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2014  Application of Dormant Reliability Analysis to Spillways

2014  Comparison of Retrofits for Three Strut-Arm Tainter Gates Using a Longevity Corrosion Maintenance Factor

2014  Experimental Study of Flow-Induced Vibration of Lens-Shaped Vertical Lift Gates

2014  Prototype and Laboratory Low-Level Outlet Air Demand Comparison for Small-to-Medium-Sized Embankment Dams

2013  Application of the GoRoSo Feedforward Algorithm to Compute the Gate Trajectories for a Quick Canal Closing in the Case of an Emergency

2013  Design of a Steel Stop Log Gate and Basin Operations

2013  Discharge Coefficients for Baffle-Sluice Gates

2013  New Stage-Discharge Relationships for Radial Gates

2013  Optimal Design of Horizontally Framed Miter Gates

2013  Revisiting the Energy-Momentum Method for Rating Vertical Sluice Gates under Submerged Flow Conditions

2012  Contraction and Correction Coefficients for Energy-Momentum Balance under Sluice Gates

2012  Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Flow under Sluice Gates

2012  A Global Overview of Navigable Storm Surge Barriers: Suitable Gate Types for New York for a Dutch Perspective

2012  Hydraulic Characteristics of a Drop Square Manhole with a Downstream Control Gate

2012  Off-Stream Detention Design for Storm-Water Management

2012  Water Control Gates, Guidelines for Inspection and Evaluation

2011  Canal Structure Automation Rules Using an Accuracy-Based Learning Classifier System, a Genetic Algorithm, and a Hydraulic Simulation Model. I: Design

2011  Canal Structure Automation Rules Using an Accuracy-Based Learning Classifier System, a Genetic Algorithm, and a Hydraulic Simulation Model. II: Results

2011  Design Considerations for Mass Concrete Elements of Flood Gates for New Orleans Hurricane Protection Project

2011  Determining Air Demand for Small- to Medium-Sized Embankment Dam Low-Level Outlet Works

2011  Hydraulic Modeling of a Mixed Water Level Control Hydromechanical Gate

2011  Improved Efficiency

2011  Optimal Design of Container Terminal’s Gate System Based on M/G/K Queuing Model

2011  Role of Energy Loss on Discharge Characteristics of Sluice Gates

2011  Stop Logs for Emergency Spillway Gate Dewatering

2010  Energy and Momentum Velocity Coefficients for Calibrating Submerged Sluice Gates in Irrigation Canals

2010  Failure Analysis of Gated Culvert Structure by Numerical Simulations

2010  High-Resolution Method for Modeling Hydraulic Regime Changes at Canal Gate Structures

2010  Hydrodynamic Forces on Spillway Torque-Tube Gates

2010  In Situ Structural Dynamic Behavior of Gate in Ship Lock

2010  Influence of Mechanical Draft Tube Fish Barrier on the Hydraulic Thrust of Small Francis Turbines

2010  Instrumentation of Dam Steel Gates for Stresses Evaluation, Malpaso, Chiapas, Mexico

2010  Lattice Boltzmann Model for the Simulation of Flows in Open Channels with Application to Flows in a Submerged Sluice Gate

