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2014  Effect of Baltic Seawater and Binder Type on Frost Durability of Concrete

2014  Model of Compressive Strength Degradation of Concrete under Both Freeze-Thaw Cycles and Compressive Loads

2014  Transmission X-Ray Microscope Nanoscale Characterization and 3D Micromechanical Modeling of Internal Frost Damage in Cement Paste

2013  An Analysis of Frost Penetration Depth with Field Temperature Data of Paved Road in Korea

2013  Comparative Analyses of Methods for Posting Spring Load Restrictions

2013  Comparison of Surface and Subsurface Winter Temperatures in Pervious and Conventional Concrete Pavements

2013  Comparison of Theoretical Freezing Depths of Permeable and Conventional Pavements

2013  Effects of Reactive Magnesia on Microstructure and Frost Durability of Portland Cement-Based Binders

2013  Estimation of Frost Depth in South Korea

2013  Frost Susceptibility of Granular Subbase Materials Contaminated by Deicing Chemicals

2013  Investigation of Internal Frost Damage in Concrete with Thermodynamic Analysis, Microdamage Modeling, and Time-Domain Reflectometry Sensor Measurements

2013  Potential Gradients Produced by Pore-Space Heterogeneities: Application to Isothermal Frost Damage and Submarine Hydrate Anomalies

2012  Frost Action Mechanisms of Clay Roofing Tiles: Case Study

2012  Hydraulic Conductivity of Cement-Treated Soils and Aggregates after Freezing

2012  Permanent Deformation of Various Unbound Aggregates Submitted to Seasonal Frost Conditions

2012  Real-Time In Situ Monitoring of Frost Depth, Seasonal Frost Heave, and Moisture in Railway Track Structures

2012  Risk Evaluation of Frost Jacking for Tower Foundations along Qinghai-Tibetan Transmission Line and Anti-Heave Measures

2011  Limit States Design of Pile Foundations in Clay under Combined Action of Transient Uplift Loads and Frost Jacking

2011  Safety Margin in Design of Pile-Supported Structural Slabs for Frost Action

2010  Below-Ground Performance of Rigid Polystyrene Foam Insulation: Review of Effective Thermal Resistivity Values Used in ASCE Standard 32-01—Design and Construction of Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations

2010  Comparison of the Mechanics and Durability of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete and Frost Resistant Concrete in Bridge Deck Pavement

2010  Evaluation of EICM for Subsurface Moisture, Temperature, and Frost Depth in Flexible Pavements

2010  Laboratory Observation of the Response of a Buried Pipeline to Freezing Rubber-Sand Backfill

2010  The Performance and Economic Benefits of Thick Granular Base for Flexible Pavement Design in Frost Susceptible Regions

2009  Active Layer and Frost Bulb Interaction for a Full-Scale, Buried Chilled Gas Pipeline

2009  Analyses of Frost-Migration under Post-Tensioned Slabs

2009  A Basic Study on Frost Susceptibility of Rock: Differences between Frost Susceptibility of Rock and Soil

2009  Cold Regions Engineering 2009, Cold Regions Impacts on Research, Design, and Construction

2009  Effect of Inorganic Salts on Frost Resistance of Concrete

2009  Mesoscale Simulation of Influence of Frost Damage on Mechanical Properties of Concrete

2009  One-Dimensional Computer Models to Estimate Frost Depth

2009  Ruggedness Evaluation of the Tube Suction Test

2009  Study on the Frost Resistance Test Method of Lime-Fly Ash Stabilized Material Base Course

2008  Micromechanics Model to Describe Strain Behavior of Concrete in Freezing Process

2007  Modeling Heaving in Frost-Susceptible Soils

2007  Seasonal Frost Effects on the Soil — Foundation — Structure Interaction System

2006  Cement Treatment of Frost-Susceptible New England Base Materials Blended with Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement

2006  Effect of Insulation on the Performance of a Soil-Nailed Wall in Frost Susceptible Conditions

2006  Estimation Method of Frost Heaving for Chilled Gas Pipeline Buried in Frost Susceptible Soil

2006  Evaluation of Transition Cement for Stabilization of Frost-Susceptible Base Material in Conjunction with Full-Depth Recycling in Weber Canyon, Utah

