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2015  Comparison of Combustion, Performance, and Emissions of HSDI Diesel Engine Operating on Blends of Diesel Fuel with Ethanol, n-Butanol, or Butanol Isomer Ether DEE

2015  Effect of Fuel Injection Allocation on the Combustion Characteristics of a Cavity-Strut Model Scramjet

2015  Effects of Ambient Oxygen Concentration on Soot Temperature and Concentration for Biodiesel and Diesel Spray Combustion

2015  Outlook for a Power Generation Fuel Transition in the MENA Region

2015  Potential Energy Savings by Reducing Rolling Resistance of Dutch Road Pavements

2015  Quasi-One-Dimensional Numerical Method for Solid Fuel Scramjet Combustor Analysis and Design

2015  Simulation-Based Estimation of Fuel Consumption and Emissions of Asphalt Paving Operations

2014  Assessing Environmental Impacts in Geotechnical Construction: Insights from the Fuel Cycle

2014  Assessment of NOx Emissions during Transient Diesel Engine Operation with Biodiesel Blends

2014  Comparative Evaluation of Extinction through Strain among Three Alcoholic Butanol Isomers in Non-Premixed Counterflow Flames

2014  Comparative Evaluation of Two Straight Vegetable Oils and Their Methyl Ester Biodiesels as Fuel Extenders in HDDI Diesel Engines: Performance and Emissions

2014  Cuphea Oil as a Potential Biodiesel Feedstock to Improve Fuel Properties

2014  Effect of Fuel Sloshing in the External Tank on the Flutter of Subsonic Wings

2014  Effects of B20 on the Operation of a Single-Cylinder Engine Equipped with a SiC Diesel Particulate Filter

2014  Experimental Investigation of Ignition Transient Phase in Model Supersonic Combustor

2014  How Much, How Much Longer?

2014  Ignition Characteristics of a Liquid-Kerosene-Fueled Scramjet during Air Throttling Combined with a Gas Generator

2014  Influence of Emulsified Palm Biodiesel as Pilot Fuel in a Biogas Run Dual Fuel Diesel Engine

2014  Influence of Fuel Properties, Hydrogen, and Reformate Additions on Diesel-Biogas Dual-Fueled Engine

2014  Into Darkness: The Red Hill Underground Fuel Storage Facility

2014  Multiobjective Optimization of PV-Bat-SOFC Hybrid System: Effect of Different Fuels Used in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

2014  Optical Investigation of Postinjection Strategy Effect at the Exhaust Line of a Light-Duty Diesel Engine Supplied with Diesel/Butanol and Biodiesel Blends

2014  Optimization of Injection System Parameters and Exhaust Gas Recirculation for Jatropha Biodiesel Fuel in Diesel Engine Using Taguchi Method

2014  Potentialities of a Common Rail Injection System for the Control of Dual Fuel Biodiesel-Producer Gas Combustion and Emissions

2014  Relationships between Interdependency, Reliability, and Vulnerability of Infrastructure Systems: Case Study of Biofuel Infrastructure Development

2014  Study on Combustion Process and Emissions of a Single-Cylinder Diesel Engine Fueled with DMC/Diesel Blend

2014  Sulphate Resistance of Geopolymer Concrete Prepared from Blended Waste Fuel Ash

2014  Theoretical Route toward the Estimation of Second Law Potential of an Emulsified Palm Biodiesel Run Diesel Engine

2014  Vapor Pressure and Octane Numbers of Ternary Gasoline-Ethanol-ETBE Blends

2013  Analysis of Fuel Economy of Autonomous Vehicle Platoon

2013  Comparison of Fuel-Cycle Emissions per Passenger Mile from Multiple Bus and Rail Technologies

2013  The Driving Resistance and Fuel Consumption Test Method Research of Transportation Coach

2013  Effects of Emulsified Fuel on the Performance and Emission of Direct Injection Diesel Engine

2013  Energy Management Strategy of Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles Based on Instantaneous Equivalent Fuel Consumption Minimization

2013  Experimental Analysis of Single-Lane Roundabout Slip Lanes: Fuel Consumption and Emissions

2013  Fuel Conservation through Freeway Work Zone Traffic Diversion Planning

2013  Fuel Storage Container Performance during the 2011 Tohoku, Japan, Tsunami

2013  Full Closure or Partial Closure? Evaluation of Construction Plans for the I-5 Closure in Downtown Sacramento

2013  Hydrogen Fuel Cell Transit Buses and Infrastructure - Contrasting Innovations

2013  Impact of DME as an Oxygenated Alternative Fuel on Combustion and Emissions Reduction in a Transportation Vehicle at Low Load Condition

2013  Nonisothermal Mathematical Model for Performance Evaluation of Passive Direct Methanol Fuel Cells

2013  Uniaxial Compression Tests on Diesel-Contaminated Frozen Silty-Soil Specimens

2012  Air Cooling of a Two-Seater Fuel Cell-Powered Aircraft: Dynamic Modeling and Comparison with Experimental Data

2012  The Business Case for Using Compressed Natural Gas Fuel in Concrete Mixer Trucks

2012  Capacitated Deviation-Flow Fueling Location Model for Sitting Battery Charging Stations

2012  Characteristics of Fuel Consumption and Vehicular Operation of Buses in Taipei’s Exclusive Bus Lanes

2012  Comparison Analysis between Expander Cycle and Recooling Cycle for a Scramjet

2012  Concept of LNGV Promotion and Application in Sichuan Province

2012  Contaminant Mass Transfer from NAPLs to Water Studied in a Continuously Stirred Flow-Through Reactor

2012  Design and Performance Study of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and Gas Turbine Hybrid System Applied in Combined Cooling, Heating, and Power System

