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2015  Applicability of a Fuzzy Genetic System for Crack Diagnosis in Timoshenko Beams

2015  BIM-Based Construction Scheduling Method Using Optimization Theory for Reducing Activity Overlaps

2015  Constructed Wetland Planning-Based Bilevel Optimization Model under Fuzzy Random Environment: Case Study of Chaohu Lake

2015  Determination of Priority Weights under Multiattribute Decision-Making Situations: AHP versus Fuzzy AHP

2015  Experimental Study of Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control for Vibration of a Flexible Rectangular Plate

2015  Fuzzy Assessment Model to Estimate the Probability of Delay in Turkish Construction Projects

2015  How the Airfoil Shape of a Morphing Wing Is Actuated and Controlled in a Smart Way

2015  Identifying Rehabilitation Options for Optimum Improvement in Municipal Asset Condition

2015  Improving the Performance of Intelligent Back Analysis for Tunneling Using Optimized Fuzzy Systems: Case Study of the Karaj Subway Line 2 in Iran

2015  Modeling of Compressive Strength of Geopolymers by a Hybrid ANFIS-ICA Approach

2015  Modeling the Decision-Making Process Concerning Participation in Construction Bidding

2015  Neuro-Fuzzy GMDH to Predict the Scour Pile Groups due to Waves

2015  Novel Fuzzy Controlled Energy Storage for Low-Voltage Distribution Networks with Photovoltaic Systems under Highly Cloudy Conditions

2015  Possibilistic Moments for the Task Duration in Fuzzy PERT

2014  Applying Multiobjective Bilevel Optimization under Fuzzy Random Environment to Traffic Assignment Problem: Case Study of a Large-Scale Construction Project

2014  Automatic Controls for the Carbon Fiber Tape-Based Deicing Technology

2014  Bayesian Artificial Intelligence Model Averaging for Hydraulic Conductivity Estimation

2014  Changepoint Detection in Hydrologic Series of the Mahanadi River Basin Using a Fuzzy Bayesian Approach

2014  Copula-Based Pooled Frequency Analysis of Droughts in the Canadian Prairies

2014  Decision Support Method Contribution to Generate Interactive Maps of Suggestion for Land Use by Using the Concept of Soft Decision Tree: Case of Island of Sao Francisco do Sul, Brazil

2014  Development of a Fuzzy Inference Performance Index for Ferrous Drinking Water Pipelines

2014  Effect of Carbon Nanotube Waviness on the Load Transfer Characteristics of Short Fuzzy Fiber-Reinforced Composite

2014  Examining the Impact of Adverse Weather on Urban Rail Transit Facilities on the Basis of Fault Tree Analysis and Fuzzy Synthetic Evaluation

2014  Fuzzy Multicriteria Decision-Making Approach for Pavement Project Evaluation Using Life-Cycle Cost/Performance Analysis

2014  Fuzzy-Based Model for Predicting Failure of Oil Pipelines

2014  Group Decision Making for Stochastic Optimization of Time, Cost, and Quality in Construction Projects

2014  Groutability Estimation of Grouting Processes with Microfine Cements Using an Evolutionary Instance-Based Learning Approach

2014  Inexact Fuzzy Chance-Constrained Nonlinear Programming Approach for Crop Water Allocation under Precipitation Variation and Sustainable Development

2014  Integrating Decision Analysis with Fuzzy Programming: Application in Urban Water Distribution System Operation

2014  Investigation of Uncertainty Changes in Model Outputs for Finite-Element Model Updating Using Structural Health Monitoring Data

2014  Modeling of Dissolved Oxygen Applying Stepwise Regression and a Template-Based Fuzzy Logic System

2014  Performance Assessment Based on Evidence Theory and Fuzzy Logic: Application to Building and Dam Performance

2014  Performance Diagnosis for Turbojet Engines Based on Flight Data

2014  Reliability Assessment for Water Supply Systems under Uncertainties

2014  Risk Score Inference for Bridge Maintenance Project Using Evolutionary Fuzzy Least Squares Support Vector Machine

2014  Strength Prediction of High-Strength Concrete by Fuzzy Logic and Artificial Neural Networks

2013  Adaptive Fuzzy Integral Sliding Mode Control for Flexible Air-Breathing Hypersonic Vehicles Subject to Input Nonlinearity

2013  Adaptive Learning of Contractor Default Prediction Model for Surety Bonding

2013  ALSs with Conventional and Fuzzy Controllers Considering Wind Shear and Gyro Errors

2013  Analyzing Public Transportation Competitiveness Based on the Theory of Planned Behavior

2013  Application of a Single-Antenna GPS-Based Attitude Estimation on the Stability Control of a Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

2013  Application of Fuzzy Optimization Model Based on Entropy Weight in Typical Flood Hydrograph Selection

2013  Application of the Post-Evaluation of Residential Real Estate Projects Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

2013  Assessment System Construction for Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System Based on Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process

2013  Bilevel Optimization of Regional Water Resources Allocation Problem under Fuzzy Random Environment

2013  Categorization of Passenger Comprehensive Transportation Corridor Based on Fuzzy Discrimination

2013  Chaos Control of Freeway Mainline Using Variable Speed Limits with Fuzzy-Neural Networks Based on Subtractive Clustering

