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2015  Analysis of Fluid-Solid Coupling Characteristics of Oil and Gas Submarine Span Pipelines

2015  Numerical Analyses of the Stress and Limiting Load for Buried Gas Pipelines under Excavation Machine Impact

2015  Resilience-Based Design of Natural Gas Distribution Networks

2015  Study on the Seepage Field and Underground Erosion of a Loess Pipeline Foundation

2014  Condition Prediction Models for Oil and Gas Pipelines Using Regression Analysis

2014  Erosive Failure of Natural Gas Pipes

2014  Improved Natural Gas Transmission Modeling for Network Analysis Using a Quartic P/Z Framework in Pseudoreduced Form

2013  Analysis of Some Problems in Design of Corrosion Protection for Long-Distance Pipeline

2013  Analysis on Bimetallic Lined Pipe for Sour Service in Oil and Gas Field

2013  Benchmarking Natural Gas Pipeline Projects

2013  Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation of the Interplant Digester Gas Line

2013  Construction Monitoring of a Municipal Gas Pipeline during Horizontal Directional Drilling

2013  The Control Valve Sizing and Selection Used in Central Asia-China Gas Pipeline Project

2013  Corrosion Behavior of X80 Pipeline Steel in Typical Soil Simulation Solutions of West-East Gas Pipeline II

2013  Corrosion Research of Wet Natural Gathering and Transportation Pipeline Based on SVM

2013  Detection of Shield Segment Displacement of a Natural Gas Pipeline in Yangtze River Tunnel

2013  Differences of MMF and USLE Models for Soil Loss Prediction along BTC and SCP Pipelines

2013  Dynamic Pigging Modeling and Simulation of Condensate Gas Pipelines

2013  Energy Consumption Evaluation Method of Oil and Gas Pipeline

2013  Evaluation of Harm Effect Distances after High-Pressure Natural Gas Pipeline Leakage

2013  Evaluation on Borehole Stability of Ru River HDD Crossing

2013  The Failure Probability Analysis and Applied Research of the Flood Damage to the Submerged Wall

2013  Fault Displacement Hazard Analysis for the Seismic Design of Oil and Gas Pipeline

2013  FEM Simulation of Deformation and Damage Rule of Cutoff Wall under Rainfall Erosion Effect

2013  Fracture Failure Analysis on a Drill Pipe in Directional Drilling

2013  The Gully Head in the Loess Plateau and the Protection of the Gully Head for Oil and Gas Pipeline Engineering

2013  Improving the Seismic Performance of Buried Gas Pipelines Subjected to Near-Fault Earthquakes using Friction Dampers

2013  In Service Welding and Hot Tapping and Plugging Enable Operational Safety of High-Pressure Natural Gas Transmission Line River Crossings in Bolivia and Mexico

2013  Key Problem and Technical Research of Optic-Fiber Cable Buried in Same Trench with Oil (Gas) Pipeline Project

2013  Loess Plateau Side Slope Laying Stability Calculation and Analysis of Shaanxi-Beijing Gas Pipeline

2013  Numerical Model for Small Leakage of Buried Natural Gas Pipeline

2013  Overview of Oil and Gas Pipeline Failure Database

2013  Quantitative Risk Analysis of Oil-Gas Pipeline Corrosion Damage

2013  Reducing Risk by Implementing Gas Crossbore Investigations

2013  The Reliability of Steel Pipelines under Design Factor of 0.8 in Gas Transmission Pipelines

2013  Research on Natural Gas Pipeline Medium Leakage Rate Calculation Model

2013  Response of Gas Distribution Pipeline Network to Seismic Wave Propagation in Greater Tehran Area, Iran

2013  A Semi-Quantitative Risk Assessment Method for Station Pipeline of Pump & Compressor Station

2013  Steady State Modeling and Simulation for Liquid Petroleum Gas Pipeline Networks

2013  Stress Analysis of Shallow Sea Gas Pipelines

2013  Structural Design of Nan Tanhai Slurry Shield Tunnel for Gas Pipeline in the 2nd Pipeline Project of Guangdong Provincial Natural Gas Grid

2013  Study on Strength Safety of Oil and Gas Pipelines Crossing Water Areas

2013  Study on the Application of Acoustic Leak Detection Method for Natural Gas Pipelines

2013  A Study on the Detection of Internal Leaks through Valves in Gas Pipeline Based on Support Vector Machine

2013  Study on the Effect of Blasting on Natural Gas Pipeline Safety

2013  Thermodynamic Characteristics Investigation of the In-Situ Gas Pipelines Welding Process

2013  UV-Visible Spectrophotometric Determination of Nickel in X70 Pipeline Steels Based on the Reaction of Nickel with Dimethylglyoxime

