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2015  Effects of Roof Pitch and Gypsum Ceilings on the Behavior of Wood Roof Diaphragms

2015  Experimental Validation of Viscoelastic Coupling Dampers for Enhanced Dynamic Performance of High-Rise Buildings

2015  Finite-Element Modeling of Hybrid Composite Beam Bridges in Missouri

2015  Opening and Compartmentalization Effects of Internal Pressure in Low-Rise Buildings with Gable and Hip Roofs

2014  Accumulation of Chemical Oxygen Demand in Membrane Bioreactors at Pilot-Scale and Full-Scale Conditions

2014  Advanced Fire Testing of a Composite Beam with Shear Tab Connections

2014  Blast Resistance of Fully Grouted Reinforced Concrete Masonry Veneer Walls

2014  Cable Anchorage System Modeling Methods for Self-Anchored Suspension Bridges with Steel Box Girders

2014  Computational Simulation of a Full-Scale, Fixed-Base, and Isolated-Base Steel Moment Frame Building Tested at E-Defense

2014  Flexural Members with High-Strength Reinforcement: Behavior and Code Implications

2014  Flexural Tests and Associated Study of a Full-Scale 65-kW Wind Turbine Tower

2014  Full Scale Field Study of Jack-In Piles

2014  Full-Scale Application of Catalytic Ozonation for Drinking Water Treatment: Case Study in China

2014  Full-Scale Experimental Study of Impact Demands Resulting from High Mass, Low Velocity Debris

2014  Full-Scale Field Testing of Micropiles in Stiff Clay Subjected to Combined Axial and Lateral Loads

2014  Full-Scale Instrumented Testing and Three-Dimensional Modeling of Airfield Matting Systems

2014  Full-Scale Investigation of Differential Settlements beneath a GRS Bridge Abutment: An Overview

2014  Full-Scale Seismic Test of MSE Retaining Wall at UCSD

2014  Full-Scale Test and Numerical Simulation of a Truck Impacting a Group of Side-by-Side Piles

2014  Full-Scale Testing of Three-Sided Precast Concrete Arch Sections

2014  Full-Scale Tests of Slender Concrete-Filled Tubes: Interaction Behavior

2014  Full-Scale Tests on Embankments Founded on Piled Beams

2014  Full-Scale Tests on Shear Connections of Composite Beams Under a Column Removal Scenario

2014  Robustness of Precast Concrete Frames: Experimental and Computational Studies

2014  Simulating the Response of a Composite Honeycomb Energy Absorber. II: Full-Scale Impact Testing

2014  Turbulence Measurement of Combined Wave and Surge Overtopping of a Full-Scale HPTRM-Strengthened Levee

2014  Unbonded Transverse Posttensioning of a Railway Bridge in Haparanda, Sweden

2014  Wind Effects on Roofs with High-Profile Tiles: Experimental Study

2013  Basic Performance of the Composite Deck System Composed of Orthotropic Steel Deck and Ultrathin RPC Layer

2013  Comparative Experimental Performance of Bridge Deck Slabs with AFRP and Steel Precast Panels

2013  Design, Analysis, and Full-Scale Testing of the Rolled Groove Gasket Joint System in AWWA C303 Bar-Wrapped, Steel-Cylinder Concrete Pressure Pipe

2013  Development Length Tests of Full-Scale Prestressed Self-Consolidating Concrete Box and I-Girders

2013  Dynamic Characteristics of an Overpass Bridge in a Full-Scale Destructive Test

2013  Experimental Fatigue Evaluation of Welded Connections in Cantilevered Steel Sign Structures

2013  Experimental Performance of Steel Braced Frames Subjected to Bidirectional Loading

2013  Full Scale Test of Periodic Irrigation Infiltration in a Cracked and Intact Clay Slope

2013  A Full-Scale Instrumented Test Facility for Airport Pavement Modeling Improvements

2013  Full-Scale Shallow Anchor Testing in High Moisture Content Fine-Grained Levee Soils

2013  Full-Scale Testing of CFRP-Strengthened Slender Reinforced Concrete Columns

2013  Full-Scale Testing of Open-Ended Steel Pipe Piles in Thick Varved Clayey Silt Deposits along the Delaware River in New Jersey

2013  Full-Scale Testing of Self-Centering Steel Plate Shear Walls

2013  Full-Scale Tests of Slender Concrete-Filled Tubes: Axial Behavior

2013  Full-Scale Up-Flo® Stormwater Filter Field Verification Tests

2013  Heterogeneous Nitrification in a Full-Scale Rapid Sand Filter Treating Groundwater

2013  Implementation of Noise-Free and Vibration-Free PHC Screw Piles on the Basis of Full-Scale Tests

2013  Influence of Three Levee-Strengthening Systems on Overtopping Hydraulic Parameters and Hydraulic Equivalency Analysis between Steady and Intermittent Overtopping

2013  Performance of Steel Moment Connections under a Column Removal Scenario. I: Experiments

2013  Shake Table Testing of a Full-Scale Five-Story Building: Performance of the Major Nonstructural Components - Egress and Façades

