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2014  Discharge Coefficient of a Trapezoidal Broad-Crested Side Weir for Low Approach Froude Numbers

2014  Effects of Scale and Discharge Variation on Similitude and Solute Transport in Water Treatment Tanks

2014  Hydraulic Resistance of Emergent Macroroughness at Large Froude Numbers: Design of Nature-Like Fishpasses

2014  Mean and Turbulent Bubble Velocities in Free Hydraulic Jumps for Small to Intermediate Froude Numbers

2014  Radial Jet and Hydraulic Jump in a Circular Basin

2014  Turbulence Characteristics in Supercritical Open Channel Flows: Effects of Froude Number and Aspect Ratio

2012  Drag Characteristics of Two-Dimensional Sills in Forced Hydraulic Jumps

2011  Analysis of Turbulent Hydraulic Jump over a Transitional Rough Bed of a Rectangular Channel: Universal Relations

2011  Bubbly Two-Phase Flow in Hydraulic Jumps at Large Froude Numbers

2011  Near-Field Dilution Characteristics of a Negatively Buoyant Hypersaline Jet Generated by a Desalination Plant

2011  Rooster Tail Wave Hydraulics of Chutes

2011  Sequent Depth Ratio of a B-Jump

2010  Characteristics of Velocity and Excess Density Profiles of Saline Underflows and Turbidity Currents Flowing over a Mobile Bed

