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Found 46 Records with the keyword term of "Free flow"

2013  Application of the GoRoSo Feedforward Algorithm to Compute the Gate Trajectories for a Quick Canal Closing in the Case of an Emergency

2013  New Stage-Discharge Relationships for Radial Gates

2012  Montana Flume Flow Corrections under Submerged Flow

2012  Three-Dimensional Free-Surface Flow Model Verification and Validation: Assessment and Future Directions

2012  WinGate Software for Discharge Calibration of Gated Check Structures

2011  Role of Energy Loss on Discharge Characteristics of Sluice Gates

2010  Flow over Gabion Weirs

2010  Hydraulic Relations for Clinging Flow of Sharp-Crested Weir

2010  Physical Modeling of Abutment Scour for Overtopping, Submerged Orifice, and Free Surface Flows

2009  Calculation of Contraction Coefficient under Sluice Gates and Application to Discharge Measurement

2009  Challenges on Three-Dimensional Simulations of Free Surface Flow

2006  Dimensionless Stage – Discharge Relationship in Radial Gates

2003  Flow through Side Sluice Gate

2002  Discharge Characteristics of Chimney Weir under Free-Flow Conditions

2002  Influence of Sluice Gate Contraction Coefficient on Distinguishing Condition

2001  Modeling the Transition from Gravity to Pressurized Flows in Sewers

2000  Discharge Characteristics of Skew Sluice Gates

2000  Godunov-Type Solution of Curvilinear Shallow-Water Equations

1999  Computations of Curved Free Surface Water Flow on Spiral Concentrators

1999  Estimating Trajectory of Free Overfall Nappe

1999  Modeling Mixed Flow in Storm Sewers

1999  RANS/LAPLACE Calculations of Nonlinear Waves Induced by Surface-Piercing Bodies

1999  Two-Dimensional Analysis of Dam-Break Flow in Vertical Plane

1999  Two-Dimensional Numerical Model of Spillway Flow

1998  Application of Multigrid Technique to Hydrodynamic Equations

1998  Discharge Equation for Rectangular Slots

1998  Predicting Plunge Pool Velocity Decay of Free Falling, Rectangular Jet

1998  Recirculating Flow Generated by Line-Source Bubble Plumes

1997  Modeling Turbulence Mechanisms in Flows Over Abrupt Drops in Bed Elevation

1997  Three-Dimensional Computation of Flow Around Groyne

1994  Countercurrent Jet Device

1994  Identification of A Field Data Collection Program in Delaware Bay

1994  MAC3D: Multiblock Numerical Model for Hydraulic Applications

1994  The Numerical Simulation of Wetting and drying Areas using Riemann Solvers

1994  Use of FESWMS-2DH for the Attaway Road Bridge Repair Project

1994  Verification of a Three-Dimensional Model of Delaware Bay

1993  Top Width of Pier Scour Holes in Free and Pressure Flow

1992  About Moving Contact Lines

1992  Sluice-Gate Discharge Equations

1989  Measurements of Mixed Transient Flows

1987  Flow Through Side Slots

1987  Triangular Side Weirs

1979  Assimilative Capacity of Small Streams

1976  Air-Entrainment in High Head Gated Conduits

1976  Steady Non-Darcian Seepage Through Embankments

1967  Two Solutions of Free-Surface Flow in Porous Media