2012  Distribution Characteristics of Vehicle-Specific Power on Urban Restricted-Access Roadways

2012  Evaluation of Construction Equipment Fleets through Fuel Use and Emissions Inventories

2012  Experimental Study on Hydrogen Production by Spark Discharge Plasma Reforming of Dimethyl Ether

2012  Flow-Field Analysis of a Typical Hydrogen-Fueled Dual-Mode Scramjet Combustor

2012  Fuel Cells Treat Wastewater, Generate Electricity

2012  GA-Based Fuel-Efficient Transfer Path Selection Model for Delivering Construction Materials

2012  Hybrid Train Power with Diesel Locomotive and Slug Car-Based Flywheels for NOx and Fuel Reduction

2012  Implications of High-Pressure Turbine’s Erosion for a Military Turbofan’s Fuel Consumption

2012  Numerical Study of Effect of Fuel Injection Angle on the Performance of a 2D Supersonic Cavity Combustor

2012  Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Emissions and Mutagenicity Assessment of Exhaust from a Diesel Generator

2012  Research of Energy Consumption Based on Full Velocity Difference Model

2012  Simulation Study on the Influence of Vehicle Structure on Fuel Economy

2012  Study on Drivers’ Refueling Behaviors Based on SEM Model

2012  Technoeconomic Sensitivity of Biobased Hydrocarbon Production via Fast Pyrolysis to Government Incentive Programs

2012  Viscous Energy Dissipation in Asphalt Pavement Structures and Implication for Vehicle Fuel Consumption

2011  Analysis of Traveling Speed and Fuel Consumption Based on Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder for BRT in Jinan

2011  Engineering Method for Air-Cooling Design of Two-Seat Propeller-Driven Aircraft Powered by Fuel Cells

2011  Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Diesel or Ethanol-Blended Diesel on Hydraulic Properties of Unsaturated Soils

2011  A Field Investigation of the Effect of Pavement Type on Fuel Consumption

2011  Financing of Ordinary Highways after Fuel Tax Reform in China

2011  Kerosene-Resistant Asphalt Binders Based on Nonconventional Modification

2011  NewsBriefs: European Union Proposes Ban on Vehicles Using Conventional Fuels (Daily Mail and The Telegraph)

2011  Part Load Performance Characteristics of a Low-Heat Rejection Diesel Engine Fueled with Biodiesel

2011  Simulation for Automobile Power Performance and Fuel Economy

2011  Simulation of Piston-Ring Dynamics of a Marine Diesel Engine

2011  Study on Vehicular PEMFC Humidity Estimate Based on Soft Sensing Technology

2010  Analysis of the Effects of Fuel Tax on Chinese Logistics Industry by System Dynamics

2010  Independence from Fossil Fuel Usages in Northeastern United States: Important Tasks for a Sustainable Geothermal Pilot Well Project

2010  Modeling of Cooperation between Airlines and Fuel Suppliers

2010  Multi-Trip Vehicle Routing Problem Based on Fuel Consumption Reduction

2010  NewsBriefs: European Scientists Work to Extract CO2 from Air, Create Fuel

2010  Research on the Driver Shift Quality Based on Fuel Economy

2009  Effect of Electro-Mechanical Coupling on Dynamic Performance of Crankshaft of ISG HEV

2009  Engineering the Bioeconomy

2009  High-Performance Isolated PV-Diesel System

2009  Impact of Rising Fuel Prices on Prevailing Traffic Speed on Freeway in Houston, Texas

2009  Influence of Bus Voltage on Motor Torque and Efficiency in Fuel Cell Hybrid Powertrain

2009  Monitoring Model for Three-Way Catalyst Converter Efficiency Based on Exotherm

2009  Multicomponent Sorption of Pyridine and Its Derivatives from Aqueous Solution onto Rice Husk Ash and Granular Activated Carbon

2009  Optimization of Open Vehicle Route to Reduce Fuel Consumption Based on Genetic Algorithm

2009  Optimization of Vehicle Route to Reduce Fuel Consumption Based on Genetic Algorithm

2009  Ration Effect of Rheological and Combustion Properties of Coal-Oil-Water Slurry

2009  The Research of Control Strategy of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor for Hybrid Electric Vehicles

2009  Research on the 25kW FCPS’s Temperature Controlling Simulation

2009  Study on Burner Type Diesel Particulate Filter System Using Compressed Air from Turbocharger

2009  Treatment of Fuel-Oil Contaminated Soils by Biodegradable Surfactant Washing Followed by Fenton-Like Oxidation

2009  Value Addition of Wastewater Sludge: Future Course in Sludge Reutilization

2009  Water Quality Impacts of Corn Production to Meet Biofuel Demands

2008  Alternative Transportation Fuels: Distribution Infrastructure for Hydrogen and Ethanol in Iowa

2008  Decommissioning of Diesel-Fueled Electric Power Generators in Developing Countries