Pipeline Asset Management in Atlanta

2012  GIS for the Geo-Referenced Analysis and Rapid Dissemination of Forensic Evidence Collected in the Aftermath of the Tuscaloosa Tornado

2012  GIS for Water Resources 2050

2012  GIS Water-Balance Approach to Support Surface Water Flood-Risk Management

2012  GIS-Based Buffering for Construction Workspace Management

2012  GIS-Based Computational Method for Simulating the Components of 3D Dynamic Ground Subsidence during the Process of Undermining

2012  GIS-Based Decision Support System for Dam Break Flood Management under Uncertainty with Two-Dimensional Numerical Simulations

2012  GIS-Based Decision Support System for Improved Operations and Efficiency Conservation in Large-Scale Irrigation Systems

2012  A GIS-Based Hydraulic Bulking Factor Map for New Mexico

2012  A GIS-Based Model for Land Use and Transit-Integrated Corridor Optimization

2012  A GIS-Based Soil Erosion Risk Map for New Mexico

2012  GIS-Based Urban Space Yingzao of Zhenjiang City

2012  GIS-Based Water Accounting System for the Angostura Irrigation District, Oral, South Dakota

2012  GPS-Assisted EFIS Airspeed Calibration

2012  Grid-Based Geoprocessing for Integrated Global Navigation Satellite System Simulation

2012  Hydrodynamic/GIS Simulation of Storm Surge Flooding in the NY/NJ Harbor System

2012  Hydro-Geomorphological Analysis of a Water Logged Area of South Tripura District Using RS and GIS Technology

2012  Integrating GIS and Microscopic Traffic Simulation to Analyze Impacts of Transportation Infrastructure Construction

2012  Intelligent Terminal Telecom Pipeline Repair System Based on GIS

2012  LEED Public Transportation Accessibility and Its Economic Implications

2012  Linking HAZUS-MH Risk-Analysis Methodology to Contaminant-Release Models