2006  Expedient Frost Layer Measurements

2006  Experimental Research on Mechanical Properties of an Asphalt Mixing Material under Cyclic Frost Actions

2006  Field Test Comparing Frost Insulation Materials in Road Construction

2006  Frost Susceptibility of Stabilized Soil

2006  Lightweight Aggregates as Frost Insulation in Roads — Design Chart

2006  Observation of Frost Heave of THF Clathrate Hydrate on Porous Glass Powder

2006  Seasonal Frost Effects on the Dynamic Properties of Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction System

2006  Standard Methods Used to Mitigate Seasonal Frost in Highway Projects

2006  A Study on the Influence of Water and Fines on the Deformation Properties and Frost Heave of Unbound Aggregates

2006  Study on the Shape of Freezing Front and Frost Heave Damage of C-Box Structure

2003  Frozen Ground Engineering

2003  Study of Methods to Control Frost Action in Cold Regions Tunnels

2002  Protective Layer Design in Landfill Covers Based on Frost Penetration

2001  Assessing Frost Resistance of Concrete Aggregates in Minnesota

2000  Ground Temperature in Porous Pavement during Freezing and Thawing

1999  Field Trial of Tire Shreds as Insulation for Paved Roads

1999  Fighting Frost Problems in New York State Pavements

1999  A New Simple Frost Model: Validated and Easy to Use

1999  A Retrospective on Early Analysis and Simulation of Freeze and Thaw Dynamics

1998  Comparative Study of Durability Indices for Clay Bricks

1998  Development of New Durability Index for Clay Bricks

1998  Improving Prediction of Frost Penetration

1998  Mechanical Implications of Using Insulation Layers in Pavements

1998  PCC Airfield Pavement Response During Thaw-Weakening Periods

1998  Performance of Fiber Reinforced Concrete with Respect to Frost Resistance: A Case Study

1998  Shallow Insulated Foundation Failure Due to Frost Action: Case Study

1997  Extreme-Value Statistics for Frost Penetration Depths in Northeastern United States

1997  Frost Susceptibility of Crushed Glass Used as Construction Aggregate

1997  Significant Soil Properties in the Thermal and Structural Design of Building Foundations

1997  Spatial and Temporal Variability of Estimated Maximum Soil Freezing Depths in the Northeastern U.S.

1997  Status of ASCE Standard on Design and Construction of Frost Protected Shallow Foundations

1996  Field Observations of Instrumented Highway Sections with Different Frost Protections

1996  Frost Action

1996  Predicting the Level of Frost Penetration into Landfill Covers

1996  Thermal Impact of a Buried Chilled Gas Pipeline

1995  Comparison of Methods Used to Create Estimate of Air-Freezing Index

1995  Effects of Frost Action on Compacted Clay Barriers

1995  Frost Resistance of Roller-Compacted High-Volume Fly Ash Concrete

1995  Protecting Pavements From Frost

1995  Thermal Performance of Trench Backfills for Buried Water Mains

1995  Winter Effects on Hydraulic Conductivity of Compacted Clay

1994  Frost Susceptibility of Concrete in Near-Saturated States

1994  Tire Chips Used as Pothole Preventers

1993  Protected Paste Volume of Air-Entrained Cement Paste. Part II

1992  Protected-Paste Volume of Air-Entrained Cement Paste. Part 1

1991  Numerical Analysis of Frost Shields

1991  Use of Rigid Insulation Below Grade for Roadways and Parking Areas

1990  Accurate Computation of Freezing Index

1990  Effect of Fly Ash on the Microstructure and Durability of Concrete

1990  Sprinkler System Design for Frost Protection

1989  Comparison of Insulated and Noninsulated Pavements

1989  Deep Frost Effects on a Longitudinal Edge Drain

1989  Freezing and Thawing Durability of High Strength Silica Fume Concrete

1988  Frost Penetration and Thermal Regime in Dry Gravel

1984  Designing for Frost Heave Conditions

1982  Full-Depth and Granular Base Course Design for Frost Areas

1981  Frost Depth Prediction for Highway Subgrade Soils

1978  Excavation Below Water Table Using Frost Penetration

1978  A New Material for Pavement Subbases in Frost Areas

1975  Frost Heave Suggestion