2013  Shake Table Testing of a Full-Scale Five-Story Building: Post-Earthquake Fire Performance

2013  Shake Table Testing of a Full-Scale Five-Story Building: Pre-test Simulation of the Test Building and Development of an NCS Design Criteria

2013  Shake Table Testing of a Full-Scale Five-Story Building: System Identification of the Five-Story Test Structure

2013  Structural Behavior of Symmetric Spindle-Shaped Tensairity Girders

2012  Aspects of Isolation Device Behavior Observed from Full-Scale Testing of an Isolated Building at E-Defense

2012  Back Matter

2012  Bottom Flange Confinement Reinforcement in Precast Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girders

2012  A Circular Track Full-Scale Testing Study on Permanent Deformation of Asphalt Pavement

2012  A Comparison of Dynamic Testing Methods for Evaluating a Truss Bridge

2012  Comparison of Field and Full-Scale Laboratory Peak Pressures at the IBHS Research Center

2012  Damage Assessment of a Full-Scale Six-Story Wood-Frame Building Following Triaxial Shake Table Tests

2012  Design and Construction of a Full-Scale 5-Story Base Isolated Building Outfitted with Nonstructural Components for Earthquake Testing at the UCSD-NEES Facility

2012  Effects of Pressure Equalization on the Performance of Residential Wall Systems under Extreme Wind Loads

2012  Electrical Transmission and Substation Structures 2012, Solutions to Building the Grid of Tomorrow

2012  Experimental Evaluation of Load Paths in Light-Frame Wood Structure

2012  Experimental Performance of Concrete Columns with Composite Jackets under Blast Loading

2012  Fatigue Evaluation of Longitudinal U-Bar Joint Details for Accelerated Bridge Construction

2012  Fire Behavior of Thin CFRP Pretensioned High-Strength Concrete Slabs

2012  Front Matter

2012  Full Scale and Wind Tunnel Testing of a Photovoltaic Panel Mounted on Residential Roofs

2012  Full Scale and Wind Tunnel Testing of Rooftop Equipment on a Flat Roof

2012  Full-Scale Testing and Foundation Design, Honoring Bengt H. Fellenius

2012  Full-Scale Ultimate-Load Test of a Stress-Laminated-Timber Bridge Deck

2012  Full-Scale Validation of Dynamic Wind Load on a Super-Tall Building under Strong Wind

2012  Geogrid-Reinforced Low-Volume Flexible Pavements: Pavement Response and Geogrid Optimal Location

2012  Historical Perspective of Full-Scale Latticed Steel Transmission Tower Testing

2012  Instrumentation, Nondestructive Testing, and Finite-Element Model Updating for Bridge Evaluation Using Strain Measurements

2012  Lateral Dynamic Response of Full-Scale Single Piles: Case Studies in India

2012  On the Subject of Piles in Tension

2012  A Parametric Representation of Wind-Driven Rain in Experimental Setups

2012  Parapet Effects on Full-Scale Wind-Induced Roof Pressures

2012  Performance of Pile-Supported Embankment over Soft Soil: Full-Scale Experiment

2012  Response of Exterior Precast Concrete Cladding Panels in NEES-TIPS/NEESGC/ E-Defense Tests on a Full Scale 5-Story Building

2012  The Role of Full Scale Testing in ASD and LRFD Driven Pile Designs

2012  Seismic Response of Ceiling/Sprinkler Piping Nonstructural Systems in NEES TIPS/NEES Nonstructural/NIED Collaborative Tests on a Full Scale 5-Story Building

2012  Shallow Footing Response on Sands Using a Direct Method Based on Cone Penetration Tests

2012  Simulating the Response of a Composite Honeycomb Energy Absorber, Part 2: Full-Scale Impact Testing

2012  Study on Soil Type Effects on Micropile Behavior Using Full Scale Loading Tests

2012  Testing and Analysis of a Deep-Corrugated Large-Span Box Culvert prior to Burial

2012  Wind Load on Ridge and Field Tiles on a Residential Building: A Full Scale Study

2012  Wind-Induced Force and Torque on a Sign Measured in Full Scale in the Field

2011  Analytical Model for Fracture Grouting in Sand

2011  Composite Slurry Wall and Liner—A Full Scale Test

2011  Cyclic Flexural Testing of Concentrically Braced Frame Beam-Column Connections

2011  Examination of Load Resistance in Window Glass Design

2011  Full-Scale Field Study of Geosynthetics Used As Subgrade Stabilization

2011  Full-Scale Model Test for One Box with Three Rooms Cable-Pylon Anchorage Zone of Cable-Stayed Bridge

2011  Full-Scale Testing for Composite Slab/Beam Systems Made with Extended Stud Spacing

2011  Full-Scale Testing of Pretensioned High-Strength Concrete Girders with Debonded Strands

2011  Glass Breakage Tests under Fluctuating Wind Loads

2011  In-Plane Lateral Response of a Full-Scale Masonry Subassemblage with and without an Inorganic Matrix-Grid Strengthening System

2011  Mechanics of Lateral Spreading Observed in a Full-Scale Shake Test