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2015  The new Algerian parliament complex, designed by the French architecture firm Bureau Archiecture Méditerranée, was designed to encourage openness, dialogue, and debate and thus draws on the concept of open Mediterranean plazas...

2015  Paris Airport Constructs Wetlands Solution to Winter Pollutants

2015  Views of Calais, a picturesque port city in northern France, will be available all around the circular, glass-enclosed conference center that has been designed by Paris-based Arte Charpentier Architectes, along with ABCISS-Architectes, of Calais...

2014  Arles, France, which is included on the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization’s World Heritage List, is the site of a center for experimentation in the arts that is being constructed to anchor a revitalized 20-acre artists’ campus known as LUMA Arles...

2014  Improving the Conditions for Urban Resilience through Collaborative Learning of Parisian Urban Services

2014  Iron Lady: The Eiffel Tower

2013  Energy Optimization for Public Transportation Applications

2013  First Results of Paris Metro Line 1 Automation

2013  Flying Carpet

2013  A New French Rational Design Method for Airfield Pavements

2013  Nonlinear Mechanical Behavior of Natural Argillite under Monotonic and Cyclic Loading

2013  Turning the Tide of War: The Mulberry Harbors

2012  Effect of Cyclic Axial Loading on the Distribution of Load along a Pile

2012  From Sea to Shining Sea: 17th Century French Canal du Midi

2012  Managing High-Speed Rail in France

2012  Optimized Predictive Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model of the Gironde Estuary in France

2012  Vive les montagnes russes! The French town of Montereau-Fault-Yonne, roughly 90 km southeast of Paris, has been proposed as the site of an amusement park centered on the life of Napoleon Bonaparte, the French emperor...

2011  Automation of Line 1: A Real Opportunity for the Parisian Metro

2011  French Art Gallery Features Unusual Blend Of Materials, Forms

2011  History of the Marseille Canal in France

2011  An Integrated and Multidisciplinary Approach for Studying Use and Acceptance of New Driver Support System: The French National Project on Intelligent Speed Adaptation (LAVIA Project)

2011  Integrating Flood Defence Fragility to Measure Built Environment Vulnerability-A GIS Based Approach

2011  International City Traffic Congestion Based on Analysis and Countermeasures Research

2011  A Methodology to Produce Interdependent Networks Disturbance Scenarios

2011  NewsBriefs: Engineers Drain Lake under a Glacier On Mont Blanc (BBC News)

2011  NewsBriefs: Palace of Versailles Mansion to Be Converted into Luxury Hotel (NPR)

2011  Optimization of Maintenance Strategies for the Management of the National Bridge Stock in France

2011  The Renovation Requirements for the VAL Manless System in Lille

2011  Valley Crossings and Flood Management for Ancient Roman Aqueduct Bridges

2010  Assessment of Flocculation Kinetics of Cohesive Sediments from the Seine and Gironde Estuaries, France, through Laboratory and Field Studies

2010  The First "Green" Building in France...

2010  Fugitive Methane Emissions from Landfills: Field Comparison of Five Methods on a French Landfill

2010  Housing Law Is Dead. Long Live European Housing Law?

2010  Supervised Gain-Scheduling Multimodel versus Linear Parameter Varying Internal Model Control of Open-Channel Systems for Large Operating Conditions

2010  Two Complementary Tests for Characterizing the Soil Erosion

2009  Back Matter

2009  Choir in War-Damaged French Church Restored As ”Chapel of Light”

2009  Front Matter

2009  Great Rivers History, Proceedings and Invited Papers for the EWRI Congress and History Symposium

2009  Hydraulic Engineering Legends Listed on the Eiffel Tower

2009  Paris Skyscraper to Rival Eiffel Tower

2009  A striking design for the Hermitage Plaza, which will be built just northwest of Paris...

2009  The Waste Water Network: An Underground View of Paris

2008  Analyses of the Reasons of Roissy Terminal 2E Collapse in France Using Deterministic and Reliability Assessments

2008  Case Histories in Soil and Rock Erosion: Woodrow Wilson Bridge, Brazos River Meander, Normandy Cliffs, and New Orleans Levees

