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Found 57 Records with the keyword term of "Frequency distribution"

2015  Discriminatory Power of Heterogeneity Statistics with Respect to Error of Precipitation Quantile Estimation

2013  Comparison of the Power of Lognormality Tests with Different Right-Tail Alternative Distributions

2012  Dynamic Response to Pedestrian Loads with Statistical Frequency Distribution

2010  Frequency Distribution of Extreme Hydrologic Drought of Southeastern Semiarid Region, Iran

2003  Design of Flutter Characteristics of Composite Wings Using Frequency Constraint Optimization

2001  Climate-Biased Decisions via Partial Historical Sampling

1998  Response Modes of the Chesapeake Bay Wave Field

1997  Determination of Watershed Curve Number Using Derived Distributions

1997  A Method for Estimating Standardized Biomodal Directional Spectra

1997  New Conversion Model for Areal Sampling of Fluvial Sediments

1996  Evaluation of Sampling Properties of General Extreme Value (GEV) Distribution-L-Moments Vs Conventional Moments

1996  Frequency Distributions and Bayesian Techniques for Estimating Performance in Composite Materials

1995  An Evaluation of Frequency Distributions for Flood Hazard Analysis

1995  Random Vibration Analysis of Dynamic Systems with Frequency Dependent Parameters or Fractional Derivatives

1994  Joint Probability Distribution of Rainfall Intensity and Duration

1994  Optimization of Space Lattice Structures with Multimodal Frequency Constraints

1993  Ambient Vibration Survey: Sunshine Skyway Bridge

1993  Estimation of Flood Frequencies for Ungaged Catchments

1993  The National Drought Atlas

1993  A New Look at the Statistical Estimation of PMP

1993  Occurrence Distribution of Maximum Wave Height Including Wave Grouping Effect

1993  Vibration Frequency Spectrum Analysis

1992  Definition of a Weighting Function for Rainfall in Aggregated Rainfall-Runoff Models

1992  Estimating Peak Flows from Small Agricultural Watersheds

1992  Regional Frequency Analysis Using L-Moments

1990  Monte Carlo Simulation Using Pearson’s Frequency Curves

1990  Synthetic Calibration of a Rainfall-Runoff Model

1989  Cross Shore Variations in Heavy Minerals in Beaches of the Barrier Dominated Southeast Atlantic Coast

1989  Eastern United States Extreme High Water Levels

1989  Joint Probability Calculation of Storm Depths

1988  Derived Frequency Distribution for Storm Runoff Pollution

1988  Fitting Minima of Flows Via Maximum Likelihood

1986  Explicit Integration of Boundary Integral Equations in the Frequency Domain for Wave Scattering Problems

1986  On Frequency Distribution of Raindrop Sizes

1983  Distribution of Infiltration on a Small Watershed

1983  Estimating Log Pearson Parameters by Mixed Moments

1983  Fitting Procedures for the Log-Boughton Distribution

1983  Interrelationships of Irrigation Uniformity Terms

1982  Node Factor Variations and Joint Occurences

1982  Wave Height Distributions and Wave Grouping in Surf Zone

1981  Return Period for Mean Annual Hydrologic Event

1981  Three-Parameter Probability Distributions

1980  Empirical Investigation of Curve Number Technique

1980  Log Pearson Type 3 Distribution: A Generalized Evaluation

1980  Log Pearson Type 3 Distribution: Method of Mixed Moments

1980  Turbulence and Wind-Turbine Performance

1979  Frequency Content in Earthquake Simulation

1979  Gravel Size Analysis from Photographs

1978  Flood Frequency Analysis by Power Transformation

1977  Characteristics of Dredged Bottom Sediments

1976  Multivariable Flood Level Frequency Distribution

1975  Interlock Tension in Steel Sheet Piling

1974  Plant Performance Using Dissolved Oxygen Control

1972  Frequency of Potential Evapotranspiration Rates in Great Central Plains

1970  Nomographs for Some Cumulative Frequency Distributions

1960  Prediction of Maximum Practical Berth Occupancy

1959  A Time Interval Distribution for Excessive Rainfall