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2015  Rail-Truck Multimodal Freight Collaboration: Truck Freight Carrier Perspectives in the United States

2015  Scheduling Short-Term Recovery Activities to Maximize Transportation Network Resilience

2014  Changing University Student Perceptions of Freight Transportation

2014  CICTP 2014, Safe, Smart, and Sustainable Multimodal Transportation Systems

2014  Decision-Making Process for Developing Urban Freight Consolidation Centers: Analysis with Experimental Economics

2014  Identifying Precrash Factors for Cars and Trucks on Interstate Highways: Mixed Logit Model Approach

2014  Resource Balancing in the Design of Hub-and-Spoke Network for LTL Logistics

2013  Analysis of Freight Vessel Arrival Distribution on the Grand Canal, China

2013  Analysis of the Factors Affecting Freight Transportation Energy Consumption Based on LMDI

2013  Analysis the Safety Characters of the Ship Container Logistics Networks of China

2013  Application of Electronic Documents to Container Rail- Water Intermodal Transportation

2013  The Application Research of RFID in Container Terminal Security

2013  Automatic Control Process Analysis on Railway Cargo Handling Conditions under E-Commerce

2013  Available Measures After Cargo Liquefaction

2013  The Case Analysis of Tobacco Distribution Vehicle Scheduling of Hua Zhong Logistics Company

2013  Climate Change and Freight-Transportation Infrastructure: Current Challenges for Adaptation

2013  Cloud Logistics Mode-Based Location of Regional Logistics Distribution Center

2013  Contradiction Analysis and Freight Capacity Promotion Measures of Mixed Passenger and Freight Transportation During the Spring Festival

2013  Coordinated Optimization of Wagon Calculating and Taking-Out and Placing-In Wagons Applying Bi-Level Programming Model

2013  Customer-Oriented Organizational Model for Railway Container Transportation

2013  The Danger Goods Safety Transportation Problems by Waterway in China

2013  Dangerous Chemical Cargo Transportation Path Scheme Rank Mode Based on Neural Network

2013  Defining Livability for Freight-Centric Communities: Identifying Priorities of Residents of the Lamar Avenue Corridor in Memphis, TN

2013  Deltaport Intermodal Railyard Capacity Study

2013  The Design and Realization of ECDIS for Yangtze River Based on S57 Standard

2013  Design of Remote Monitoring System for Inland Water Tanker Hold Based on AIS

2013  Development and Application of Container Automated Guided Vehicle System

2013  Development Strategies of Container Trains Based on the Wuhan-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway

2013  Equipment Layout and Optimization of Railway Container Central Station

2013  Establishment of Navigation Environment Safety Index of Changjiang River Based on Bayesian Network with GeNIe

2013  Finished Vehicle Logistics Based on Railway Freight Transportation

2013  The Fire Risk Prediction for Shipborne Cargo Based on Improved Gray-Markov Model

2013  Forecast of Container Throughput for Lianyungang Harbor

2013  Freight Station Information Integration Based on Different Positions’ Information Flow

2013  Future Marine Highway Development in the U.S.

2013  Fuzzy Rough Set Model of Rail Freight Center Location

2013  Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the Construction, Manufacturing, Operation, and Maintenance of U.S. Distribution Infrastructure for Petroleum and Biofuels