2008  French Connection

2008  Static and Dynamic Data Reconciliation for an Irrigation Canal

2008  Tunneling: Paris Ring Road Will Feature Bilevel Tunnel

2007  Assessment of Soil Parameters Met during a Tunnel Excavation: Use of Inverse Analysis on In Situ Measurements — Case of Bois de Peu (France)

2007  Cliff Stability Assessment Using Electrical Resistivity Tomography at the Historic WWII D-Day Invasion Site, Pointe du Hoc, France

2007  Cross-shore and Longshore Transport of Tracer Pebbles on a Macrotidal Mixed Sediment Beach, Somme Estuary, France

2007  Integrated Water Resource Management and Water Sharing

2007  The Machine of Marly: Water Supply for Versailles

2007  The Millstones of Barbegal

2007  Synthetic Assessment of Highway Landscape Based on Set Pairs Analysis

2006  Bridges: Cathedral Inspires Bordeaux Bridge

2006  Dams: Tidal Dam to Rescue Islet from Rising Sediment

2006  Morphodynamic Mobility of Intertidal Bars on a Macrotidal "Ridge and Runnel" Beach, Dunkerque-Est, Cote D’Opale, Northern France

2006  Morphodynamic Modeling of Nearshore Crescentic Bar Dissymmetry on an Open Coast: Aquitanian Coast, France

2006  Morphodynamics of Bars on the Ebb Delta of a Megatidal Inlet (Normandy, France)

2006  Railways: High-Speed Freight and Passenger Line to Connect Spain and France

2006  Sediment Availability and Conceptual Models of Sand Bars: Morphodynamics for a Microtidal Beach (Sète, France)

2006  Water Retention Characteristics of Two Limestones

2006  Water Retention Properties and Volume Change Behaviour of Natural Romainville Clay

2006  Water Retention Properties of a Mine Chalk

2005  Buildings: New Pompidou Museum Inspired by Chinese Hat

2005  Data Reconciliation on the Complex Hydraulic System of Canal de Provence

2005  Review of The Public Fountains of the City of Dijon by Henry Darcy, Translation by Patricia Bobeck

2005  Structures: Mathematics Illuminates Design of Eiffel Tower

2005  The Value of Innovation

2004  Bridge Design: New French Viaduct Features Innovative Design

2004  Forensic Engineering: Weakened Concrete May Have Caused Paris Airport Collapse

2004  The Organization of Public Transport in Paris Metropolitan Area and the Ile de France Region

2004  The RATP - European Public Transport for the 21st Century

2004  Rescue Mission

2003  The Design of Non-Circular Linings

2003  Henry Bazin: Hydraulician

2003  Henry Bazin—Civil Engineer

2003  Henry Darcy and the Pipe Flow Formula

2003  Henry Darcy and the Public Fountains of the City of Dijon

2003  Henry Darcy: Inspecteur Général des Ponts et Chaussées

2003  Henry Darcy—Biography by Caudemberg

2003  Henry Darcy’s Perfection of the Pitot Tube

2003  Morphological Study of the Restoration of the Loire River

2003  Note: Spell it “Henry Darcy”

2003  The Place of Darcy’s Law in the Framework of Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics

2003  Solving a Medieval Mystery—Engineer Helps to Re-create Cathedral Construction Cranes

2002  An Annual Rainfall Model: Why, When and How?

2002  Applying Sustainable Mobility Indicators to the Connurbation of Lyon, France

2002  Behavioral Simulation: Towards High-Density Network Traffic Studies

2002  Bridges: Viaduct Rises above Scenic French Countryside

2002  Case Study: Malpasset Dam-Break Simulation using a Two-Dimensional Finite Volume Method

2002  Development of BMPs: Progress in France and Western Europe

2002  Diagnosis of the Real Time Controlled Sewage System of Saint Malo Using Modeling

2002  Finding Darcy at Dijon

2002  A Generic Road Traffic Simulation Model

2002  Implementation of a Dynamic Traffic Simulator to the Paris Area

2002  An Inexorable Evolution in Automated Train Control

2002  Neural Networks for Slope Movement Prediction

2002  New Speed Flow Relationships for Road Network Planning in the Paris Region