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Found 75 Records with the keyword term of "Freight terminals"

2010  A Berth Scheduling Problem under Sailing Schedule Disruption

2010  The Challenge of Designing a Port Terminal on a Compressible Spring, Craney Island Eastward Expansion, Portsmouth, Virginia

2010  Design of Container Yard at Port of Balboa

2010  Nested RMGs for Intermodal Rail Handling

2010  RCC Pavement Success at Mobile Container Terminal

2009  The Economic Speed of Stevedoring Operation in Container Terminal

2009  Fragility Models for Container Cargo Wharves

2009  Lessons Learned for the Seismic Assessment of California Marine Oil Terminals

2009  Optimization of Operation Scheme of Container Terminal Based on Disruption Management

2009  Seismic Screening and Requalification of Marine Oil Terminals in California

2008  A Genetic Algorithm Based Dynamic Berth Allocation Strategy for Container Terminals

2008  Modelling Impacts of Urban Freight Terminal Location Decisions

2008  Optimal Design of Railway Container Terminal’s Gate Based on Fuzzy Queuing Model

2008  Optimization of Production Scheduling in Container Terminals Using Computer Simulation

2008  Simulation Model for Logistics System of Container Terminal Based on EXTEND

2008  Study on Multicriteria Supply Chain Network Using Vector Network Equilibrium Theory

2008  Study on the Resource Allocation Effectiveness of Road Freight Station in Chinese Western Region Based on DEA

2007  Compaction Grouting of Loose Soil Beneath the West Coast’s Largest Dry Dock

2007  The Floaterm Concept: Reducing Terminal Congestion with Waterside Cranes

2007  The Impact of Technology on Terminal Design

2007  Master Planning and Implementation of Phase IV Expansion: Manzanillo International Terminal — Panama, S.A., Colón, Republic of Panama

2007  Planning for Major Improvements on an Operating Terminal During a Period of Unprecedented Growth

2007  Planning the Prince Rupert Container Terminal

2007  Port of Kamsar Expansion: Development of a Greenfield Bulk Terminal in Guinea, West Africa

2007  A Potential Alternative to Berth Maintenance Dredging

2007  Re-setting the Productivity Bar: Conceptual Planning of Jebel Ali New Container Terminal, Dubai

2007  Seismic Response of Jumbo Container Cranes and Design Recommendations to Limit Damage and Prevent Collapse

2007  Stabilization of Dredge Spoil Basin and Filled Marsh for Container Terminal Development at the Former Charleston Naval Base

2007  Sustainable Building Design: The "Greening" of Container Terminals

2007  Tandem-40 Dockside Container Cranes and Their Impact on Terminals

2007  West Central Africa’s Transshipment Terminal: São Tomé e Príncipe

2003  Simulation Analysis for Midterm Yard Planning in Container Terminal

2002  The Planning and Management Strategy for Chinese Container Terminals with Game Theory

2002  Simulation Study of Container Terminal Performance

2001  The Bristol Bulk Handling Terminal

2001  Effect of Seasonal Factors on Performance of Container Terminals

2001  Evaluation of Handling Systems for Container Terminals

2001  New Petroleum Products Terminal Port of El-Dekheila, Alexandria, Egypt

2000  Clustering Analysis of Overall Arrangement About Container Freight Station

1998  Design and Construction of Three Ferry Terminals on the Mid-Coast of British Columbia for the New “Discovery Coast Passage” Ferry Route

1998  Heavy Truck Movement Model for the Port of Miami

1998  Hong Kong Rail Transportation Links

1998  Hydro-Bridge—Articulated Bridges for Outer Side (Off-Quay) Access to Vessels

1998  New Petroleum Liquid Bulk Terminal at the Port of Los Angeles

1998  Port Access and Productivity: A Systems Approach

1998  U.S. Trade Growth: Are Ports, Rails and Roads Enough?

1995  Design of a Major Dry Bulk Facility at the Port of Los Angeles

1995  Modernization of the Port of Texas City

1995  Repairs to the Richard E. Knight Bulk Pier Tampa Port Authority

1995  Use of Simulation Models at Container and Bulk Liquid Terminal Facilities

1986  Design and Construction of Marine Facilities for Ridley Island Coal Terminal

1986  An Economical Approach to Receiving Coal by Rail in the Sub-Arctic Environment

1986  Expansion of the Electro-Coal Transfer Terminal

1986  Future Containerships from a Ship Owner’s Viewpoint

1986  Gabon Mineral Port Planning

1986  Louisiana Avenue Wharf “E”: Rehabilitate the Existing Wharf into a Container Terminal

1986  Master Plan for Rehabilitation, Modernization and Expansion of the Port of Suez

1986  Pavement Design for a Break Bulk Terminal Yard

1986  Recent Trends and Advances in Bulk Cargo Unloading

1986  Underwater Compaction of Sand Fill During Placement

1985  Los Angeles-Long Beach Harbor Complex 2020 Master Plan

1985  Statewide Port Assessment—Louisiana Case

1980  Big Cajun No. 2 Docks: Planning and Design

1980  High Speed Rail to Barge Coal Transfer Terminal

1980  A Marine Terminal for Exportation of Slurried Coal

1980  Oil Terminal Relocation at Long Beach, California

1977  Mammoth Transshipment Terminal Links Montana Coal to Michigan Power Plant

1977  Tax-Exempt Bond Burden

1976  Apparel-Goods Movement Process

1976  Gate-Arrival Terminals—Solution for Air Cargo—

1972  Goods Movement on Urban Transit Systems

1972  Restructuring Freight Transportation in Chicago

1972  Urban Commodity Flow—Suggested Research Projects

1966  Terminal Planning For Future Highways

1965  Functional Planning Bulk Material Ports