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2015  Behavior of High-Strength Friction-Grip Bolted Shear Connectors in Sustainable Composite Beams

2015  Failure Behavior of a Top and Seat Angle Bolted Steel Connection with Double Web Angles

2015  Friction Influence between Particles in the Behavior of Flow of Lime-Rendering Mortars

2015  Friction Losses in Large-Diameter Pipes

2015  Long-Term Performance of Diamond Grinding

2015  Mechanical Behavior of B500c Steel with an Aluminum Layer Coating in a Marine Environment

2015  Pullout Strength of Steel Pins in Cold-Formed Steel Framing

2015  State-Dependent Constitutive Model for Rockfill Materials

2015  Tall Oedometer Testing: Method to Account for Wall Friction

2014  Analysis of Compression Pile Response Using a Softening Model, a Hyperbolic Model of Skin Friction, and a Bilinear Model of End Resistance

2014  Analysis of Transient Vaporous Cavitation in Pipes by a Distributed 2D Model

2014  Approximation of the Friction Integral in Water Hammer Equations

2014  Dependence of Volumetric Parameters of Hot-Mix Asphalts on Testing Methods

2014  Effect of Surface Friction on Tire-Pavement Contact Stresses during Vehicle Maneuvering

2014  Effects of Friction at Movable Supports on Elasto-Plastic Seismic Responses of Continuous Girder Bridges

2014  Effects of Principal Stress Directions on 3D Failure Conditions in Cross-Anisotropic Sand

2014  Experimental Behavior of Steel Fixed Bearings and Implications for Seismic Bridge Response

2014  Fractal Shear Bands at Elastic-Plastic Transitions in Random Mohr-Coulomb Materials

2014  Friction Head Loss in Center-Pivot Laterals with Single Diameter and Multidiameter

2014  Further Developments in Rapidly Decelerating Turbulent Pipe Flow Modeling

2014  Impact of Organic Coatings on Frictional Strength of Organically Modified Clay

2014  Influence of Aggregate Gradation on Clogging Characteristics of Porous Asphalt Mixtures

2014  Influence of Void Ratio on Static Soil-Structure Frictional Resistance of Dry and Saturated Sand

2014  Large-Scale Seismic Testing of a Hybrid Sliding-Rocking Posttensioned Segmental Bridge System

2014  The Mechanics of Friction Fatigue in Jacked Piles Installed in Sand

2014  Microelement Formulation of Free Energy for Quasi-Brittle Materials

2014  Numerical Analysis of the Cutting Forces in Timber

2014  Numerical Treatment of the Resistance Term in Upwind Schemes in Debris Flow Runout Modeling

2014  Pile Stress Estimation Based on Seismic Deformation Method with Embedment Effects on Pile Caps

2014  Pile-Driving Formulas for Friction Piles in Sand

2014  Presliding Shear Failure in Prestressed RC Beams. I: Partial-Interaction Mechanism

2014  Quasi-Static Cyclic Testing of a Large-Scale Hybrid Sliding-Rocking Segmental Column with Slip-Dominant Joints

2014  Seismic Response of Squat Rigid Bodies on Inclined Planes with Rigid Boundaries

2014  Semiactive Friction Damper for Lightweight Pedestrian Bridges

2014  Slope Correction for Calculation of Bedload Sediment Transport Rates in Steep Channels

2014  Strength and Dilatancy of Silty Sand

2014  Ultimate Shaft Friction and Load-Displacement Response of Axially Loaded Piles in Clay Based on Instrumented Pile Tests

2013  3-D Masing Behavior of a Parallel Iwan Model

2013  Buckling of Timoshenko Beams in Frictionless Contact with an Elastic Half-Plane

2013  Cavitation Potential of Flow on Stepped Spillways

2013  Current State of Pedestrian Slip-and-Fall Accidents in Winter in Sapporo and the Characteristics of Icy Sidewalk Surfaces

2013  Database of Friction Angles of Sand and Consolidation Characteristics of Sand, Silt, and Clay

2013  Driving Behaviors, the Brainwave Test, and the Distribution of Superelevation and Side Friction Factors for the SMART Highway

2013  Empirical Correlations: Drained Shear Strength for Slope Stability Analyses

2013  Evaluation of Permeable Friction Course Mixes with Various Binders and Additives

2013  Experimental Evaluation of Soil-Pipe Friction Coefficients for Coated Steel Pipes

2013  Finite-Element Simulation for Contribution of Matric Suction and Friction Angle to Stress Distribution during Pulling-Out Process