2010  Enhancing Utility of Submerged Vanes with Collar

2010  Estimation of Friction Factor in Open Channels

2010  Using Transient Flow Equations for Modelling of Filling and Emptying of Large-Scale Pipeline

2009  Local Scour Caused by Submerged Square Jets under Model Ice Cover

2009  Resistance Characteristics of Surface Aerators

2008  Accuracy of Kinematic Wave and Diffusion Wave Approximations for Flood Routing. I: Steady Analysis

2008  Accuracy of Kinematic Wave Approximation for Flood Routing. II: Unsteady Analysis

2008  Horizontal Injection of Gas – Liquid Mixtures in a Water Tank

2006  Analytical Solution of the Burgers Equation for Simulating Translatory Waves in Conveyance Channels

2006  Clear Water Local Scour by Submerged Three-Dimensional Wall Jets: Effect of Tailwater Depth

2006  Effectiveness of Bermuda Grass as Vegetative Cover in Grassed Waterway: A Simulated Study

2006  Scattergraph Principles and Practice: Practical Application of the Froude Number to Flow Monitoring

2005  Discharge Ratio of Side Outflow to Supercritical Channel Flow

2005  Energy Model to Predict Suspended Load Deposition Induced by Woody Debris: Case Study

2005  Minimum Flow Estimated By the Froude Number

2005  Numerical Modeling of Free Overfall

2004  Turbulence Structure of Hydraulic Jumps of Low Froude Numbers

2003  Direct Equations for Hydraulic Jump Elements in Rectangular Horizontal Channel

2003  Modeling Event-Based Temporal Variability of Flow Resistance Coefficient

2003  Particle Densimetric Froude Number for Estimating Sediment Transport

2003  Vertical Penetration of Double-Diffusive Water Plumes Discharged Vertically Downward

2002  Gravitational and Shear Instabilities in Compound and Composite Channels

2002  Subcritical 90° Equal-Width Open-Channel Dividing Flow

2001  Application of Riemann-Green Functions on Solving Linearized de Saint Venant Equations

2001  Experimental Measurement of Dynamic Force on Slab in Stilling Basins

2001  Flume Tests for Scour in Clay at Circular Piers

2001  Hydraulic Performance of Coanda-Effect Screens

2001  Laboratory Study of Anchor Ice Growth

2001  Recalibration of a Reaeration Equation

2000  Afflux Due to Rectangular Bridge Pier

1999  Numerical Investigation of an Estuarine Front and Its Associated Eddy

1999  Wake Wash of High-Speed Craft in Coastal Areas

1998  Analysis of the Roller in Hydraulic Jumps

1998  Incipient Motion Under Shallow Flow Conditions

1998  Local Scour Increment by Successive Bridge Construction

1998  Maximum Penetration of Vertical Round Dense Jets at Small and Large Froude Numbers

1997  Building Scour in Floodplains

1997  Maximum Vertical Penetration of Plane Turbulent Negatively Buoyant Jets

1997  Relationship Between Turbulent Structure Near the Free-Surface and Surface-Wave-Fluctuations

1996  Flushing Criteria in Estuarine and Laboratory Experiments

1996  Local Scour: By A Deeply Submerged Horizontal Circular Jet

1996  An LPI Numerical Implicit Solution for Unsteady Mixed-Flow Simulation

1996  Relative Celerities of Mobile Bed Flows with Finite Solids Concentrations

1996  Selection of Sediment Transport Relations: Part II, Ranges of Dimensionless Numbers

1996  Study of Hydraulic Jump Lengths on Inclined Channel Beds

1996  Water Surface Profiles in Compound Channel with Multiple Critical Depths

1995  The Effect of Approaching Flow Angles on the Local Scour at Semi-Circular Piers

1995  Effect of Cross-Sectional Shape on Free-Surface Instability

1995  A Similitude Model for Flow-Induced Vibrational Response of Wicket Gates

1995  Supercritical Baffle Blocks

1995  Turbulence Characteristics of Flow Over a Cobble Bed

1995  Turbulence Measurements in Low Froude Number Hydraulic Jumps

1994  Bridge Pier Scour Equations - An Assessment

1994  Discharge Coefficient of Rectangular Side Weirs

1994  Flow patterns in a mountain stream

1994  Free-Surface Instability in Flow down Steep Rivers

1994  Mixing of Thermal Discharges at Low Froude Numbers

1994  A Numerical Study of Hydraulic Jump and Mixing in a Stratified Channel With a Sill

1994  Stability Principle of Critical Flow Depth in a Moving Coordinate System

1994  Theoretical study of unstable waves in the rapids of the river

1993  Critical Depth, Velocity Profiles, and Averaging

1993  Unique Laminar-Flow Stability Limit Based on Shallow-Water Theory

1993  Variation of Froude Number with Discharge for Large-Gradient Streams

1992  Influences of Density on Circular Clarifiers with Baffles

1992  Momentum and Energy Coefficients Based on Power-Law Velocity Profile

1992  Optimum Channel Contraction for Supercritical Flows

1992  Stability Problems in Stream Water Profile Computations

1992  Vedernikov’s Number as a Measure of Flow Stability

1991  Critical Depth, Velocity Profile, and Channel Shape

1991  Discharge Coefficient of Lateral Diversion from Trapezoidal Channel

1991  Numerical Modeling of Air Bubble Transport in Spillway Flow Downstream from Aerator

1991  Withdrawal from Two-Layer Fluid Through Line Sink

1990  Dividing Flow in Open Channels

1990  Flow Stability and Friction Factor in Rough Channels

1990  Hydrodynamic Phase Diagrams for Microstructure in Stratified Flows

1990  Internal Solitary Waves Generated by Moving Disturbances

1990  A Model of Long Internal Waves in Salt-Wedge Estuaries With Tidal Motion

1990  Tow-Tank Simulations of the Severe Downslope Wind

1990  Transcritical Stratified Flow in Straits

1990  Turbulence and Fronts in Three-Dimensional Surface Plumes

1990  Vortex Drop Inlet for Supercritical Approaching Flow

1990  Vortical Turbulence in a Stratified Fluid

1989  The Area of Scour Hole Around Bridge Piers

1989  Hydraulic Jump Type Stilling Basin for Low Froude Numbers

1989  Potential Flow Over a Wavy Bed: A Persistent Error

1988  Avoidance of Seawater Intrusion into Ports of Ocean Outfalls

1988  Friction Factor Evaluation in Gravel-Bed Rivers