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2014  Definition of Dynamic Datum for Deformation Monitoring: Carmel Fault Environs as a Case Study

2014  Digital Surface Models for GNSS Mission Planning in Critical Environments

2014  National Datum Uncertainty due to Reference Frame Transformation: Case Study for the Geodetic Datum of Taiwan

2014  On Deflection of the Vertical Components and Their Transformations

2014  Practical Formulas for the Refraction Coefficient

2014  Univariate Approach for Detecting Outliers in Geodetic Networks

2013  3σ-Rule for Outlier Detection from the Viewpoint of Geodetic Adjustment

2013  Geomatics Infrastructure Developments in Alaska by the National Geodetic Survey

2013  OPUS Use in Alaska: A Favored Positioning Tool from the North Slope to the Remote Aleutian Islands

2013  Study of Reliable Rapid and Ultrarapid Static GNSS Surveying for Determination of the Coordinates of Control Points in Obstructed Conditions

2012  Approximation of the Curvature of the Parthenon Stylobate Using Least Squares Techniques

2012  Basic Concepts of Optimization and Design of Geodetic Networks

2012  Estimation of the Shift between Parameters of Functional Models of Geodetic Observations by Applying M split Estimation

2012  Evolution of NAD 83 in the United States: Journey from 2D toward 4D

2012  Identifying the Relationship between GPS Data Quality and Positioning Precision: Case Study on IGS Tracking Stations

2012  Solving the Direct and Inverse Geodetic Problems on the Ellipsoid by Numerical Integration

2012  Weakly Multicollinear Datum Transformations

2011  Accuracy Assessment of the National Geodetic Survey’s OPUS-RS Utility

2011  Accuracy of OPUS Solutions for 1- to 4-h Observing Sessions

2011  Accuracy of Rapid Static Online Positioning User Service (OPUS-RS) Revisited

2011  Basic TEQC Instructions for OPUS Users

2011  Best Methods for High Accuracy Real Time GNSS Positioning from a Single Reference Station

2011  Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS): History, Applications, and Future Enhancements

2011  Criteria for Establishing and Operating a Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS)

2011  Editing RINEX Files to Fix a Poor OPUS Run

2011  Editing RINEX Observation Files for OPUS-RS

2011  Evaluation of GPS/Galileo RTK Network Configuration: Case Study in Greece

2011  GPS Vector Network Adjustment in a Local System of Coordinates Based on Linear-Angular Spatial Pseudo-Observations

2011  GPS Vectors, OPUS-S and OPUS-RS Observations in a Unified Adjustment

2011  Heuristic Weighting and Data Conditioning in the National Geodetic Survey Rapid Static GPS Software

2011  Horizontal Time-Dependent Positioning Software User’s Guide

2011  Network Calibration for Unfavorable Reference-Rover Geometry in Network-Based RTK: Ohio CORS Case Study

2011  Nonexistence of Rigorous Tests for Multiple Outlier Detection in Least-Squares Adjustment

2011  The "Online Positioning User Service" Suite (OPUS-S, OPUS-RS, OPUS-DB)

2011  PPP Technique Analysis Based on Time Convergence, Repeatability, IGS Products, Different Software Processing, and GPS+GLONASS Constellation

2011  Reliability Analysis for a Robust M-Estimator

2011  Second Order Design of Geodetic Networks by the Simulated Annealing Method

2011  A Synopsis of the IGS Orbits Used in OPUS

2011  Transforming OPUS Results to WGS84

2011  Transforming Positions and Velocities between the International Terrestrial Reference Frame of 2000 and North American Datum of 1983

2011  Understanding Error Messages Generated by the Rapid Static Online Positioning User Service (OPUS-RS)

2010  Clarifying the Relationship between Quality of Global Positioning System Data and Precision of Positioning

2010  Evaluation and Adaptation of the EGM2008 Geopotential Model along the Northern Nile Valley, Egypt: Case Study

2010  HTDP 3.0: Software for Coping with the Coordinate Changes Associated with Crustal Motion

2010  Identification of Nearshore Wave Characteristics Using Robotic Total Stations

2010  Median-Based Estimates and Their Application in Controlling Reference Mark Stability

2010  Modern Determination of Vertical Deflections Using Digital Zenith Cameras

2010  Noniterative Approach for Solving the Indirect Problems of Linear Reference Frame Transformations

2010  Statistical Properties of Strain and Rotation Tensors in Geodetic Network

2009  Analysis and Evaluation of Various Tropospheric Modeling Approaches for High-Precision GPS Kinematic Positioning over Medium Ranges and at High Altitude: Case Study