2013  Confidence Bounds on Design Variables Using High-Dimensional Model Representation-Based Inverse Reliability Analysis

2013  Constitutive Modeling of Loose Sands under Various Stress Paths

2013  Coordination Mechanism of Transportation-inventory Model in Fuzzy Environment

2013  Critical Path Definition Using Multicriteria Decision Making: PROMETHEE Method

2013  Developing Fuzzy Enterprise Risk Management Maturity Model for Construction Firms

2013  Development of a Map-Matching Algorithm for Rural Passenger Information Systems through Mobile Phones and Crowd Sourcing

2013  Evaluation Model for Route Comfort Degree of Cycle Trips

2013  Financing Risk Analysis of Chinese Metro Projects Based on the AHM-Fuzzy Evaluation Model

2013  Forecast Modeling of Monthly Runoff with Adaptive Neural Fuzzy Inference System and Wavelet Analysis

2013  Freeze Up Water Temperature Forecast for the Yellow River Using Adaptive-Networks-Based Fuzzy Inference System

2013  Fuzzy Chance-Constrained Programming for Passenger Train Operation Plans

2013  Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of the Stability of High-Cutting Regional Slope

2013  Fuzzy Logic System Approach for Quantifying Risk Associated with the Installation of Trenchless Technologies

2013  Fuzzy Optimization Design of EMU-Welded Bogie Frame

2013  A Fuzzy Risk Management Framework for the Egyptian Real Estate Development Projects

2013  Fuzzy- versus Simulation-Based Life-Cycle Cost for Sewer Rehabilitation Alternatives

2013  Fuzzy-Based Life-Cycle Cost Model for Decision Making under Subjectivity

2013  Gang Control Model for Intersection Traffic Light Control Based on Fuzzy Neural Network

2013  How to Select a Reference Basin in the Ungauged Regions

2013  An Improved Car-Following Model by Considering Angry Driving with Fuzzy Inference

2013  Integrated Approach to Water Allocation in River Basins

2013  Integrated Watershed Management with Multiobjective Land-Use Optimizations under Uncertainty

2013  Intellectual Property Valuation Method Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation and Its Application

2013  Making Retrofit Decision with Multi-Criteria Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation System for Girder Bridges in Wenchuan Earthquake

2013  Modeling of Water Quality Parameters Using Data-Driven Models

2013  Multiagent System to Simulate Risk-Allocation and Cost-Sharing Processes in Construction Projects

2013  A New Battery Energy Management Strategy for Electric Vehicle Based on Fuzzy Control

2013  Optimal Design of Level-1 Redundant Water Distribution Networks with Fuzzy Demands

2013  Paramics-Based Microscopic Simulation Evaluation for Urban Traffic Signal Two-Stage Controller

2013  Pavement Performance Prediction through Fuzzy Logic Using Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina Measurements

2013  Predicting Construction Materials Prices Using Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks

2013  Probabilistic Analysis of Corrosion of Reinforcement in RC Bridges Considering Fuzziness and Randomness

2013  Problem-Identification Evaluating Model of Coordinated Signal Control on Arterial Streets

2013  Research on the Allocation of Passenger Transport Structure in Transport Channel Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

2013  Resource Sharing-Based Multiobjective Multistage Construction Equipment Allocation under Fuzzy Environment

2013  Road Traffic Dynamic Optimal Strategy Based on Fuzzy Set Theory

2013  Seismic Damage Rules and Seismic Risk of Tunnel Portals Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method

2013  Setting Mode of Comprehensive Maintenance Skylight to Zhengzhou-Xi’an High-Speed Railway

2013  Site and Regional Statistics Preserving Interpolation for Missing Precipitation Data Estimation

2013  Software Safety Based on Information Entropy and Mamdani Fuzzy System

2013  Study on the Structural Safety Evaluation Method of the Municipal Tunnel

2013  Uncertainty Characterization in the Design of Flow Diversion Structure Profiles Using Genetic Algorithm and Fuzzy Logic

2013  Ventures of Highway BOT Projects Based on the Combination of Fuzzy Theory and AHP

2012  Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control Design for a Low-Lift Reentry Vehicle

2012  An Adaptive Two-Stage Fuzzy Controller for Traffic Signals: Architecture, Algorithms, and Simulation

2012  Aggregate Blending Using Fuzzy Optimization

2012  Analysis on Urban Transit Priority Development Level Based on AHP Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

2012  Application of Fuzzy Concepts to the Visual Assessment of Deteriorating Reinforced Concrete Structures

2012  The Application of Fuzzy Control Theory in the Frozen Earth Tunnel Construction Ventilation

2012  Application of Fuzzy Logic to Improve Pipeline Transport Management

2012  Assessment of Campus Planning and User Satisfaction Based on "3E" Satisfaction Model and Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation: A Case Study on Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University

2012  Automatic Directing System for Controlling the Vibration of Frame Structures in Any Horizontal Direction Using a Hybrid Mass Damper

2012  Calibration of Soil Model Parameters Using Particle Swarm Optimization