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Found 39 Records with the keyword term of "Gas pressure"

2013  Biodegradation Behavior of Municipal Solid Waste with Liquid Aspects: Experiment and Verification

2013  Characterization of Gas Transport in Low-Permeability Media: Two-Phase Flow Analysis of an In-Situ Experiment

2013  One-Dimensional Transient Analytical Solution for Gas Pressure in Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

2012  Gas Pressure Model for Layered Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

2011  Estimating Air Vapor Pressure in a Semiarid Region Using FAO-56 Methodology

2009  Efficient Method for Estimating Groundwater Head in the Vicinity of the Underground Gas Storage Caverns in Fractured Media

2005  One-Dimensional Gas Flow Model for Horizontal Gas Collection Systems at Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

2005  Sensitivity of the Food and Agriculture Organization Penman–Monteith Evapotranspiration Estimates to Alternative Procedures for Estimation of Parameters

2004  Engineering Model of Dilute Pneumatic Conveying

2002  Analytical Method for Calculation of Deformations and Stresses of Wall Plates of Dry Gas Holders Under Pressure

2001  Effects of Biomass Growth on Gas Pressure Drop in Biofilters

2001  Role of Air Pressure in Drying of Weakly Permeable Materials

2001  Thermally Enhanced Vapor Extraction for Removing PAHs from LampBlack-Contaminated Soil

2000  Study of Transient Vapor Cavitation in Series Pipe Systems

1999  Formulation of a Better Synthetic Gasoline for Use in Soil Vapour Extraction Experiments

1998  Isotherm Equation for Water Vapor Adsorption onto Activated Carbon

1998  Offshore Passive Soil Vapor Survey at a Contaminated Coastal Site

1998  Periodic Processes in Vapor Phase Biofiltration

1997  Analytical Estimation of Modified Penman Equation Parameters

1997  Combined Use of Soil Vapor Extraction and Air Sparging in the Remediation of a Petroleum Hydrocarbon Impacted Site

1997  Enhanced Soil Vapor Extraction with Radio Frequency Heating

1997  Methodology for Analyzing Soil Vacuum Data at VOC-Contaminated Sites

1997  Soil Vapor Extraction System Design Scale-Up Considerations

1997  Soil Vapor Extraction to Correct a Gasoline Release in Discontinuous Basalt

1996  Borehole UE-25 ONC #1 Drilling at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

1996  Effects of Vapor Extraction on Contaminant Flux to Atmosphere and Ground Water

1996  Optimization of Soil Vapor Extraction System Design

1996  Risk Assessment of Vapors in Cold Regions

1996  Venting Test Analysis Using Jacob’s Approximation

1995  Biofiltration of Gasoline Vapors from a Soil Vapor Extraction System

1995  Comparison of Vapor-Pressure-Deficit Calculation Methods—Southern High Plains

1995  Passive Volatilization of Gasoline from a Wet Silt-Loam

1995  The Use of Supercritical CO2 to Remediate Soil

1994  Composite Sorption of Pure Vapors on Polyolefins, Carbon, and Minerals

1992  Estimation of Daytime Net Radiation Over Well-Watered Grass

1991  Air-Water Transfer: The Role of Partitioning

1990  An Assessment of Input Variables to the Penman-Monteith Equation Using Canopy Reflectance Measurements

1988  Zapping Hazwastes

1984  Avoiding Cavitation Damage to Hydraulic Structures