2013  Friction Stir Welding APM Vehicle Body Structures: INNOVIA APM 300 Case Study

2013  Friction-Compensation Control of Gas-Flow Regulation for Ducted Rockets Based on Adaptive Dither Method

2013  Head Loss through Pipe Fittings for Laminar Flows

2013  Laboratory Evaluation of Warm-Mix Open Graded Friction Course Mixtures

2013  Laboratory Measurement of Seabed Shear Stress and the Slip Factor over a Porous Seabed

2013  Mechanical Behavior of Water Deionizing Granular Material Bed for Space Life Support Systems

2013  Mechanics-Based Hinge Analysis for Reinforced Concrete Columns

2013  Mixing and Turbulence in a Flooding Coastal River

2013  Modeling Free-Flow Speed Considering Water Depth under Ponding Conditions: A Dynamic Method from the Viewpoint of Hydroplaning

2013  New Road Surfaces: Logical Bases for Simple Quality-Related Pay Adjustments

2013  Nonlinear Interaction of Friction and Interpolation Errors in Unsteady Flow Analyses

2013  Origin of Cohesion and Its Dependence on Saturation for Granular Media

2013  Pavement Macrotexture Monitoring through Sound Generated by a Tire-Pavement Interaction

2013  Performance Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Polymer-Modified Binders and Friction Course

2013  Seismic Performance of Steel Self-Centering, Moment-Resisting Frame: Hybrid Simulations under Design Basis Earthquake

2013  Shaft Capacity of Displacement Piles in Clay Using the Cone Penetration Test

2013  Shaking Response of Tall High-Voltage Equipment Retrofitted with Friction Dampers

2013  Shear and Friction Response of Nonseismic Laminated Elastomeric Bridge Bearings Subject to Seismic Demands

2013  Stress Dependence of Shear Strength in Fine-Grained Soils and Correlations with Liquid Limit

2013  A Study on Reproducibility of Friction Data Collected Using a Continuous Friction Tester

2013  Three-Dimensional Dynamics of a Rigid Body with Wheels on a Moving Base

2013  Treatment for Expansive Soil Channel Slope with Soilbags

2013  Treatment of Highway Runoff Using the Permeable Friction Course (PFC)

2012  Accounting for Rough Bed Friction Factors of Mud Beds as a Result of Biological Activity in Erosion Experiments

2012  Analytical Method to Determine Vertical Stresses within a Granular Material Contained in Right Vertical Prisms

2012  Application of Shaft Grouting Technique in Deep Foundations - Hong Kong Experience

2012  Aspects of Isolation Device Behavior Observed from Full-Scale Testing of an Isolated Building at E-Defense

2012  Axial-Torsional Multi-Sleeve Friction Penetration System for Lunar Subsurface Studies

2012  Crossbar Block Ramps: Flow Regimes, Energy Dissipation, Friction Factors, and Drag Forces

2012  Determination of c and φ from IDT and Unconfined Compression Testing and Numerical Analysis

2012  Discrete Element Modeling of Pavement-Wheel Frictional Force

2012  Discrete Rotation in RC Beams

2012  Drainage Modeling of Roadway Systems with Porous Friction Courses

2012  Effect of Friction on Spurious Oscillations in Open Channel Modeling with Variable Bathymetry or Roughness

2012  Elastoplastic Finite-Element Analysis of FRP-Confined Masonry Columns

2012  Estimation of Decay Coefficients for Unsteady Friction for Instantaneous, Acceleration-Based Models

2012  Field Assessment of Friction Head Loss and Friction Correction Factor Equations

2012  Field Evaluation of Storm-Water Control Measures for Highway Runoff Treatment

2012  Flow Resistance in Smooth Rectangular Open Channels with Low Aspect Ratios

2012  Friction Effects on Lateral Loading Behavior of Rigid Piles

2012  Identification and Validation of Rolling Friction Models by Dynamic Simulation of Sandpile Formation

2012  Impact of Spatial Variability on the Design of Drilled Shafts in Weak Carbonate Rocks

2012  Improved Evaluation of Interface Friction on Steel Pipe Pile in Sand

2012  Influence of Contacting Friction between Tires and Pavement on Asphalt Pavement Mechanical Response

2012  Influence of Sidewall Friction on the Results of Small-Scale Laboratory Model Tests: Numerical Assessment

2012  Investigation of Hydraulic Transients in a Pipeline with Column Separation

2012  Laboratory and Finite-Element Investigation of Soil Disturbance Associated with the Installation of Mandrel-Driven Prefabricated Vertical Drains

2012  Laboratory Investigation of Open-Graded Friction-Course Mixtures Containing Polymers and Cellulose Fibers

2012  A Laboratory Process to Determine the Tim-Dependent Increased Interface Frictional Behavior between Soil and Construction Materials

2012  Method to Evaluate the Active Earth Pressure Accounting for Strength Anisotropy of Soil

2012  Optimal Design on the Drag Reduction Structure for the Cylinder of Percussion-Compact DTH Hammer

2012  Optimized Predictive Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model of the Gironde Estuary in France

2012  A Parametric Approach for the Optimization of Passive Friction Dampers