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2015  Modeling of an Exhaust Gas Cooler in a High-Altitude Test Facility of Large-Area Ratio Rocket Engines

2014  Effect of Saline Water on Decomposition and Landfill Gas Generation of Municipal Solid Waste

2014  Effect of Wood-Gas Composition on Performance and Exhaust Emission Characteristics of a Large Spark-Ignition Engine

2014  Nonlinear Analysis of Flue Gas Ductwork for Power Plant

2014  Performance Diagnosis for Turbojet Engines Based on Flight Data

2014  Potentialities of a Common Rail Injection System for the Control of Dual Fuel Biodiesel-Producer Gas Combustion and Emissions

2013  Autogenous Shrinkage of Hardening Cement Paste in Oil Wells

2013  Comparison of Supersaturated Total Dissolved Gas Dissipation with Dissolved Oxygen Dissipation and Reaeration

2013  Enhancing Gas Production in Landfill Bioreactors: Flow-Through Column Study on Leachate Augmentation with Enzyme

2013  Full-Scale Field Research and Demonstration of Septage Bioreactor Landfill Technology

2013  An Insight into Molecular Scale Interactions and In-situ Nanomechanical Properties of Kerogen in Green River Oil Shale

2013  New Model of Permeability of Tight Shale Gas Rock Based on Open-System Geomechanics

2013  On Nature of Earthquakes with Cause of Compressed Methane Gas Expansion and Migration in Crustal Rocks

2013  The Quality Safety Evaluation and Life Prediction of Casing String in Underground Gas Storage

2013  Relating solute and Gas Dispersion in Granite at Different Transport Velocities

2013  Rock Physics Templates in Heterogeneous Gas Reservoir: An Application of the Biot-Rayleigh Theory

2013  Wave Attenuation and Dispersion in Patchy Saturated Gas Reservoirs: Influence of Frequency and Saturation on AVO Attributes

2012  Investigation of a Chlorine Gas Release Caused by the Mixing of Incompatible Chemicals

2012  Landfill Gas to Energy Applications in India: Prefeasibility Analysis of Mumbai Landfills

2011  Acid-Gas Storage in a Deep Saline Aquifer: Numerical Sensitivity Study to Evaluate Parameter and Model Uncertainty

2011  Analysis of Casing Failure Associated with Bedded Salt Cavern Gas Storage

2011  Analysis of Railway Tank Cars’ Adiabaticity in Liquifying Gas Transport

2011  Bubble Sizes, Breakup, and Coalescence in Deepwater Gas/Oil Plumes

2011  Catalytic Decomposition of CFC-12 over Solid Superacid Mo2 O3/ ZrO2

2011  Deficit Reduction Commission Renews Debate about Increasing Gas Tax

2011  The Development of Small Fabricated Geomembrane Biogas Covers

2011  Embodied Energy and Gas Emissions of Retaining Wall Structures

2011  Extreme Compaction Effects on Gas Transport Parameters and Estimated Climate Gas Exchange for a Landfill Final Cover Soil

2011  Gas Transport Parameters for Compacted Reddish-Brown Soil in Sri Lankan Landfill Final Cover

2011  Hydrogen-Based Nitrate and Selenate Bioreductions in Flue-Gas Desulfurization Brine

2011  Impact of Solids Formation and Gas Production on the Permeability of ZVI PRBs

2011  Investigation into the Total Dissolved Gas Dynamics of Wells Dam Using a Two-Phase Flow Model

2011  Modeling of Biodegradation in an Old Unregulated European Landfill

2011  On GCLs’ Gas Permeability for Modelling of Gas Leakage Rate through GM/GCL Composite Liner Due to a Defect in the Geomembrane

2011  Reliability Analysis of Completion Casing in Salt Cavern Gas Storage

2011  Study on the Deformation of Completion Casing for Salt Cavern Gas Storage

2011  Study on the Impacts of Cuttings on Well Deviation in Gas Drilling

2010  The Application of F&EI Method in Risk Assessment of Tunnel Gas Explosion

2010  Catalytic Decomposition of CFC-12 over Solid Super Acid Mo2O3/ZrO2

2010  Reconstruction Work on Lyttelton Port of Christchurch, New Zealand, Marine Oil and Gas Terminal Utilising an Innovative Cable Stayed Fender System

2010  Removal of Trichlorobenzene from Flue Gas Using Complex Absorbent

2010  Sediment Cap Releases Gases Without Spreading Contamination

2010  Tire-Derived Steel for Hydrogen Sulfide Removal in Landfill Cover

2009  CO2 Capture from Flue Gases Using Three Ca-Based Sorbents in a Fluidized Bed Reactor

2009  Effects of Gas Ebullition on Cohesive Sediment Resuspension and Cap Stability

2009  Equation for Calculating Change in Moisture Content Caused by Water Vapor Transfer in Unsaturated Soil

2009  Influence of High-Permeability Layers for Enhancing Landfill Gas Capture and Reducing Fugitive Methane Emissions from Landfills