2013  House Report Examines Ways To Improve Nation’s Freight Transportation Network

2013  Integrated Producer-Distributor-Retailer Inventory Model for Cold Chain Items

2013  Investigating the Susceptibility of Iron Ore to Liquefaction

2013  Large Truck-Involved Crashes: Exploratory Injury Severity Analysis

2013  Location of the Road Transfer Station for Containers Based on the Mixed-Integer Programming Principle

2013  Logical Framework of Freight Transportation Service System Construction Based on RITS

2013  Measures of Loading and Securing Steel Coils in Containers in Rail-Water Combined Transport

2013  Modes of Freight Transportation in Transport Corridor Based on Game Theory

2013  Motivation Analysis of Logistics Network Formation by Using ISM Model Product Features

2013  New Freight Transport Products under Separation of Railway Passenger and Freight Lines

2013  Optimization of Empty Container Allocation in Depots with the Participation of Freight Forwarders

2013  Optimization of Railway Empty Container Transportation

2013  Organization Pattern of Railway Express Freight Transportation

2013  Overall Architecture for Railway Freightage E-Commerce EDI System

2013  Port Canaveral North Cargo Berth 5 & 6 Wharf

2013  Prediction Method for Freight Volume Based on Residuals Improved GM (1,1) Model

2013  Process Comparison of Hours of Service Recording for Commercial Vehicle Operations: Electronic versus Paper

2013  Railway Empty Container Allocation Problem Analysis and Optimization

2013  Real-Time Monitoring Technology of Material Transportation to Dam and Its Application in Core Rockfill Dam

2013  Research on the Reasons and Countermeasures of Accidents in Road Transport of Dangerous Chemicals

2013  Risk Analysis and Management of Second Railway Line Construction Adjacent to the Existing Lines

2013  Risk Analysis Research on Coal Marine Transportation

2013  Running Safety Evaluation for Oil Transport Enterprises Based on Theory of F-ANP

2013  Safety Evaluation for Drop and Pull Transport

2013  Safety Evaluation Model for Road Dangerous Goods Transportation Enterprises Based on Combinational Evaluation Model

2013  Simulation and Efficiency Evaluation of the Joint Distribution Mode in a Typical Urban Distribution System

2013  Strategy and Optimization of Empty Container Transportation

2013  Study on Safety Risk Related to Fresh Agricultural Products Sale Logistics Based on ISM

2013  System Architecture and Developing Pattern of an RITS-Based System for Freight Transportation Organization

2013  Tabu Search Algorithm for the Railroad Blocking Problem

2013  Transportation Process Monitoring of Car-Carrier in IoT Environment

2013  Two Products’ Supply Strategy of Enterprise under the Mandatory Carbon Emissions Capacity

2013  Using Truck Probe GPS Data to Identify and Rank Roadway Bottlenecks

2013  Vehicle Monitoring Terminal for Dangerous Goods Transportation Based on ARM

2012  Agglomeration and Spread of Industry Economy and Transport Cost

2012  Analyses on Mode to Purchase Return for Reverse Logistics of E-Commerce Based on AHP

2012  Based on Multi-Objective Programming Container Multimodal Transportation Research

2012  China Railway Train Working Diagram Compilation System

2012  China’s Innovation of Quality Safety Supervision Mechanism of Fresh Produce: Based on the Contrast of International Perspective

2012  CICTP 2012, Multimodal Transportation Systems—Convenient, Safe, Cost-Effective, Efficient

2012  The Combination of Mega Intermodal Freight Trains (MIFTs) and Mega Intermodal Hub (MIH) for Intermodal Transport

2012  Connotation and Application of Port Flexible Service

2012  Continuous Approximation Model for the Vehicle Routing Problem for Emissions Minimization at the Strategic Level

2012  Design and Analysis of a Light Cargo UAV Prototype

2012  The Design of Electric Materials Management System Based on QR-Code

2012  Developing a Sustainable Freight Transportation Framework with the Consideration of Improving Safety and Minimizing Carbon Emissions

2012  The Development Tendency of Sea, Rail, and Highway Intermodal Container

2012  Disruption Management Strategies for Inbound Logistics with Milk Runs

2012  Distribution Center Location Model of Low-Carbon Logistics Based on Carbon Tax

2012  Estimation of Daily Vehicle Flows for Urban Freight Deliveries

2012  Evaluating Advanced Pickup and Delivery Systems: A Simulation Study

2012  Evaluation of Hazardous-Material Logistic Center Site Election Based on the Ameliorative DEA Method

2012  The Forecast of Railway Container Transport Volume Based on Gray Forecasting Model and MATLAB

2012  Freight Flow Distribution Optimization Model under Transportation Corridor

2012  Freight Resilience Measures

2012  Game Theoretic Approach over a Hazardous Material Transportation Network

2012  Innovating an Interest Distribution Mechanism of Fresh Agricultural Products Circulation

2012  An Integrated Bulk Goods Transportation and Inventory Model under the Condition of Rail Trough Transportation

2012  Integrated Wagon-Flow Allocation and Shunting Locomotive Scheduling Problem at Railyard with Multiple Locomotives

2012  Model of Reverse Logistics Network about Rental Pallet Recycling Considering Site Transport Capacity

2012  A Multimodal Multi-Product Transportation Network Model for Strategic Planning of Freight Flows

2012  Optimization Algorithm of Load Matching for Road Freight

2012  Options for Hauling Fully Loaded ISO Containers in the United States