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2012  Effect of Size of Inhomogeneity on the Surface Wave Attenuation in Cementitious Media

2012  Investigation of the Accuracy of Vibration Response Prediction Methods for High Frequency Floors

2012  Single-Frequency Integer Ambiguity Resolution Enabled GPS Precise Point Positioning

2011  Clarification of a Common Misunderstanding of Collision Frequencies in the Smoluchowski Equation

2011  Study on Frequency Dependency of Sol-Gel Transition of Asphalt

2010  Complex Frequencies in Elastodynamics, with Application to the Damping-Solvent Extraction Method

2010  Contractors’ Competition Strategies in Bidding: Hong Kong Study

2010  Experimental and Numerical Study of Railway Ballast Behavior under Cyclic Loading

2010  Tall Building Response Parameters: Sensitivity Study Based on Orthogonal Factorial Experiment Design Technique

2008  Theoretical Study on Cable Tension Detection Considering Support Vibration

2007  Estimating Fundamental Frequencies of Tall Buildings

2007  Introduction: Benefits of Flexible Water Delivery

2007  Modeling of Temperature—Frequency Correlation Using Combined Principal Component Analysis and Support Vector Regression Technique

2007  Simple Model of Frequency-Dependent Impedance Functions in Soil-Structure Interaction Using Frequency-Independent Elements

2007  Vibration of Annular Mindlin Plates with Small Cores

2006  Dynamic Characteristics and Effective Stiffness Properties of Honeycomb Composite Sandwich Structures for Highway Bridge Applications

2006  Effects of Catchment Modification on the Flow Frequency Curve Modeled Using the EPA-SWMM Model

2006  Frequency-Dependent Amplification of Unsaturated Surface Soil Layer

2006  High Frequency Data Acquisition System for Field Measurement of Hydraulic Conductivity in a Sand Aquifer

2006  Reduction of Vibrations due to Foundation Slabs

2006  Three-Dimensional Free Vibration Analysis of Multiphase Piezocomposite Structures

2005  Frequency Domain Identification of Multi-Input, Multi-Output Systems Considering Physical Relationships between Measured Variables

2005  Modeling of Seabed Interaction of Oceanographic Moorings in the Frequency Domain

2004  Dynamic Response of Footings Resting on a Sand Layer of Finite Thickness

2003  Autorun Persistence of Hydrologic Design

2003  Frequency of Functionally Graded Plates with Three-Dimensional Asymptotic Approach

2003  Ionosphere-Free Phase Combinations for Modernized GPS

2003  Nonlinear Vibration Characteristics of Damaged Concrete Beams

2003  Nonparametric Approach for Estimating Return Periods of Droughts in Arid Regions

2002  Near Lognormal Distribution

2002  Numerical Simulations of Internal Tides around Oahu, Hawaii

2002  Seismic Simulation of Inelastic Soils via Frequency-Dependent Moduli and Damping

2002  Technology: Electronic Seals Track Containers to Improve Port Security

2001  Climate-Biased Storm-Frequency Estimation

2001  Recurrence Analysis of Hydrologic Droughts of Differing Severity

2000  Conditional Simulation of a Class of Nonstationary Space-Time Random Fields

2000  Generalized Differential Quadrature for Frequency of Rotating Multilayered Conical Shell

2000  Observed Variations of Mode Frequencies of a Prestressed Concrete Bridge with Temperature

2000  Temperature Distribution in Layered Road Structures

1999  Conditional Simulation of Laboratory Waves

1999  Dynamic Load Effect on Lift Slab Structures

1999  General Third-Order Solutions for Irregular Waves in Deep Water

1999  Topology Optimization for Structures with Frequency Constraints Using an Evolutionary Method

1998  Axial Fatigue Performance of Cold-Formed Steel Sections

1998  On Stability of Multitime Step Integration Procedures

1998  Optimum Coupling in Thin-Walled, Closed-Section Composite Beams

1998  Simplified Frequency Content Estimates of Earthquake Ground Motions

1997  Application of Geostatistical Analysis in the Design of a Ground Water Level Monitoring Network for Pingtung Plain, Taiwan: II. Sampling Frequency