2009  Investigation of Coal Tar Mobility at a Former MGP Site

2009  Liquid-Impregnated Clay Solid Sorbents for CO2 Removal from Postcombustion Gas Streams

2009  Municipal Wastewater Treatment Using a UASB Coupled with Cross-Flow Membrane Filtration

2009  A New Approach to Solve the Problem of Pipeline Plugging by Gas Hydrates during Oil Production

2009  Sintering and Reactivity of CaCO3-Based Sorbents for In Situ CO2 Capture in Fluidized Beds under Realistic Calcination Conditions

2009  Study on the Control Strategy of Gas Injection of Gas Engines

2009  Vapor Barriers for Deep Foundation Supported Structures

2008  Bubble Entrainment and Distribution in a Model Spillway with Application to Total Dissolved Gas Minimization

2008  Gas-Phase Mass Transfer Processes in Landfill Microbiology

2008  Horizontal Injection of Gas – Liquid Mixtures in a Water Tank

2008  Impact of Initial pH and Linoleic Acid (C18:2) on Hydrogen Production by a Mesophilic Anaerobic Mixed Culture

2008  The Influence of Landfill Gas on the Hydraulic Conductivity of Waste

2008  Influence of Pore Gas on Ponded Infiltration into Soil Columns

2008  Mass Transfer of Ozone in a Novel In Situ Ozone Generator and Reactor

2008  Model Development for Biotrickling Filter Treatment of Graywater Simulant and Waste Gas. I

2008  Model Sensitivity Analysis for Biotrickling Filter Treatment of Graywater Simulant and Waste Gas. II

2008  Modeling Total Dissolved Gas Concentration Downstream of Spillways

2008  A Multidimensional Anisotropic Two-Phase Flow Model to Predict Total Dissolved Gas in Wanapum Dam

2008  NewsBriefs: New Method for Creating Biofuels, Electricity Proposed

2007  Biohydrogen Production by Mesophilic Anaerobic Fermentation of Glucose in the Presence of Linoleic Acid

2007  Electrochemical Desulfurization of Waste Gases in a Batch Reactor

2007  Formulations for Wind-Driven Gas-Liquid Transfer Rate

2007  Gas-Liquid Transfer Rate in Non-isotropic Flows

2007  Recent Oil and Gas Port Projects in Northern British Columbia

2007  Wave-Induced Pore Pressures — Air/Gas Content

2006  Applied Unsaturated Soil Mechanics in CO2 Geo-Sequestration

2006  Development of a Field Design for In Situ Gaseous Treatment of Sediment Based on Laboratory Column Test Data

2006  Effect of Gas on Pore Pressures in Wet Landfills

2006  Effect of Wet — Dry Cycles and Cation Exchange on Gas Permeability of Geosynthetic Clay Liners

2006  The Effects of Relative Velocities and Accelerations of the Pore Fluids on the Dynamic Behavior of Unsaturated Soils

2006  Experimental Studies on Consolidation Law of the Stratum Containing High-Pressure Gas

2006  Fundamentals of Bubble Formation during Coagulation and Sedimentation Processes

2006  Gas Permeability of a Compacted Soil Used in a Landfill Cover Layer

2006  Ozonation of 2-Chlorophenol in Aqueous Solutions with a Packed Contactor

2006  Removal of Toluene Vapor with Dispersed Activated Carbon

2006  Technology Readiness of a Modulated Laser Analyzer of Combustion Products for the Manned Spacecraft Environment

2006  Vapor Leak Detection for an Underground Storage Tank System

2005  Energy Dissipation in Transient Gaseous Cavitation

2005  Gas Transfer during Bubbler Destratification of Reservoirs

2005  Geosynthetics Aspects of a Methane Gas Storage Bladder

2005  Heat Generation in Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

2005  Impact of Salinity on the Air — Water Partition Coefficient of Gas Tracers

2005  Landfill Settlement with Decomposition and Gas Generation

2005  Modeling Fully Coupled Oil – Gas Flow in a Dual-Porosity Medium

2005  Multidimensional Simulation of the Two-Phase Flow Downstream of Spillways for Total Dissolved Gas Prediction

2005  Pore Occlusion in Compacted Mixtures of Sand and Kaolinite Due to Bioclogging

2005  Regular Transient Loading Response in a Vapor-Phase Flow-Direction-Switching Biofilter

2005  Removal of Methyl Isobutyl Ketone from Contaminated Air by Trickle-Bed Air Biofilter

2005  Sources of Greenhouse Gases at Mineral Quarries and Review of Innovative Operational Methods

2005  Voluntary Emission Reductions at a 300 MGD Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant

2004  Behavior of Field-Scale Biotrickling Filter under Nonsteady State Conditions

2004  Capture of Organic Vapors using Adsorption and Electrothermal Regeneration

2004  Catalytic Oxidation of Volatile Organic Liquids