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2015  Airport Funding, Passenger Facility Charges Spark Debate Amid Aviation Reauthorization

2015  Fair Division Transportation Allocation Model for Funding Prioritization

2015  New Aspects in Time-Cost Tradeoff Analysis

2015  The Ongoing Quest to Adequately Fund Transportation

2015  White House, Congress Look to ’Repatriation’ for Future Highway Funding Program

2014  Assessing the Direct Employment Impact of Federal Economic Stimulus Funds on Construction Projects in Texas

2014  Comparative Analysis of Road Financing Approaches in Europe and the United States

2014  Congress Averts Highway Trust Fund Crisis but Postpones Long-Term Solution

2014  Full-Lane Coverage Micromilling Pavement-Surface Quality Control Using Emerging 3D Line Laser Imaging Technology

2014  Increased Spending on U.S. Infrastructure Would Boost Economy, Report Says

2014  Multicriteria Assessment and Prioritization of Hospital Renewal Needs

2014  On the Web (

2014  Proposed Water Trust Fund Would Be Financed by Voluntary Labeling System

2014  Rebuilding by Design

2014  White House, Congress Look to Tax Reform for Highway Funding

2014  Years After Initial Funding, Illinois Struggles to Develop High-Speed Rail

2013  Fund Allocation for Civil Infrastructure Security Upgrade

2013  Modeling Fund Allocation to Water Main Rehabilitation Projects

2013  Proposed Infrastructure Bank Would Be Funded By Bond Sales, Not Taxpayer Money

2013  Reports Examine Future Shortfalls, Funding Sources for Highway Trust Fund

2013  Transportation Funding Challenges Prompt States to Consider Gas, Sales Tax Increases

2012  Government Sues A/E Firm for Cost Escalation Caused by Late Delivery of Design Package

2012  Help Us Make the Case for Infrastructure Investment

2012  House Bill Would Refine How Inland Navigation Projects Are Funded

2012  Mayors Call on Congress, White House To Reform Clean Water Act

2012  New Strategy Needed to Enlist Public Support for Transportation Spending, Report Says

2012  NewsBriefs: Grant Funds Interdisciplinary Nanotechnology Research (

2012  Oklahoma City Approves $653-Million Plan for Water, Wastewater Improvements

2011  Deficit Reduction Commission Renews Debate about Increasing Gas Tax

2011  How to Fund Pipeline Renewal: Transitioning from O & M Funds to Capital Improvement Budgets

2011  In for a Penny in for a Pound...The Cost of Earthquake Research Funding

2011  Inland Navigation Requires More Funding, Say White House, Industry

2011  A Multi-Objective Decision Support System for PPP Funding Decisions

2011  National Science Foundation Awards Grant For Research into Urban Water Systems

2011  Settlement Will Aid Work at Superfund Site in Idaho, Washington

2011  Taxes Should Be Leveled Equally

2010  Federal Funding Advances Everglades Restoration

2010  Federal Surface Transportation Grants Reward Rail, Mass Transit Projects

2010  Most Infrastructure Programs Escape Big Cuts in Proposed FY 2011 Budget

2009  Funding Stimulates Debate

2009  Funding Stimulates Debate

2009  Funding Stimulates Debate

2009  Highway Trust Fund Shortfall Prompts Differing Approaches to Reauthorization

2009  NewsBriefs: NIST Recovery Plan Approved by Congress

2009  NewsBriefs: Recovery Act Funds Energy Companies’ ’Clean’ Energy Efforts

2009  Proposed Clean Water Trust Fund Could Generate $10 Billion Annually

2009  Synthesis of Sign Deterioration Rates across the United States

2009  U.S. DOT Sets Mid-September Deadline for Surface Transportation Grants

2009  Water Utilities Cite Aging Equipment, Regulations, and Funding as Top Challenges

2008  Congress Extends Great Lakes Remediation Program without Increasing Funding

2008  Infrastructure: Oklahoma Agency Maximizes Bridge Replacement Dollars

2008  McCain, Obama Offer Differing Views on Infrastructure Funding

2008  NewsBriefs: NIST Offers Infrastructure Grants

2008  Policy Briefing: Brownfields Program Needs More Funding, Minor Revisions, Advocates Say

2008  Policy Briefing: Omnibus Bill Offers Mixed Bag for Infrastructure Funding

2008  Policy Briefing: Proposed Gas Tax ”Holiday” Prompts Criticism from Infrastructure Advocates

2007  Flood Protection: California’s Largest Setback Levee Completed with Unique Funding and Reused Material

2007  Fund Allocation for Transportation Network Recovery Following Natural Disasters

2007  Policy Briefing: Water Quality Funding Bill Clears First Hurdle in House

2007  Spending Federal Security Funds Wisely

2006  Decision Methodology for Allocating Funds across Transportation Infrastructure Assets

2006  Moving On

2005  At Long Last

2005  NewsBriefs: First Responders Shortchanged By $100 Billion In Funding (First Response Coalition)

2004  Policy Briefing: Senate Votes to Reauthorize TEA-21 Despite Veto Threat

2003  AIR-21’s Reauthorization Awaits Congress

2003  Campaign Surpasses $6-Million Goal

2003  Congress Pushes Water, Wastewater Funding Bills Despite Growing Deficit

2002  ASCE Extends Flourishing Member Drive

2002  ASCE Foundation Receives MARSH Gift

2002  Funding: Louisiana Accelerates Highway Construction Program

2002  Policy Briefing: Transportation Appropriations Reach Record Level

2002  Technology: Research Will Enhance Urban Simulation Software

2002  TISP Congress Addresses Challenges in Protecting the Built Environment

2001  Bridges

2001  Effects of Accounting and Budgeting on Capital Allocation for Infrastructure Projects

2001  Leadership Gifts Made to ‘Building the Future’ Fund-Raising Campaign

2001  Methods for Public Acceptance for Stormwater Utility Funding

2001  Opportunity Fund Deadline Nears

2001  Sound Transit Increases Cost of Rail Project

2001  State Elections Affect Infrastructure Funding

2001  Web-Centric Framework for Secure and Legally Binding Electronic Transactions in Large-Scale A/E/C Projects

2000  ASCE Foundation’s 2000 Annual Appeal Doubles Previous Year’s

2000  Bein Challenges ASCE Members to ‘Seize the Moment’ for Change

2000  Board Team Explores Budget and Funding Issues

2000  Brief Review of Florida’s Beach Program

2000  Credit Local Agencies

2000  Funding Needs Exceed $400 Billion

2000  Improved Surface Transportation System Needs More Funding

2000  Letter to Editor regarding "ASCE Foundations 2000 Annual Appeal Doubles Previous Years"(Vol. 25, No. 7, July 2000, pg. 1)

2000  Letter to Editor regarding "ASCE Foundations 2000 Annual Appeal Doubles Previous Years"(Vol. 25, No. 7, July 2000, pg. 1)

2000  Letter to Editor regarding "ASCE Foundations 2000 Annual Appeal Doubles Previous Years"(Vol. 25, No. 7, July 2000, pg. 1)

2000  Letter to Editor regarding "ASCE Foundations 2000 Annual Appeal Doubles Previous Years"(Vol. 25, No. 7, July 2000, pg. 1)

2000  Local Amendments Have a Place

2000  Local Versus Federal Funding

2000  Policy Committee Members Push for Release of Airport Funds

2000  Regional Shoreline Group Session

2000  The Relationship between Pavement Width and Highway Safety on Two-Lane Paved Highway in Alberta, Canada

2000  Satellite Communications

2000  Taking Responsibility Locally