1997  Experimental and Analytical Study of Dynamic Behavior of a Bridge

1997  Frictional Response of PTFE Sliding Bearings at High Frequencies

1997  Learning from Recorded Earthquake Motion of Buildings

1997  Model for Recurrence Rate of Hurricanes in Gulf of Mexico

1997  Planar Free Vibrations of Off-Axis Piezoelectric Laminates

1997  Radio Frequency Plasma Treatment of Organic Hazardous Waste

1997  Random Vibration of Systems with Frequency-Dependent Parameters or Fractional Derivatives

1997  Seismic Hazard Analysis Without the Gutenberg-Richter Relationship

1997  Transient Impact Response of Bridge I-Girders with and without Flaws

1996  Use of Radio Frequency Spectrum in Lunar Environment

1995  Piezoelectric Sensors and Resonators in Quartz

1995  Polarization and Conduction of Clay-Water-Electrolyte Systems

1995  Radio-Frequency Identification Applications in Construction Industry

1995  Recent Advances in Sonic Fish Deterrence

1995  Stand Alone Variable Speed Constant Frequency Generators

1995  Vibrations of Perforated Plates with Rounded Corners

1994  Applications of Large Domain Hydrodynamic Models to Generate Frequency-of-Occurrence Relationships

1994  Criteria for Acceptable Wind-Induced Motions

1994  Development of a High Resolution Spectrometer for Measuring the Near-Earth RFI Environment: The First Auto-Correlator in Space

1994  Evolutionary Fourier Analysis of Wave Data

1994  Frequency Domain Optimal Control Strategies for Aseismic Protection

1994  Importance of Speed and Frequency in Flexible Pavement Response

1994  Low Frequency Radio Astronomy from Earth or Lunar Orbit

1994  Prestress Force Effect on Vibration Frequency of Concrete Bridges

1994  Probabilistic Evaluation of Human Perception Threshold of Horizontal Vibration of Buildings (0.125Hz to 6.0Hz)

1994  Response Study of a Flexible Building Using Three Earthquake Records

1994  Space Station Microgravity Analysis and Assessment

1994  A Study of Communication Signal Leakage Through the Earth’s Ionosphere Using Ray-Tracing Techniques

1994  The Use of Coda Waves for Characterizing the Site Effect on Strong Ground Motion

1994  Very Low Frequency Radio Astronomy from Lunar Orbit

1994  Vibration of Mindlin Plates on Point Supports Using Constraint Functions

1993  Classification of Maintenance Costs in Scottish Housing Associations

1993  Comparative Study of Frequencies for Plates Carrying Mass

1993  Dynamic Characterization of Prestressed Rods in Stressed Timber Systems

1993  Experimental Studies of Loading Rate Effects on Reinforced Concrete Columns

1993  Low Frequency Waves in Intermediate Water Depths

1993  Pressure Oscillations During Wave Impact on Vertical Walls

1993  Seismic Response of Eccentrically Braced Tall Building

1993  Spectral Evolution of Directional Finite Amplitude Dispersive Waves in Shallow Water

1993  Time-Dependent Solutions of the Mild-Slope Wave Equation

1993  Wave Group Modulations in Cross-shore Breaking Patterns

1992  Case Studies of Structures with Man-Induced Vibrations

1992  Frequency Based Control of Urban Blasting

1992  Frequency Domain Analysis of Undamped Systems

1992  Frequency Domain Optimal Control of Wind-Excited Buildings

1992  Fundamental Frequency of Tapered Plates by Differential Quadrature

1992  Modal Synthesis Method for General Dynamic Systems

1992  Seismic Response of Pacific Park Plaza. I: Data and Preliminary Analysis

1991  Seismic Response of Transamerica Building. I: Data and Preliminary Analysis

1991  Symmetric Local Absorbing Boundaries in Time and Space

1990  Automated Truncation of Ritz Vector Basis in Modal Transformation

1990  Initial Design of a Lunar Far-Side Very Low Frequency Array