2009  From the Conventional Total Station to the Prospective Image Assisted Photogrammetric Scanning Total Station: Comprehensive Review

2009  Jointly Robust Estimation of Unknown Parameters and Variance Components Based on Expectationi-Maximization Algorithm

2009  Network Calibration for Unfavorable Reference-Rover Geometry in Network-Based RTK: Ohio CORS Case Study

2009  New Mathematical Model for Reference Point Determination of an Azimuth-Elevation Type Radio Telescope

2009  New Method for Outlier Diagnostics in Linear Regression

2009  Performance of RTK Positioning in Forest Conditions: Case Study

2009  Results from a Comprehensive Global Navigation Satellite System Test in the CORS-TR Network: Case Study

2008  Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS): History, Applications, and Future Enhancements

2008  Geometric Combination of Multiple Terrestrial Network Solutions

2008  GNSS Differential Positioning by Robust Estimation

2008  GPS Processing Using Online Services

2008  Heuristic Weighting and Data Conditioning in the National Geodetic Survey Rapid Static GPS Software

2008  Horizontal Deformation Rate Analysis Based on Multiepoch GPS Measurements in Shanghai

2008  Monitoring Deformation of Thai Geodetic Network due to the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman and 2005 Nias Earthquakes by GPS

2008  Theoretical and Numerical Aspects ofthe Geodetic Method for Determining the Atmospheric Refraction Coefficient Using Simultaneous and Mutual Zenith Observations

2007  Critical Limitation in Use of τ Test for Gross Error Detection

2007  Geodetic Determination of Radio Telescope Antenna Reference Point and Rotation Axis Parameters

2007  Global Optimization Solution of Robust Estimation

2007  GPS-Network Analysis with BLIMPBE: An Alternative to Least-Squares Adjustment for Better Bias Control

2007  Influence of the Cutoff Angle and the Bearing in High-Precision GPS Vector Determination

2007  Quasi-Accurate Detection of Outliers for Correlated Observations

2007  Semianalytical Equations for Transforming Errors into a Local Geodetic Frame

2006  Base Station Establishment using Multiple Global Positioning Satellite Stations and Free Net Approach

2006  Evaluation of a GPS-Based Approach for Rapid and Precise Determination of Geodetic/Astronomical Azimuth

2006  Overparameterized Least-Squares Adjustment with Linear Models for Geodetic and Surveying Applications

2006  Robustness Analysis of Two-Dimensional Networks

2006  Solving an Inverse Problem of a Meridian Arc in Terms of Computer Algebra System

2006  Stepwise Parameter Estimations in a Time-Variant Similarity Transformation

2006  Use of Fresnel Enantiomorphic Diffraction in Surveying Laser Methods

2005  Robust Estimation of Variance Components with Application in Global Positioning System Network Adjustment

2005  Robust-Biased Estimation Based on Quasi-Accurate Detection

2005  Surveying Vistas from Turkey in the New Millennium

2005  Validation of Vincenty’s Formulas for the Geodesic Using a New Fourth-Order Extension of Kivioja’s Formula

2004  Accuracy of Elevation Reduction Factor

2004  Approach for Equivalent Accuracy Design of Different Types of Observations

2004  Landslide Monitoring Based on Geodetically Derived Distance Changes

2004  Transforming Positions and Velocities between the International Terrestrial Reference Frame of 2000 and North American Datum of 1983

2004  Variance Factor Estimation for Two-Step Analysis of Deformation Networks

2003  Formulation of L1 Norm Minimization in Gauss-Markov Models

2003  Global Congruency Test Methods for GPS Networks

2002  Application of Gauss-Bonnet Theorem to Geodesy

2001  In Memoriam. Ralph Stewart McLean

2000  GPS Alignment Surveys and Meridian Convergence

2000  In Memoriam, Robert Boulware

2000  Single Processed Independent and Trivial Vectors in Network Analysis

2000  Transformation of Cartesian to Geodetic Coordinates without Iterations

1999  Reliabilities of χ² and F Tests in Gauss-Markov Model

1998  Creating a Very Large Area DTM for Universal Access

1997  Combination of Photogrammetry and Geodesy for Monitoring Deformations

1997  Differences Between NGVD29 and NAVD88 in Southeastern Wisconsin