2012  An Analysis of River Washout Influence and Protective Measures of Long-Distance Gas and Oil Pipelines

2012  The Application of a Non-Linear Model for Evaluating the External Corrosion Protection of a Gas Pipeline

2012  Application of Fault Tree Analysis in the Reliability Analysis of Oil-Gas Long Pipeline

2012  Application of the Controlled Interval and Memory Model in the Risk Assessment of City Gas Transmission and Distribution Networks

2012  Case Studies of Microtunneling Used for Gas Pipeline Crossing in China

2012  Corrosion and Protection of Underground Pipelines

2012  Design and Application of Inclined Retaining Wall in Sichuan to East Gas Pipeline Project

2012  Dynamic Response Analysis on Oil and Gas Shared Suspension Pipeline Bridge under Seismic Loading

2012  The Effect of Temper Temperature on Property and Microstructure of X80 Induction Bends

2012  Failure Analysis of a Buried Pipeline Transporting Gas

2012  Failure Analysis on Pipe Body Fracture of S135 Drill Pipe in West-East Gas Pipeline for Direction Crossing

2012  Gas Transmissions Seismic Transient Response Simulation and Installation Design in Shield Tunneling

2012  The Geohazards Features and Management of Zhongxian-Wuhan Gas Pipeline in Mountainous Areas

2012  Hydraulic Reliability Analysis of Gas Networks

2012  An Improved Method of Leak Detection Used in Natural Gas Pipelines

2012  Leak Detection Methods Overview and Summary

2012  The Leak Detection System of Gas Pipelines Based on Infrasonic Wave

2012  Methods of RBI Consequences Grade for Gas Stations

2012  Necessity for LNG Energy Custody Measurement in China and How to Make It Credible

2012  A New Generation of FRP Laminates for Repair of Pipelines in the Gas Industry

2012  Nonlinear Dynamic Response Analysis of Oil/Gas Pipeline under Seismic Loads

2012  A Novel Leakage Detection Method for Long Distance Gas Pipelines Based on Optic Fiber Sensor and Optical Multiplexing

2012  Operation Optimization Method for Saving Compressor Energy of Natural Gas Pipeline

2012  Post-Earthquake Checklist for Natural Gas Systems

2012  Protection of Petroleum and Natural Gas Pipelines Crossing Debris Flow Watersheds—A Case Study in the Qinling Mountains, Western China

2012  Research and Outlook on Leak Detection Technology of Natural Gas Pipelines

2012  Research on Simulation of Gas Flow in a Loop Pipeline Network with Multiple Gas Sources

2012  Risk Information Management System of City Gas Line Based on GIS

2012  Safety Analysis of a Crossing Fault Buried Gas Pipeline by Numerical Simulation

2012  Safety Risk Analysis for Gas Pipeline Construction

2012  Seismic Resilience of Natural Gas Systems, Improving Performance

2012  The Semipermeable Technology on Natural Gas Pipeline Leak Detection

2012  Stress Analysis of Gas Pipeline in Tunnels on Pressure Testing Condition

2012  Stress Analysis of Gas Pipeline inside a Tunnel during Pigging Process

2012  Study of Corrosion in Ground Gathering Pipeline Networks and Anti-Corrosion Method in Tazhong-1 Gas Field

2012  Study of Explosive Characteristics of Natural Gas in Pipelines

2012  Study on Anti-Buoyancy Design and Engineering Measures for Gas Pipeline in Cross-River Shield Tunnel

2012  Study on Fuzzy Evaluation of Municipal Underground Gas Pipeline

2012  Study on Geological Hazard Risk Assessment and Risk Management of Oil and Gas Pipeline Projects

2012  Study on the Technique of Laying Gas Pipes in Xi’Jiang River Slurry Shield Tunnel

2012  Study Situation and Analysis of Oil and Gas Pipeline Health Detection Technology

2012  Theoretical Analysis of the Dispersion and Hazardous Range of Natural Gas Pipeline Leakage

2012  Transient Analysis of Gas Networks Based on the Method of Characteristics with Inertial Multiplier

2012  Transient Modeling of Natural Gas Flow in Double-Skin Pipeline Leakage

2012  Using Computer Software to Simulate AC Interference and Mitigation Measures of Buried Pipelines

2011  Analysis on Potential Safety Hazard in Natural Gas Pipeline Network of Beijing

2011  Application of 3S Technologies in the Pipeline Industry

2011  The Application of GIS in the City Gas Network and Leakage Case Study Based on GIS

2011  Application of Metal Magnetic Memory Method in Long-Distance Oil and Gas Pipeline Defects Detection

2011  Application of SAFETI in the Analysis of Natural Gas Pipeline Leakage Accident

2011  Application Progress of Oil and Gas Pipeline Rehabilitation Technology

2011  Applications of Lifting Wavelet Packet Transform Based on a Novel Threshold Method in MFL Signal Processing

2011  Applications of Machine Learning in Pipeline Monitoring