2010  Small and Medium Size Dam Air Vent Sizing for Low-Level Outlet Works

2009  Benchmark of Discharge Calibration Methods for Submerged Sluice Gates

2009  Calculation of Contraction Coefficient under Sluice Gates and Application to Discharge Measurement

2009  Combined Flow over Weir and under Gate

2009  Field Calibration of Submerged Sluice Gates in Irrigation Canals

2009  Graph Coloring Model and Algorithm for Airport Gate Assignment

2009  Optimal Design and Operation of Fuse-Gates Considering Water Loss Due to Gates Tilting

2009  Seismic Safety Assessment of Gated Spillways

2009  Transitional Flow between Orifice and Nonorifice Regimes at a Rectangular Sluice Gate

2008  Conversion from Discharge to Gate Opening for the Control of Irrigation Canals

2008  Hydraulic Modeling of an Automatic Upstream Water Level Control Gate for Submerged Flow Conditions

2008  Research on Dynamic Stability of Steel Radial Gates

2007  Dimensionless Approach for the Design of Flushing Gates in Sewer Channels

2007  Exciting Opportunities for Change in Container Terminal Gates

2006  Dimensionless Stage – Discharge Relationship in Radial Gates

2006  EOF Analysis of Complex Response of Venice Mobile Gates

2006  Fuzzy Logic Model for Equilibrium Scour Downstream of a Dam’s Vertical Gate

2006  Model Study for the Design of Emergency Stoplogs Deployed in a ComplexFlow Field — Part 1: Experimental Results

2006  Olmsted Dam Tainter Gate Design Considerations

2006  Two Alternative System Reliability Approaches to the Serviceability Condition Assessment of Spillway Gate Systems on Dams

2005  Analytical Solution for Circular Gates as Flow Metering Structures

2005  Applying the Energy-Momentum Method to Radial Gate Discharge Calibration

2005  Classifier System for Rule-Based Operation of Canal Gates

2005  Flow Upstream of Orifices and Sluice Gates

2005  Hydraulic Modeling of an Automatic Upstream Water-Level Control Gate

2005  Refined Energy Correction for Calibration of Submerged Radial Gates

2004  Avoiding Submergence Transition Zone for Radial Gates in Parallel

2004  Dams: Corps Builds World’s Largest Fuse Gates in California

2004  Dynamic Analysis of a Gate–Fluid System

2004  Effects of Uncertainties in Field-Measured Parameters on Discharge Rating at Gated Spillways

2004  Issues and Problems with Calibration of Canal Gates

2004  New Large Aircraft Gate Requirements for Shared Space and Stage Construction

2004  Simple Optimal Downstream Feedback Canal Controllers: Theory

2004  Submerged Radial Gate Calibration Using Historical Data to Improve Canal Automation Performance

2003  Calibration of Submerged Radial Gates

2003  Flow through Side Sluice Gate

2003  Highway-Rail Quad Gate Operation Time by System Simulation of Dynamic Dilemma Zone

2002  Inflatable Crest Gates at Mississippi River Lock and Dam 1

2002  Influence of Sluice Gate Contraction Coefficient on Distinguishing Condition

2002  Modeling Aircraft Gate Utilization

2001  Discharge Characteristics of Conduit Radial Gate

2001  Flap Gate Design for Automatic Upstream Canal Water Level Control

2001  Reliability-Based Condition Assessment of Welded Miter Gate Structures

2001  Ten-Stage Discrete Flood Routing for Dams Having Gated Spillways

2000  Blocking the Tide

2000  Discharge Characteristics of Skew Sluice Gates

2000  Finite-Element Analysis of Double-Free-Surface Flow through Slit in Dam

2000  Fuse-Gate System Saves $20 Million

2000  Numerical Solution for Trapped Modes around Inclined Venice Gates

2000  Simultaneous Flow over and Under a Gate

2000  Testing the Load (Available in Geoenvironmental Engineering Special Issue only)

1999  Baffle Sluice Modules with Improved Performance

1999  Complete Oil Spill Protection for New Intake Gate Hydraulic Operators at Blewett Hydroelectric Plant

1999  The Conditions of Self-Excited Vibration Occurring in Radial Gates

1999  Cowlitz Falls Sluice Gates: Modification and Testing of a Jammed Gate

1999  Dynamic Performance Evaluation of Gate Vibration

1999  Evaluation of the Structural Integrity of Distorted Spillway Radial Gates

1999  Genetic Algorithm Approach to Aircraft Gate Reassignment Problem

1999  Guidelines for Discharge Gates and Valves

1999  Hydraulic Structures of the Eastside Reservoir Project

1999  Measurement of Tainter Gate Trunnion Displacements, Jackson Meadows Dam, California

1999  Numerical Analysis of the Hydraulic Downpull on Vertical Lift Gates

1999  Seismic Consideration in the Design of Gates

1999  Simulations of Flood and Inundation Affected by Pumping-Station and Flood-Gate Operations

1999  Solutions to Spillway Tainter Gate Icing Problems

1999  Spillway Tainter Gate Failure at Folsom Dam, California

1999  Tainter Gate Testing and Evaluation